SIPWU 12.12.14

The Game Awards were last week, and as promised, we’ve got the news in the update. While it doesn’t have the sheer volume of our major event updates, we’ve summed up a few interesting points and are leaving the rest to you.

There’s also other news we’ve gathered over the week that might interest you.


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December 2014 Games with Gold now available

ContactTango let us know that the games to be available for free as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion in December are The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief and SSX for the Xbox 360, and Worms Battlegrounds for the Xbox One. For more details about these games, hit the jump: Continue reading

SIPWU 11.28.14 – Black Friday Edition

Thanksgiving may be over, but it’s not too late to celebrate. With that, I would like to thank all of you SIPpers for reading our updates, coming back for more, and making SIP awesome.

Keeping with today’s holiday, this update is chock full of discount goodness that can be found at your local Xbox Games Store via your computer, phone or Xbox console. Browse through and pic something you like because some of these sales won’t last. If you need recommendations or want to give some, leave a comment asking for games others might recommend or drop a few of your own.


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SIPWU 11.21.14

This week’s update is rather short.

Some of the big releases this week were Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PS4, and Super Smash Bros Wii U, which came out today. If you’ve got any these games, I hope you’re enjoying them so far.

Enjoy the update, and the free games that lurk within.

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