DOOM – Free Update 5 Brings Bots, New Mode & Echelon 11

Since the launch of DOOM, id Software has released four major content updates, bringing new features and modes to the game. You fought for the high score in Arcade Mode, captured your favorite gory glory kills in Photo Mode, and slaughtered the competition in Deathmatch. Free Update 5 launched on Wednesday, December 7 and can expect some new features.

First, we’ve added Bots to DOOM multiplayer. Players have requested this since our multiplayer beta pre-launch, and now Bots are available in both Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes.

Next up: level cap. Multiplayer rank now extends to Echelon 11! As an added bonus, once you reach the new highest ranking, you’ll unlock the DOOM Marine Armor. Be the envy of your peers by equipping the signature Praetor Suit, a reflection of the blood, sweat and… even more blood that you’ve shed in battle. The DOOM Marine Armor has also been added to SnapMap, along with more elements from the campaign, allowing you to play and create even more campaign-like experiences in DOOM. We’ve also added Lazarus Lab–themed modules, new props and other features.

Free Update 5 also includes a new competitive multiplayer mode, Infernal Run. Teams fight for control of the (eye) ball, which must be carried or thrown into the opponent’s goal to score.

Bethesda has decided to give double XP to celebrate the new multiplayer additions. The Double XP begins on Tuesday, December 7 and will end on Monday, December 12. So jump on in, play Infernal Run, and work your way toward Echelon 11. Saved the best for last Bloodfall, the final DLC for DOOM arrives on December 15! Once more information is available on Bloodfall DLC we’ll keep you posted.

Read on for the full list of fixes, improvements and features for Free Update 5.


– Added new game mode, Infernal Run
– Teams fight to obtain the ball and score in the opponent’s goal
– Added Bots for multiplayer
– Bots are available on original multiplayer maps in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch game modes
– Increased the maximum level cap to Echelon 11, level 50
– Added the DOOM Marine Armor (Praetor Suit) as unlockable perk for achieving maximum multiplayer level cap
– Resolved an issue where rapid controller input caused unusually high shotgun damage

– You can now play as the DOOM Marine in Praetor Suit Armor
– Added over 30 Lazarus Lab–themed modules
– Added Lazarus Lab–themed props
– Improved Object Limits
– Persistent Integer variables that can be passed between missions within a campaign
– Save and restore your health/armor/ammo/weapons/equipment/max weapon slots/inventory
– Added the ability to Get and Set Score
– You can now access the Leaderboard Score in the HUD
– Added new (first-person view) Player Camera Entity
– Added camera rumble FX and sounds
Added new player modifiers:
– Ledge grab time, power-up time, barrel damage, equipment cool down
– Plasma weapon mastery
– Additional single-player Interactables
– New single-player styled Objective HUD
– Added single-player Compass
– General single-player consistency pass on HUD
– Added more POI options
– Show distance, show on compass
– Updated victory and post-match summary screens
– More interactable and customizable GUI
– Added animated Echo Events
– Added new FX/hazards
– Added % encounter complete listener to encounters
– Ability to remove AI from finished encounters and events
– Ability to remove unspawned AI from the AIC
– Added ability to turn off bobbing on pickups to place them however you want
– Editor improvement to hide/show types of objects
– Editor improvement to lock rotation when moving objects
– Editor improvement to disable snapping of objects to the floor
– Added armor Customizations and Taunts

Source: Bethesda

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