SIPWU 11.21.14

This week’s update is rather short.

Some of the big releases this week were Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PS4, and Super Smash Bros Wii U, which came out today. If you’ve got any these games, I hope you’re enjoying them so far.

Enjoy the update, and the free games that lurk within.

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SIPWU 11.14.14

If you’re a gamer, and it would be illogical if you weren’t one and are reading this, then from now on, you might find yourself a bit pre-occupied. With the two new Assassin’s Creed titles out with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you’ll have plenty to do. That’ll be even more true as games such as GTA and Dragon Age release next week.

But to save you some money from all those new games, you can grab The Walking Dead: Season Two for free from the Xbox Games Store, linked in the Deals of the Week section.

Read on and enjoy!

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SIP Hot Seat: Prize Panther

Winter might be just around the corner but we’re keeping the Hot Seat as hot as it’s ever been with another member being peppered with questions from the community. This month, we’ll learn a little bit more about Prize Panther, who is no stranger to the cold winters of the Northeast. He’s also one of the newer members of SIP who has made a name for himself welcoming new members and being a huge fan of the Halo franchise. To read the full interview, hit the jump! Continue reading

SIPWU 11.8.14

This update is a day late due to problem’s on my end. But don’t fret. With the extra day, I was able to add a few bits of info, giving you guys more things to read and look at.

Enjoy the update!

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November 2014 Games with Gold: Volgarr the Viking, Viva Pinata, and Red Faction: Guerrilla

Trick-or-treating has come to an end for another year, but Microsoft has a few more treats for Xbox Live Gold members: as part of their Games with Gold promotion, Gold members will be able to download Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Red Faction: Guerrilla for the Xbox 360, and Volgarr the Viking for the Xbox One – all for free. For more details about these games, hit the jump! Continue reading