Challenge Update 5/28/13

Just a few more hours and this truce is over. It has been so boring that I can tell you my ceiling has over five-thousand grooves and shapes. Other than an Xbox reveal, it hasn’t been very eventful. Arby hasn’t said a word to me during the week and it’s driving me mad. Mad I tell you! Working on the update helped pass the time so here is what we have for the week.

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Challenge Update 5/7/13

So, last week Arby fell in some lava while mining diamonds for me. The respawn system was a little slow, so Arby is just fine and still with us. That was good news until he informed me I was scheduled for something today. I’m eavesdropping his conversation while typing this to find out what it’s about…. Why is my name and cavity search being used in the same sentence? O.o Don’t you have something else to read at this point?

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