SIPWU 5.17.13 – Guess who’s back?

Well I’m back from my vacation! It was a lot of fun. Did anyone miss me? No? Ok thanks I’m really fealing the love…

Anyways, I got to spend time with my grandparents who I see once or twice every year. I even bumped into a friend I haven’t seen since 6th grade! Little did I know that while I was having fun the gaming industry was booming. Today felt like an E3 week (which is fast approaching). There was so much gaming news!

It’s good to be back, crank up the speakers and butter up that popcorn because we (me and ham) have a ton of videos to throw at your faces!

Enjoy guys!

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SIPWU 5.10.13 – SIP Day edition (Codes included)

Happy Belated birthday SIP! How did everyone have fun? Who won some awesome codes? There is still more to come. I just snagged a code for the original Gears of War thanks to Grunt! Seth won one too, looks like we’ll be having another play date soon. Keep your eyes open around the forum. Maybe you’ll get lucky like me and snag something.

Back on topic, The weekly update is here yet again with tons of goodies like this Red Warrior Armor code: CCX43-KYQ4G-6DCC7-D7WJ3-PVVJZ. See? I told you! Read on with an extra tab opened to because there is more where that came from!

Be sure to also check out the Announcement section. Ham wrote something pretty important there.

Don’t forget to tell yo mamma Happy Mothers day and stay away from creepy strangers! I’ll be on vacation with my grandma next week so I’ll see you guys Friday night!

Peace out homies!
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SIPWU 5.3.13

This week was pretty laid back. We don’t have a lot of SIP news but we did find some interesting stuff going on in the gaming world.

Anyways, school will be finished in two weeks for me. Hard to believe Ham is getting a bunch of snow dumped on him. Some of my relatives are actually getting the same stuff. I blame everyone who forgot it was Earth day a few weeks ago. Now mother nature is kicking everyone to the curb!

I guess I’ll stop rambling. If you’ve made it all the way through this boring introduction without scrolling down then please remind me to PM you a friendly high five!

Enjoy the update!
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SIPWU 4.26.13 – Lara Croft is hot…

I’m just stating the obvious….

Seems like every heavy hitter title seemed to be coming out with new info relating to their next game this week.

Yes, I’m talking about Halo, CoD, and Battlefield. What is the world coming to? We also found out that the next generation xbox will be making an appearance soon. Get to reading! And while your at it please thank Poke for the awesome review on the latest Tomb Raider game!
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SIPWU 4.19.13

I’m back and with my fluffy hat!

So I’m the Spring MVP eh? I never saw that one coming. Then again I never saw the bombing of Boston coming as well, my heart goes out to all who were affected.

I do bring an update on that. After what seemed like a chase that was never going to end the Boston police finally caught and arrested the 2nd suspect. It sounds like Boston will be able to finally breathe again.

Enjoy the update guys and gals (mostly guys). And remember kids, drugs are bad m’kay? Don’t go out tomorrow and do something stupid that you will regret the rest of your lives.


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SIPWU 4.12.13

Herro everybody!

Seems like everytime I try and post a SIPWU something always happens when I press “Publish” like a surprise computer update or the battery on my laptop runs out. Besides that, I’ve had a pretty awesome week full of projects. It’s crunch time at my school and every teacher is throwing projects at me left and right until Finals start….

School ends in four weeks for me though, I’ll be in Missouri catching Bass and eating fried catfish for four weeks with grandparents and cousins. I seriousley can’t wait any longer!!!

While I’m daydreaming about how much fun I’m going to have, read the update. Pokenut knew I had a lot on my plate this week and helped out….A lot. PeasAreEvil also wrote a short review on Halo 4’s Castle Map Pack.

See you all next week!

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SIPWU 4.5.13

Good news, It’s finally Friday! Do you know what’s even better?


Did anyone fall for the fake modz chamber stunt on April Fool’s? Major props to staff. I can’t believe how much effort was put into that stunt and I hope I wasn’t the only one who fell for it.

Anyways, the lights just blew a circuit or something because I now have no lighting in my room. You guys can read the update while I fumble around in the dark looking for a light bulb.


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SIPWU 3.29.13

Hey guys. I hope you are all having a good friday haha!

This update is filled with just about every kind of gaming news imaginable. New game announcements, map packs, and screenies!

I’m really looking forward to what Forge Island has to offer. That thing looks huge (TWSS). Does anyone have plans this week? My grandparents are in town so we are running around town for the day.

I’m still trying to fend off the massive hoard of WordPress zombies in the Communique. I think I banged LGOPs arm up a little in the process (maybe if he wasn’t running at me screaming brains I wouldn’t have hurt him). Don’t worry though, they won’t be lurching around in the forums. I got them all tied up downstairs in the basement. Hopefully they will be back soon….Considering they don’t eat each other.

As I was posting this I witnessed a guy in a brand new Escalade make one expensive mistake and crashed while trying to turn left into a busy intersection. The drivers are ok but let this be a lesson to all…

Don’t SIP and drive.

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SIPWU 3.22.13 – Beatle Style!

*Intro provided by Beatle not Arby lol.

Why am I the only one to work on the SIPWU? Simple, Ham and the others have been attacked by zombies (that may or may not have come from WordPress). I’m the only one left because I was away on a donut run (we take turns and today was my week).

More for me!

I’ll rescue them later, I have a dozen donuts and a lot of news to go over by myself. This week we have a milestone, a contest, and a very special interview by someone nicknamed “The Voice of Halo”.

You may have also noticed the lack of color this week. The next couple SIPWUs may be like this until we can get used to how WordPress works.

If you don’t like it….Don’t be surprised when you find a zombie at your door.

Get reading and have a happy Friday!

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SIPWU 3.15.13

That’s what I woke up to this morning. It’s blurry (sorry) but if you look close enough you will see a giant rabbit. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s trapped in a window well. How it survived the fall I’ll never know, but he was jumping around and was going ballistic while my mom (whom I thought was going to burst into tears) was screaming at me to get it out quick before it hurt itself.

As funny as it would of been to open the window and let it run around in the house I got my gloves and climbed down to rescue him. I’m happy to say that the little guy is free again, hopping in the fresh/fine grass or whatever it is rabbits do. I blame my dad for leaving the dog outside.

So that’s my story. I’m such a good person right? Anyways, we have a TON of news to go over so I’ll stop talking.

Oh and one more thing.

Protip: Try not to fall into any window wells while reading this update. I may not be around with my gloves at the time to set you free.


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