• #1 by Stig Assassin on 23 May 2018
  • The next title of the franchise has been officially revealed today. It is set in WWII and expands on some of the things added in the previous game, Battlefield 1. Here's a few things we know about it today:

    - Operations will return as Grand Operations which can involve multiple modes in a single game. 
    - Co-op returns with up to 3 friends. (Most likely not splitscreen supported)
    - The Company: A new customization hub to outfit your character, guns and vehicles.
    - No more Premium Pass or DLC. All new maps and modes will be free to all.
    - Tides of War: A Live service that rolls out new content on a regular basis.

    Battlefield V will release on October 19th, with owners of the Deluxe edition getting early access on the 16th. Pre-orders will get access to the beta later this year.

    Apologies for not having time for a proper news post with more details, but that's the basics. To see the reveal event for yourself watch the video below. Just jump to around the 55 minute mark for the actual event.

  • #2 by dowders on 25 May 2018
  • No paid DLC is a really good move, but it's EA so I'm wary. That may mean microtransactions or loot boxes etc as a replacement for the "lost" income
  • #3 by Stig Assassin on 25 May 2018
  • It sounded like they're making a ton of customization options for you to pay for instead of DLC. They stressed that all of it will be strictly cosmetic so it's not going pay-to-win. (I hope)
  • #4 by ROK198 on 26 May 2018
  • I can believe that. They did the same thing with Titanfall 2 and I think it worked great on that end. Although, I almost never pay any attention to customization in these games since things are usually moving a bit to fast to really notice somebody's special skins and camos, apart from basic stuff like color.