Exotic Guide: No Time To Explain

Guardians who have completed the extended version of the Paradox mission when it appeared as a daily heroic mission are now able to continue the quest to obtain No Time To Explain, an exotic pulse rifle that strongly resembles The Stranger’s Rifle in appearance.

The quest to obtain No Time To Explain, entitled “Not Forged In Light”, only appears if you have collected all three memory fragments from the Paradox mission when it appeared as a daily heroic story mission. The first step of the quest is to gain 1000 rep with Future War Cult. You’ll have to set your faction allegiance to FWC and then complete bounties, play in the Vanguard Strike or Crucible playlists, or by donating armor materials, motes of light, or ammo syntheses.

The next step is to kill a Major Taken Minotaur and collect a Simulation Core. The Taken Champions and their lieutenants that spawn in Patrol on Venus will drop a core. Shatter the core by holding X and return to Lakshmi-2 to continue to the next step.

After shattering the core, you will need to kill Atheon, Time’s Conflux in the Vault of Glass and collect his eye. This can be done on normal or heroic difficulty. Shatter his eye as you did for the Simulation Core and return to Lakshmi-2 again.

The next step is to complete the Shadow at Twilight mission, which takes you to the Twilight Gap Crucible map. You’ll need to find a chest that spawns in a random location. While you’re in the map you will be under the Shadow of Oryx, which hinders your vision and depletes your health similar to the Marked by the Void debuff from the Vault of Glass. Cleanse yourself periodically by standing in pools of light. This mission must be completed solo – like the subclass-specific missions, you can’t bring a fireteam with you.

The last step is to complete the Blood of the Garden mission, which takes you back to the Black Garden on Mars. Here you’ll have to kill enough enemies to bring the boss’s anger at or above 100%, then kill the Taken Ultra Minotaur. There will be a lot of additional enemies in the form of shielded minotaurs to contend with, but having two people focusing on clearing the adds to keep the anger level above 100% and one person focusing on damaging the boss should make the mission easy to complete. If the anger level drops below 100%, the boss will hide again and regenerate all of its health.

After you’ve completed the mission, Lakshmi-2 will give you No Time To Explain, an exotic pulse rifle that drops at 290 attack and does kinetic damage.


Below are the weapon’s perks:

Primary Perk
– Full Auto

Selectable Perk 1
– Smooth Ballistics
– Accurized Ballistics
– Smart Drift Control

Selectable Perk 2
– Speed Reload
– Hand Loaded
– Fitted Stock

Exotic Perk
– Rewind Again: Precision hits are immediately returned to the magazine

Were you able to grab No Time To Explain? Let us know what you think about the weapon in the comments!

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