And the Race Champion of SIP is…

During our Halo 4 Race Tournament, participants raced against themselves to get fast lap times, and against each other in four weeks of events on challenging courses. It seemed like one would coast to victory based on his performance in the first three weeks, but another managed to stage a comeback in the final week of competition. Please join me in congratulating MrFish for winning the Race Tournament and becoming the Race Champion of SIP!

For winning, MrFish got the first pick from the prize pool, choosing the $20 Xbox gift card. He will also receive the Contest Winner Alpha ribbon to proudly display on his profile. Pokenut, the runner-up, elected for the $10 Xbox gift card, and NeoRman69, in third, picked up a 1-year SIP Premium Membership.

Big thanks should go to our Premium members who donated to SIP, as their donations funded the prizes for this event. Also, Pokenut deserves kudos for finding these maps and forging them to work with the official Race gametype. (You should also thank him for removing some of the hard kill volumes that would set you back if you missed certain jumps, even by a fraction.)

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SIP Presents: Halo 4 Race Tournament

Halo 4 Race
Screenshot: Raider Lead by RECEPTOR 17

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! SIP’s first competitive contest of 2014 will feature Race in Halo 4, one of the newest gametypes to enter Halo 4 matchmaking. To win, participants will need to demonstrate their skills on a Mongoose individually as well as in a packed field. Who will be able to thread the needle and stand atop the podium?

Like previous contests, this is a multi-week contest with each week featuring a different event. Your weekly performance will be added up, and the participant with the most points after the last week will be declared the Race Champion of SIP.

For all details regarding the tournament, including sign-ups, rules, and settings, be sure to visit the linked discussion thread!

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