Battlefield 1’s Giant’s Shadow Free DLC Map

DICE has shared some new details on the Battlefield 1 map Giant’s Shadow, which will be released in December for free to all players. As Described on the website of the game: Giant’s Shadow puts players into the Battle of the Selle in the fall of 1918. Its name comes from the fact that a massive airship crashed in an open field and is casting its shadow over the battlefield.

A new Specator Mode is also part of the update. In Spectator, players will be able to join a live Battlefield 1 match as an observer. Observers can switch between first-person and third-person camera views of all players on the battlefield, get a bird’s eye view of the action, or use Free Cam to fly through the map. You can expect an improved usability and flow moving from player-to-player and switching between the different view modes (Table Top, Player View, and Free Cam). Spectator Mode will also be a viable tool for the community to create content which includes a moveable third-person camera, depth of field, and various camera filters.

There is also a new Custom Game option: Standard Issue Rifles. With this option toggled on, all classes are granted access to their faction’s standard issue rifle – and this rifle only. This option can be enabled or disabled with other weapon types to create a variety of experiences. For example, the British Army will be granted access to the SMLE MKIII. These weapons are not equipped with optics, and are intended to provide players with gameplay inspired by the WW1 trenches.

battlefield 1

Shotgun balance has been addressed in this update, with the primary goal of evening out advantages and disadvantages of each shotgun type. Some shotguns were unintentionally strong at certain distances and to address this we reduced the range for the buckshot variants of the M97 Trench Gun, Model 10-A, and Sawed Off Shotgun, reducing the maximum one-hit kill distance.

Apart from shotgun tweaks, we’ve also modified gameplay aspects like syringe cooldown, sprinting, spawning into a Landship, and much more.

With Giant’s Shadow comes the Grenade Crossbow, a powerful addition to the Support class’s arsenal. Based on one of many unique contraptions from the Great War, this gadget can silently fire two grenades of either the Fragmentation or High Explosive variety. As you can see here:

Grenade Crossbow

If you pre-ordered Battlefield 1 or own the Premium Pass you’ll get Giant’s Shadow a week early on December 13. The first paid DLC expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is still scheduled to arrive in March 2017.

Source: Battlefield 1 Website

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