The Grim Raiders

A team of Guardians have been working in the shadows for months working towards one goal: the ever elusive deathless raid in Destiny. Finally after much brainstorming and plenty of dead bodies, a plan had been created.

The plan was tested. The plan succeeded. It was tested again multiple times. It succeeded again multiple times.

And now, The Spartan 1 Project is happy to introduce a new Achievement Team:

The Grim Raiders

This new team’s main focus will be unlocking Flawless Raider for those that sign up for a run. The team will also be available for other requests for help within Destiny so feel free to ask. We’ll see if we can help!

The Roster
SpecOp3 (Captain)
HellRazor1281 (Co-Captain)
NeoRman69 (Lieutenant)
ContactTango (Team Member)
wrcfan (Team Member)
tooth8k (Team Member)

The Flawless runs by the Grim Raiders will only have one attendee with 4-5 team members to make sure the run is successful. When applying for runs, make sure you are aware we currently only run on Xbox One. As the team expands we hope to help out Xbox 360 as well and possibly more. Also, be sure to include the class you wish to bring on the Flawless run to help us accommodate you.

We will be accepting applications for new members. So if you think you have what it takes to be a Grim Raider, send a message to SpecOp3 or HellRazor1281

The Grim Raiders is a tentative title. A possible selection. But we want the community’s input on the final name for this new team.

So let’s hear it SIP! Give us some cool team name ideas! Post below with your thoughts.

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SIP celebrates its 7th birthday today!


Today, the Spartan I Project celebrates the seventh anniversary of its founding on, and seven years of making friends, blowing stuff up, and unlocking achievements.

It only takes a few button presses to start an online community, but it takes the combined effort of all of its members to keep it going strong. Whether you’re a member of one of our achievement teams, a spam-a-holic, or a new member looking to join our Destiny clan, every single member has contributed to the continuing success of SIP. To everyone, thank you for your dedication to this community.

As part of the celebration, Shoutbox access is being temporarily extended to all members. In addition, the front page is getting a graphical overhaul. If you like what you see, let us know! If you find something that needs to be fixed or have a suggestion as to how to make it better, be sure to tell us that as well.

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SIP Hot Seat: Trysten

Most people would understandably run away from zombie outbreak or an infestation of Hive. It takes a special kind of person to run towards one of these apocalyptic events and Trysten is certainly one of them. Today, I sat him down in the hot seat to talk about how he manages to be a veteran member of SIP by day, and zombie-killer/crime-perpetrator/raider by night.

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Three ODST achievement teams join forces to form The Helljumpers

The upcoming release of Halo 3: ODST for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One has the members of our ODST achievement teams excited to revisit the streets of New Mombasa. To improve the ability of team members to set up runs, we will be consolidating the Brigade Team, Highwaymen, and Team Punishment into one single team, The Helljumpers. The team will support all achievements previously supported by the three individual teams (200k Firefight scoring, Vidmaster Challenge: Deja Vu, and Vidmaster Challenge: Endure) on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and will be under the leadership of Reaper and aDrunkBaconGod. If you need to unlock these achievements, head over to the Helljumpers’ board and request help from the team in the appropriate thread.

The team is also looking for new team members willing to help with these achievements. If you would like to volunteer your time to help members of SIP get achievements, please message either of the team captains.

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SIPWU 5.1.15

Microsoft had a few things they did this week as well as first looks at a couple of games. The sales are also strong with this one. Quite a few Star Wars items are on sale until May the 4th (be with you). And here’s a fun fact for you, not a single person in the group had a birthday this week.

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