Achilles Weighed & Measured

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We here at the Spartan I Project would like to both recognize and congratulate our members that have been putting all their blood, sweat, and tears into grinding towards the epic under taking that is the Achilles Armor: Gladiator Z56 & MrSerrano1105 congratulations on your strides to moving up those rankings. Tooth8k your dedication to the company and your own self improvement is astronomical. Stealthymuffins one of our newest members who has been putting some of our old timers to shame. Congratulation to you all as well as the others who have been keeping up with grind.

To those few members that haven’t been actively participating we feel that we have given ample time to contribute. As such tomorrow we will be discharging those who haven’t contributed to the effort. If you have mitigating circumstances that prevent you from currently participating, but wish to contribute, please contact the Staff.

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