Dark Souls III Patch 1.14.

About a month ago Dark Souls III received its second and final DLC, “The Ringed City”. Players can expect a patch that should fix some issues players have been experiencing. The game will have a server maintenance for Patch 1.14. The times players can expect the patch are as follows; JST – 10:00am to 04:00pm, CEST – 03:00am to 09:00am, PDT – 06:00pm to 12:00am. The patch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The list below is the changes the patch bring:

• Fixed issue where the first spell would disappear if either Seething Chaos or Crystal Hail is used twice in succession.

• In PvP battles, the 2nd attack of the Call to Stone (skill for Ledo’s Great Hammer) attack can now be cancelled by rolling immediately after successfully delivering a different attack to the enemy.

•Fixed issue where 2 Spears of the Church were occasionally summoned in the Ringed City.

• Increased absorption and stamina recovery speed when summoned as the Spears of Church in a world with 2 or more White Spirits.

• Decreased cooldown time for Ritual Spear Fragment and Divine Spear Fragment when summoned as the Spear of the Church in a world with 2 or more white spirits.

• Fixed issue where following certain steps could make the Ringed City Streets bonfire inaccessible.

• Fixed issue where the player was unable to use the bonfire despite having defeated the Demon Prince in The Dreg Heap.

• Fixed issue where further progress was disabled when interacting with the Crystal Sage Clone in a certain way.

• Animation cancel now available for whips except the Rose of Ariandel.

• Fixed issue where the weapon reinforcement effect of the right-hand weapon was applied to the left hand equipped with a Greatshield weapon when performing the Shield Bash skill.

• Reduced rotation capabilities of the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords.

• Decreased stamina consumption for Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords attack and increased attack power of Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords.

• Fixed issue where the art for the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords could still be performed when there was insufficient FP.

• Fixed issue where a combination of the Lothric War Banner’s Art and the Aquamarine. Dagger would result in FP continuously replenishing.

• Increased attack power and motion cancel speed for Call to Stone skill attached to Ledo’s Great Hammer.

• Increased attack power for the skill attached to Quakestone Hammer.

• Decreased attack power and R1 projectiles of the Blade of Peril skill attached to Gael’s Greatsword.

• Increased attack power and decreased stamina consumption for Farron Greatsword.

• Decreased stamina consumption when attacking with Darkdrift.

• Increased animation cancel speed for the Darkdrift skill attached to Darkdrift.

• Increased bleeding attack power for Bloodlust skill attached to Bloodlust.

• Increased luck for poison, bleed, and hollow-infused and decreased stamina consumption of Astora Straight Sword.

• Decreased strength and dexterity of Sunlight Straight Sword.

• Decreased stamina consumption for Aquamarine Dagger’s Crystal Blade skill.

• Increased attack for Repeating Crossbow.

• Fixed issue where no more stamina was required to use the Repeating Crossbow weapon art when the player did not have the minimum stats.

• Fixed an issue when a female character or a male character wearing the Reversal Ring uses the Repeating Crossbow art, the character would move forward without any analog stick input.

• Fixed issue where the effectiveness of the Preacher’s Right Arm art did not decrease when the player did not have the required Intelligence.

• Fixed issue where the weapon reinforcement effect of the right-hand weapon was applied to the left hand equipped with Preacher’s Right Arm when performing the Feasting Branch skill.

• Fixed issue where the Unfaltering Prayer effect was retained when casting certain miracles and quickly casting another spell afterwards.

• Fixed issue when activating the Wrath of the Gods miracle through a catalyst held in the character’s right hand, the idle time after the spell cast was longer than it should be.

• Decreased vitality recovery when using the Projected Heal miracle

• Increased stamina consumption of Lightning Arrow and decreased stamina recovery speed while the player is drawing the bow.

• Fixed issue where players could parry the Flame Fan.

• Fixed several other small issues.

Patch 1.14 will be live May 12th

Source: Xbox Achievements

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