SIP Hot Seat: MrSerrano1105

The Spartan I Project’s Destiny clan on has been a constant source of new members looking to join one of the site’s most popular groups. One member in particular has been quite active every day, with more posts than one of our newest moderators. I asked if he would be interested in answering a few questions for the community to find out what drew him to SIP, and what keeps him coming back for more. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome MrSerrano1105 to the Hot Seat.

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Changing of the Guard

ContactTango and I are pleased to announce that four members will be joining the moderation staff today. They have distinguished themselves in terms of service to the community, activity on the forum, and participation on our achievement teams. We are welcoming NeoRman69, wrcfan, SpecOp3, and Stig Assassin to the staff and congratulating them on their promotion to the forum rank of Commander. These new additions to the staff will assist in advancing the presence of SIP and its achievement teams in the greater gaming community as well as recruiting and retaining new members on our website.

I am also announcing that three moderators will be trading in their banhammers for a new life as an Exalted Honor Guard of the community. Please join me in thanking Flatty, Dark Infinity, and SnakeDoctor214 for their service to the community as team captains and moderators. Their counsel was invaluable to the staff during their years of service and will be missed.

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