Last Man Standing: A Halo 4 1v1 Tournament

Last Man Standing banner

I am happy to announce that SIP is hosting another competitive event for our members to show what they’re made of on the battlefield. “Last Man Standing” is a 1v1 tournament organized by Darkened Night in Halo 4 with a twist – each player will start with five (or six) lives that deplete with every loss. Up to 3200 Microsoft Points are up for grabs in the tournament, with the winner taking home 400 MSP plus an additional 400 MSP per life remaining. Hit the jump for details on the tournament and how to sign up!

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Contest – Halo Reach and Halo 4 – Team Action Sack Style

A new summer means a new SIP contest, and this one will be a blast in typical SIP fashion! Throw out your tryhard attitude and let a little bit of luck and a whole lot of fun get you some awesome prizes!

The way this contest will work is that 1 day per week for 5 weeks we will all get together and play some of the more “unique” gametypes across Halo Reach and Halo 4 (both games required). You will be paired up in a team of 4 which will be randomly assigned prior to the beginning of the contest. At the end of the contest every participant will get a prize, but for luckiest team there will be some sweet prizes (see below)!

Use the discussion thread on the forum to sign up! You must be registered by Friday July 5th at 11:59 PM EDT. Here’s the run down:

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Winners Announced – Halo 4 FFA Tournament

After 5 weeks of competition I can finally congratulate our winners. Thank you to all of the players for making this competition a success and most of all a fun time of making friends and blowing stuff up!

Here are the results:

Tier 1 Tier 2
1.) Darkened Night Darkened Angelz
2.) pyoid SlashingArbiter
3.) Nova Soviet Beatle

Final standings for all players can be found here.

Please give all of the participates an awesome internet high five, congratulations, or a punch in the face. Your choice 🙂

Each one of our participants have some sweet flair to add to their Halo unity profiles. I will be awarding those shortly, so if you notice that you did not get yours, send me a PM.

This has been a pleasure to organize and I hope you all had a good time. Thank you to all of you for being flexible and working with me as I tried to accommodate as many players as were interested.  Thank you as well to all of our game organizers; this wouldn’t have been possible without you.  A final special thanks to all who donated prizes and DLC codes to the pot to make some awesome prizes.

Be on the look out for more contests in the future. XBL, MS Points, and DLC codes are inbound to our winners!

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