Announcing the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio

Microsoft kicked off their conference this year with the announcement of the Xbox One S. This is a slim version of the Xbox One that is 40 percent smaller than the original and appears to come standard as a white console. One change is the ability to have it stand vertically, like the 360 did. It also moved the power brick inside the console, has 4K Video and HDR gaming capabilities. It’s worth noting that this console has removed the Kinect port in order to shrink the size. A Kinect to USB adapter will be available for free to those that already own a Kinect. Details will be available later on.

The Xbox One S will release this August for a range of prices and storage. The limited launch edition of the console will have a 2TB hardrive and cost $399. Coming later on will be a 500 GB model for the advertised $299 and a 1TB model for $349. A stand will also be available for $20 to make the vertical stand option safer for anyone that tries it. You can see it for yourself below.

The closing surprise was the announcement of Project Scorpio, a new console in the Xbox One family. Most of the reveal was listing some of the hardware specifications of the system, while claiming it will be the most powerful console ever built, being the first “True 4K Gaming experience.” Below are the bullet points of what they said.

– 6 Tera Flops of computing capability
– most powerful graphics processor that’s been put in a game console to date
– render at 60Hz
– render fully uncompressed pixels
– 8 CPU cores
– 320 GB per second of memory bandwidth

Best of all, this is not replacing the Xbox One. They claim all games will work on every system in the Xbox One family, likely through the Xbox “Play-Anywhere” program and accessories for all older consoles will work with the newer. With that in mind, this will be the console most capable of using VR so don’t expect all the bells and whistles to trickle down. Project Scorpio is scheduled to release in the Holiday of 2017. You can see the reveal moment below.

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