SIPWU 7.18.14

This week’s update is rather short. Not much went on this week other than teases as well as hype for Destiny’s Beta, which is going on right now for PlayStation consoles. If you aren’t prepared for the Beta with a Beta code, I managed to snag last week’s code hidden in the update a nobody claimed if for a week. I’ll be handing that out later to 360 players in need.

Other than that, enjoy what the update has to offer.

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BattleBlock Theater now free for XBL Gold members

BattleBlock Theater

The second half of July 2014 is now upon us, which means a new Xbox 360 game is now available to download as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion. From today until July 31, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download and play BattleBlock Theater free of charge.

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SIPWU 7.11.14

The update’s a bit late this week but we still made before Friday was over for the entire world.

We’ve got plenty of news in Destiny and Halo department with Bungie Day and RTX occurring earlier this week. Other news is a bit slim but there’s still some substance to satisfy.

And be sure to check out the Ultimate Games Sale happening on the 360 this week. There are plenty of week long discounts on games and DLC along with some one day sales.

And Destiny fans also get to find hidden treasure in this update. Look hard and you’ll find it. But it you pre-ordered the game already, you might not find it appealing.

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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth expansion releases on July 15 for Premium members

Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth

DICE officially announced earlier this week that the Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack for Battlefield 4 is scheduled for release on July 15 for Premium members, and for all other members two weeks later on the 29th. The expansion pack includes four new maps, a new game mode called Chainlink, 10 new assignments, 5 new weapons, and 2 new gadgets.

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Destiny Beta trailer and details released on Bungie Day

Guardians are fighting on Earth and beyond. Join them. Push back the Darkness.

The seventh day of the seventh month, also known as Bungie Day, is always eagerly anticipated by fans of Bungie and their games. This year, Bungie released an accolades trailer advertising the beta for Destiny, which will be available to those on PlayStation and Xbox later this month.

For start and end dates, hit the jump.

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SIPWU 7.4.14 – Independence Edition

Happy Independence Day to all of our American members. And a late Happy Canada Day to our Canadians. And Happy Friday to all of our other members.

This week, there isn’t much news but we do have some Independence Day events in a few games going on right now. Read on to get your fix of fireworks. Just try not to blow of your fingers.

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