DOOM – Free Update 4 Adds Arcade Mode and Classic Modules

Another Free Update (Update 4), This update includes the much-anticipated Arcade Mode, which transforms DOOM’s critically-acclaimed campaign into a competitive fast-paced, score-based challenge. Players who like to start a fresh campaign with all armor and weapon upgrades fully unlocked you’ll love this mode. Free Update 4 also brings Classic DOOM modules to SnapMap. You’ll now be able to play and build new maps using assets based on the original games.

DOOm - Arcade Mode

This update also adds two new multiplayer modes to DOOM. Possession mixes things up, adding a Prowlers vs. Marine mode that puts a team of marines up against several player-controlled Prowler demons. Players who control Marines and get killed will respawn as Prowlers that means more pressure for the other players using Marines. The second new mode is Bloodrush, which adds a twist to free-for-all modes by forcing players to manage their Bloodrush meter in order to respawn. Kills and assists add to your meter. The meter drains gradually over time, and drains a lot if you die. The longer the match goes on, the faster your meter will drain until only one player remains.

Here’s a list of Patch Notes Below:

– Added Arcade Mode for all players

– Added the new FFA mode called Bloodrush
– Added the new team-based, Prowler vs. Marine mode, Possession
– Region selection in MP, allowing folks to matchmaker based on their preference
– Entitlements are now shared at the lobby level instead of by invite, so players won’t need to send an invite every match to get their non-dlc friends in
– General matchmaking improvements to Multiplayer


New DOOM Classic Campaign
– Feature Pack Campaign mission including new classic DOOM levels

Classic DOOM Content
– New classic DOOM modules, props, interactable items, lifts, pickups, sounds, classic player deaths and music

Community Support
– Community Curation system enabling new maps to be published to be reviewed and recommended by the community
– Community HUB overhaul to make finding your favorite content easier
– SnapFeed support allowing users to subscribe to authors, players and maps to get up to the minute details on new content

Custom Environment Creation
– Detailed hotspot and tiling textured blocking volumes can be used to create custom environments
– Decal Tool to add blood, numbers, demonic symbols, grime, corrosion, etc. to your maps
– Massive update of new Hell and UAC environment props
– New container object models

Additional Logic Tools
– Copy content and logic from one map to Paste into another
– Created multi-level campaign using Next Map Logic
– Added Hazard and FX as a category of Spawners
– Set color input added for all volumes and hazards
– Snap Grid Offsets added to editor settings to allow authors to offset in XYZ coordinate space
– POI can now be set on spawner items
– Authors can get precise camera position by previewing the camera view within the editor
– Added set environment and fade to camera properties
– Authors can set their editor view to ignore current module environment settings
– Cylinder volumes can be used as shootable triggers
– Added support for silent (no VO announcements) lockdowns
– No longer need to set a DOOM ID to post to map leaderboards

Additional DOOM Single Player Consistency
– Additional DOOM weapon upgrades from Campaign – mastery versions of the HAR and Combat Shotgun
– Campaign-styled communication HUD elements
– Editable interactable GUI
– Additional FX and Hazards
– Added Rune Tablet interactable
– Publish maps with Campaign intro screen and lobby
– Additional equipment pickup items
– Add Static keycard and weapons props
– Added setting to disable hit feedback sounds
– Added setting to disable damage indicators
– Added setting to disable AI teleport FX
– Added Berserk powerup

More Stuff
– Additional Armor and Weapon Customization Skins
– Revenant Player Demon
– Usable volumes will now work in the front of doors
– Blocking Volumes (previously called Player Blocking Volumes) now default to static and visible when placed
– AI can now be affected by Blocking Volumes
– Some props can have their FX toggled on and off

Source: Bethesda

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