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Author Topic: Titanfall 2's Next DLC is Titled Postcards From the Frontier  (Read 2272 times)


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Titanfall 2's Next DLC is Titled Postcards From the Frontier
« on: August 25, 2017, 12:29:43 PM »

Respawn has announced the next batch of free DLC. The studio revealed that the Postcards From the Frontier DLC adds new maps and an execution, as well a handful of paid cosmetic items. The DLC will be available on August 29, 2017.

New Live Fire Map: Uma

• Tight corridors guide combat into three arenas flanked by balconies, doorways, and windows. A large central divider provides cover for short range effectiveness, with a long flank that opens opportunities for confident marksmen.

New execution: Hole in the Wall [Amped Wall]

• Kill 5 Pilots with Amped Wall is active to unlock

More maps for Frontier Defense

• Exoplanet
• Drydock
• Angel City

Elite Weapon Warpaints: Each comes with a Squad Leader Bonus.

• 10% chance per owned Elite skin (up to 30%) to earn a Double XP token at the end of a match
• Grants one extra merit to you and your teammates at the end of a match. A player can only receive this bonus once per match.
• $4.99 each or $24.99 for the bundle of 8 (bundle limited time only until 9/26)

Thunderbolt “8-bit”

Spitfire “Lead Farmer”

Devotion “RSPN Custom”

Hemlock “Mochi”

Kraber “Masterwork”

R-97 “Purple Fade”

R-201 “Frontier Patriot”

Mozambique “Crimson Fury”

New Featured Modes

• Aegis Titan Brawl
• Aegis Last Titan Standing

Both of these modes will have the same rules as their originals except you’ll be playing with your Aegis upgraded Titans from Frontier Defense. Now’s the time to get on that grind to max out your Titan so you’re ready on 8/29! We’ll kick things off with Aegis Titan Brawl at launch.

New Callsign Banners

Moy Parra, one of our talented animators, has been creating a fantastic series based on Titanfall called TitanToons that both us and the community has fallen in love with. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing out. :

Moy also created a set of banners that will be available with this DLC.

You can view the rest of the banners here. Just make sure to scroll down.

We’re also adding some new banners in honor of our amazing community creators out there. When Iniquity, a popular and valued member of the Titanfall community posted on twitter about the passing of his dog, Onyx, our subreddit rallied and had the idea to immortalize Onyx as a banner in the game. Respawn artist, Rodrigo Ribeiro stepped up and created an awesome homage to honor Onyx.

And lastly, we were pretty blown away by the creative work of Nicole Peh who took reddit by storm with her series of Titans and what restaurants they would work at. The full set will be included with this DLC as well.

To see the rest of them go here. Just make sure to scroll down.

Don’t forget the DLC will be launching on August 29, 2017.

Source and Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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Re: Titanfall 2's Next DLC is Titled Postcards From the Frontier
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 10:35:47 PM »

I was on this afternoon and noticed there's double XP going on. Not sure how long, but most likely just for the weekend.
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