E3 2014 – Destiny: New Beginnings Trailer

This darkness found us… and that was the end of everything.

That is, until I found you.

Sony’s press conference at E3 led with this new trailer from Destiny, featuring some gameplay (though none in first-person) and your AI companion setting the narrative basis for Bungie’s new franchise.

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E3 2014 – June 9th-12th – Information Hub

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If gaming had a holiday it would be E3. The biggest event for all gamers is this one week when the biggest names in the industry come together to blow our minds and wet our appetite for the coming releases later in the year and beyond. You can think of it like Christmas because brand new games we never even expected are regularly announced at this event to thundering applause. It is unfortunately restricted to journalists, but we get a peek behind the scenes with the massive amount of live-streams going on.
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