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Author Topic: Code of Conduct  (Read 18273 times)


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Code of Conduct
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:07:25 PM »

(Last updated September 26, 2013)

SIP is committed to providing a friendly and entertaining social gaming experience, a forum in which to discuss gaming with a non-judgmental group of individuals and the opportunity to make new friends and feel welcomed. SIP strives to preserve and promote a friendly gaming environment for its members.

These rules apply to all posts, privates messages, instant messages, any and all activity within this forum, and it is your responsibility to read them. This thread serves as your only warning, and you may be warned and/or banned at the moderators' full discretion for violating any rule in this thread.  Bear in mind, however, that these rules are for everyone's protection and that by using the services provided on these pages, you agree to abide by these rules.

Achievement Hunting

It's common for members of SIP to be looking for achievements. For the majority of general achievements  there are various categories for popular and miscellaneous games.  Post in the appropriate category for help.

How you go about getting help for these achievements it simply a case of going into the appropriate category for the achievement and game and posting that you are looking for a run. Runs are posted regularly and it is easy enough to sign up for a specific run at a time convenient for yourself. Keep in mind the timezone being used for the run.

As members are spread out over various timezones, it is worth using either the timezone converter or the timezone map to make sure you get the right time for your own timezone (if it is different from that posted in the run).

Group Related Content

When interacting in forums or communities outside SIP where SIP has an officially established presence, SIP's Code of Conduct and all of its forum rules still apply. This code is meant to preserve the reputation of SIP as we expand and further interact with other groups, communities, and/or forums on the web. Failure to comply will be met with a warning on both the other site (where possible) and on

There is NO tolerance at this point for lies created by members that can affect our group's reputation, status, or even safety. This includes, but not restricted to the following;

* Claiming to be a member of one of our Achievement Teams or a veteran at the various achievement team runs when not the case.

* Saying another member (especially for moderators and administrators) said something they did not.

* Claiming to represent another online group or community when you do not.

This list is not exhaustive, and may be edited at any time.

Forum Specific Content

Forum Cop'ing

Okay, first for those who don't have a clue what the term 'Forum Cop' means, it's when someone does something that you would normally expect a moderator to do. Such as post telling someone that something is inappropriate, pointing them to the right place to post something etc. In many ways it's really just being helpful above and beyond what would be expected of a normal member.

Doing this is not, inherently, wrong. Indeed in the vast majority of cases it's to be commended for making sure people get pointed to the right threads to post things as quickly as possible. However there have been occasions when people giving the advice have been a little blunt with it, to the point that it borders on rude.

So what are the actual rules on this? Well there aren't really any rules on the act itself, but it is affected by our other rules and code of conduct, which includes not being offensive etc. So here's a quick guide for those people that prefer posting advice when someone opens a new thread that may not be, or indeed isn't, fitting for the forum.

* Keep it polite, most threads opened that shouldn't be are honest mistakes by people new to the group and not used to our way of keeping the forum tidy and easy to navigate.

* If there's a more suitable thread for what the person is posting, try and provide a link to the thread, so they can go right to the correct place.

* It's always worth reminding people to check the various pinned topics, so they can learn themselves how to avoid the same errors.

* Unless one already exists, Game specific threads rarely require mod approval (Halo achievement threads are reserved for staff creation - trust me you don't want the PMs flooding your in box as happens on occasion)

* If a moderator over rules you in some way, don't be offended, we're just doing our jobs.

* If you get any hassle from someone who you have advised of the correct place to put something, don't be drawn into an argument, just wait for a Mod to 'fix' the issue.

Feeding the trolls

Do not feed the trolls

Trolling is any post designed to evoke an emotional or flaming response instead of an informed, well-reasoned reply. These posts are characterized by broad generalizations and personal accusations about specific people or groups of people rather than a well-reasoned assertion backed up with support. Just a few examples of trolling include:

* "All level 50s suck"

* "Kids under 13 have squeaky voices and are all annoying"

* "MLG players are arrogant"

* "Halo 3 is the worst game ever created"


Parody or satire threads are a form of trolling.

"Do not feed the trolls" means do not respond to trolling, and is also strictly enforced.

The act of "flaming" is the act of attacking or insulting a person who posts, rather than the ideas expressed within the post itself. Your post should remain on-topic and focused on the subject matter of the thread rather than any individual user.

Telling another user to "GTFO," or telling another user to stop posting in any way or for any reason is considered flaming.


The SIP Rules and Code of Conduct give SIP Staff the right to interpret these rules and definitions based on their own judgment, experience, and opinions.

-This thread is subject to change without notice. You are responsible for reviewing this document periodically.
-Warnings will not always be given. Blacklists of 7 days or less are considered warnings and may not be appealed or changed except under exceptional circumstances as determined by a SIP Administrator.
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