Congratulations Wrcfan for hitting #50

We here at the Spartan 1 Project would like to congratulate Wrcfan for reaching his 50th milestone achievement run with the Grim Raider team. It is my sincere pleasure to express my appreciation for the truly commendable contribution you have made to the successful accomplishment of our many achievement runs. Your individual dedication, knowledge and exemplary efforts assisted immeasurably in the over all success or the Grim Raider team and the Spartan 1 Project as a whole.

Having worked with you through periods of frustration and success, my time with you on the team has been a highlight of my tenure with the group. Without your individual loyalty and devotion to duty the results we have achieved would not have been possible. All your efforts have reflected the highest credit upon you, the team and the group.

Again, all my gratitude and congratulations on your mile stone achievement.

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Bringing Crota to his knees, more than 50 times!

Last week, SpecOp3 reached his 50th Flawless Raider run and is the first among the Grim Raiders to reach a team milestone. Neither Crota nor his minions have had much success in thwarting his determination to help fellow Guardians with arguably the most difficult achievement in Destiny.

As team captain, SpecOp3 has led most of the runs in sprinting through the Abyss and handling the sword in Crota’s room. He has also streamed Flawless runs on Twitch, showcasing the friendliness of SIP members and spreading the word about our community. Since the team was formed on May 25, 2015, over 150 people have become members on SIP, with a significant portion of those requesting help with Flawless Raider.

Please join me in congratulating SpecOp3 on this milestone of 50 flawless raids, and wishing him luck on the next 50!

The Grim Raiders is one of the Spartan I Project’s achievement teams, and is dedicated to helping Guardians unlock the Flawless Raider achievement in Destiny. To request help, please visit this thread and include your gamertag and available play time.

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Mark of the Unbroken: 4 Years of Weekly Challenges

Yesterday marks the four-year anniversary of Halo: Reach’s release date and every year has contained 52 weekly challenges to complete for credits. You may remember our own Pokenut/Stig Assassin literally taking the “One Down, 52 to Go” achievement name to heart in the first year, and continued on to repeat the feat in the second and third year since Reach’s release date. Last week, he completed his 208th weekly challenge in as many weeks and carrying on an unbroken streak of four years’ worth of weekly challenges. Now Holmes, THAT’S dedication. Although most of the weekly challenges are recurring and no longer difficult to complete from a skill perspective, just having completed all of them without missing a single one puts Stig in a very select group of gamers who have ever played Halo: Reach; only three people in the world (as far as we know) belong to this group.

Please join me in recognizing and congratulating Stig Assassin on completing yet another full year of weekly challenges in Halo: Reach!

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COD Ghosts Clan War over: SIP Takes Caracas

It was a hard fought battle over the past week, but the Call of Duty clan for the Spartan I Project has come out on top and taken the Caracas Clan War in the Bronze Division. With a few minutes remaining in the clan war, SIP had a hold of the Cranked, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Blitz, and HC TDM zones. Check out the map after the break…
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It’s a party and Zombies are invited… TO DIE!!

Zombies, zombies, zoooommmbeeeezzzz!!! This article features all things “Zombies!” From team members, to Milestone achievements, to recruiting. If you are alive, and like to kill the undead, take a gander at the updates with Team DeathMachine.

First off, if you weren’t aware already, I would like to formally announce that Team DeathMachine Captain, TangoDown, has resigned. He, along with other former members, were great assets to building the team to what it is today. His screaming will be dearly missed. Unfortunate for us, fortunate for him, he has chosen to pursue RL dreams… What a selfish guy… LOL! J/K! We all wish you the best, Mike!

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