Challenge Update 5/7/13

So, last week Arby fell in some lava while mining diamonds for me. The respawn system was a little slow, so Arby is just fine and still with us. That was good news until he informed me I was scheduled for something today. I’m eavesdropping his conversation while typing this to find out what it’s about…. Why is my name and cavity search being used in the same sentence? O.o Don’t you have something else to read at this point?

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New Watch_Dogs Trailer and Release Date Announced

Ubisoft announced yesterday that Watch_Dogs, their new IP, will be released on November 19th in the US, and November 22nd in Europe. The game is based around a vigilante named Aiden Pearce, who uses hacking to change the environment around him to get his job done. Along with the release date, a new gameplay trailer has also been released.

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QF52 Challenge Update

At “The Quest for 52” we are a group put together to provide support for Halo Reach and Halo 4 challenges with guides and advice from the experienced members we have. For the last year our recruitment thread on Waypoint has informed people each week what the new challenges are, where to look for help and give people a laugh with an ongoing story. For the first time, we bring this update to SIP.

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