Call of Duty Black Ops: Moon Easter Egg Guide

Cryogenic Slumber Party (75)
In Moon, complete Richtofen’s grand scheme.

Big Bang Theory (100)
In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge.

Now first off you need to get points and make your way to power as soon as you can. This makes it so the first excavator can start on round 2 or 4. Now you need excavator pi to “breach” tunnel 6 and you need to get the zap guns, gersch device, and qed’s out of the box. You will end up using at least 2 of the qed and gersch.

Step 1) When the power has been turned on, you’ll need to play a game of “Samantha Says” on the four computers outside in front of the tunnel 6 door.

Step 2) Hack one of the four buttons in the middle floor of the labs on the far wall. This will start about a 90 second timer in which you need to hack 4 control panels located on the various floors of the labs before the timer runs out. These appear randomly every time, the correct ones you need to hack have a green light on the top of them and make a buzzing noise. After you hacked all 4 you need to go back to the middle floor and press all 4 buttons within 2-3 seconds. If done correctly they stay lit.

Step 3) Head to no-mans-land and immediately go to the right side of the teleporter and throw grenades at the plates sitting on a metal shelf behind two big boxes. After they are on the ground throw a gersch device at them and they will appear on the teleporter, take the teleporter.

Step 4) Go back to the moon. The plates should now be right in front of quick revive. Have someone use a qed on them. If done properly, they should now be right next to the computer in the top right corner of the the room.

Step 5) Look in the labs for a metal cord. It’s often hidden in one of the counters where the hacker spawns. Grab it and connect it to the computer and the plates back in the recieving area. Have Richtofen put the vrill generator in between the plates.

Step 6) Have Richtofen repeatedly mash the X button on the computer keyboard for a few minutes. Wait until the conversation ends, and the computer screen should STAY green. The vrill generator should now be powered up and shiny. Grab it.

Step 7) When tunnel 6 has been breached, someone has to hack the proper terminal from the receiving area so that the digger leaves. Go back to tunnel 6 and a black orb has appeared, near the M16 on the wall, knife it and you’ll see it moving around. You’ll have to follow it and open any doors if it gets stuck between them, remember to keep knifing it until it flies up onto the satellite dish on top of the quick revive building. Someone has to use the Wave gun (combined zap gun) on the tip of the dish, making the orb move again. Follow the orb through tunnel 11 until it hides into some metal railings on the roof on the wall opposite stamin-up. You can either shoot it from the wall next to stamin-up, or throw a grenade at it. Keep moving it until it reaches the pyramid in the power room. It will fit into the hole in the center of the circle.

Step 8) A tubular container will rise from the right side of the pyramid; it needs be filled with about 25 zombie souls, to do this, simply kill zombies very close to the container.

Step 9) Once it’s filled, you should hear a sound. Now before you activate the switch next to the container, which opens the pyramid to reveal a pleasant surprise. Make sure you all have enough ammo to kill at least 100 zombies. Then start the next round a little bit before you hit the switch so you can get the most out of the 90 second death machines on the next step.

Step 10) After you hit the switch have Richtofen stand next to the black orb until the 4 tubular containers rise up from every corner of the pyramid. Fill the containers up by killing about 25 zombies per container (you will know when one is full when no more red souls appear near that container), and the same sound should play as last time once all of the containers are full.

Step 11) Have Richtofen place the vrill generator underneath the black orb, now he should have Perma-Perks and he switches bodies with Samantha. Now you’re the little girl that has been controlling the zombies the whole time, except now she has to kill them because Richtofen is in control.

Step 12) Go back to the Samantha Says machine and play 3 increasingly harder rounds each of which makes one of the 3 rockets prime.

Step 13) Head back to the power room and have someone use a qed on the engraving to move the black orb to the Samantha Says machine.

Step 14) The orb will teleport to the samantha says machine, lay down and get as close to the orb as you can and point down then use a Gersh device on it.

You’ll see the orb teleport and the three rockets outside the quick revive building will launch and head towards Earth and destroy it. Everyone will now have Perma-Perks and achievements unlocked. Simple, right? Don’t worry though, these kind of achievements is what TDM is here for.

Big Bang

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