Mark of the Unbroken: 4 Years of Weekly Challenges

Yesterday marks the four-year anniversary of Halo: Reach’s release date and every year has contained 52 weekly challenges to complete for credits. You may remember our own Pokenut/Stig Assassin literally taking the “One Down, 52 to Go” achievement name to heart in the first year, and continued on to repeat the feat in the second and third year since Reach’s release date. Last week, he completed his 208th weekly challenge in as many weeks and carrying on an unbroken streak of four years’ worth of weekly challenges. Now Holmes, THAT’S dedication. Although most of the weekly challenges are recurring and no longer difficult to complete from a skill perspective, just having completed all of them without missing a single one puts Stig in a very select group of gamers who have ever played Halo: Reach; only three people in the world (as far as we know) belong to this group.

Please join me in recognizing and congratulating Stig Assassin on completing yet another full year of weekly challenges in Halo: Reach!

SIPWU 09.05.14 – Soon, You Will Become Legend

A new SIP weekly update is abound. Destiny releases to the world next week. So, before you “Become Legend,” check out the latest news from the world of gaming! If you are picking up Destiny next week, we will see you online.

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September 2014 Games with Gold announced

Stig Assassin let us know late last week that Major Nelson revealed the games to be released for free in September 2014 as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion. Xbox One gamers will still be able to pick up Crimson Dragon as its promotion time has been extended from August. They will also be able to download Super Time Force for the entire length of September.

Xbox 360 gamers will be able to pick up Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine in the first half of September, and Halo: Reach beginning on the 16th. For more details about these games, hit the jump! Continue reading