Dishonored now available for XBL Gold members


The second half of August is now upon us, meaning that Xbox 360 gamers with active Gold memberships are now able to download and play Dishonored for free as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion. Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Dishonored is a mix of the action-adventure and stealth genres where you play as a supernatural assassin seeking revenge against enemies that previously framed you for murder. Continue reading

SIPWU 8.15.14 – Gamescom Edition

This week’s update is big. If you’re reading this on the forum, you might just have made it past the first challenge of loading. If you’re on the blog, you won’t be having that problem, but you will have to flip pages. This is all thanks to that wonderful gaming conference known as Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. We’re recapping the biggest points from the event in this update that is sure to break your Youtube if you keep refreshing, and I speak from experience.

For easy reference, the first page of the update covers the Microsoft Xbox Conference. The second page covers the Sony PlayStation Conference. The third page covers games covered in neither of the two conferences, the Deals of the Week, and the SIP News.

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SIPWU 8.8.14

This week’s update features lots of pairs. Almost everything in the update is related to another piece of news save for two pieces, which probably makes them a pair. Most of it is about games to come in our future although you can still take advantage of things now with those huge sales this week.

We’ve also got a new feature for the updates that we think you might like, especially since it is community driven.

Enjoy the update.

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