SIP Hot Seat: FLiP DADDY 69

In this iteration of the Hot Seat, we sit down one of the more veteran members of SIP, FLiP DADDY 69. As a member of SIP for almost as long as it has existed, Flip has been party to the evolution of the community and gamed with many members, whether it was through Halo, Call of Duty, or Titanfall. To learn more about him, hit the jump.

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Saturday Afternoon Main Event: Halo 4 Achievement Edition – Sat April 12 @ 12pm EDT

If you’re still hunting for the Halo 4 DLC achievements, NeoRman69‘s got your back. He’s hosting an event tomorrow afternoon (Saturday April 12) at 12pm EDT. For this event we’ll be focusing on Castle DLC achievements. To sign up, drop a reply in this thread. Also be sure to note which achievements you need and prepare your loadouts in advance as well. Hope to see you there!

SIPWU 4.4.14

Two updates in one week.

That’s right. This is our second update this week. As most of you probably already know, we released another update back on Tuesday for April Fools’ Day. This update contains the real news and content for this week.

Expect to find some news on easter eggs, releases, sales and more.

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