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Author Topic: Black Ops I Zombie Easter Egg Guides  (Read 3978 times)


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Black Ops I Zombie Easter Egg Guides
« on: January 01, 2012, 01:20:19 AM »

One Small Hack for a Man... : In Moon, hack something. 5
This one is pretty simple. Find the hacker equipment in the labs and hack one of the numerous things in the map. A door, perk machine, pack-a-punch, mystery box, or another player and bleep-bloop done.

One Giant Leap : In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op. 5
Alright for this one your gonna need both tunnels breached. (from personal experience they do not have to be continually digging just breached) Then you need to get to the end of a round and friend of yours keeps at least one crawler from the power room or further. (as long as they are nowhere near the starting area or tunnels) Then you or whoever is getting the achievement needs to go to the quick revive room and completely die (not just go down). Then your buddy needs to kill the crawler while he is on the other side of the map and you will spawn near him and pop goes the cheevo.

Perks in Spaaaaace! : In Moon, purchase every perk in one game. 30
This one may take at least 10 rounds but it's pretty simple. Buy all the doors. To start, save up at least 4k and then get hacker. Start off going to buy quick revive then hack it to get your money back. Then go do the same for stamin-up, double tap, deadshot daiquiri, and PHD Flopper. Now your gonna need to buy and keep (mainly because of the hardships of trying to hack the last 3 without dying) Mule kick, Juggernog, and Speed Cola. There you go, cheevo done.

Fully Armed and Operational : In Moon, acquire 3 pack-a-punched weapons at the same time. 25
This one is pretty self explanatory. Pack-a-punch 2 guns then buy mule kick, buy a third gun, then pack-a-punch the third gun. Simple.

Ground Control : In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game. 10
One player (same person each time) needs to hack each of the excavator terminals when they pop up "before" they are allowed to breach. Now you only need to prevent each respective excavator from breaching just one time. Say you stopped excavator pi from breaching tunnel 6, don't worry about it if it pops up again later in the game because the excavators are random, it may pop up again but as long as you stopped it from breaching at least once, your good. It's better to leave it alone, that way you can get the other excavators to start. Just be careful not to get trapped if both of the tunnel excavators decide to continuously keep popping and you decide to let both of them dig. If this is the case, take hacker with you if you decide to take the teleporter back to earth.

Cryogenic Slumber Party and The Big Bang Theory
: In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme. / In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge. 75 & 100

Now First off you need to get points and make your way to power as soon as you can. This makes it so the first excavator can start on round 2 or 4. Now you need excavator pi to "breach" tunnel 6 and you need to get the zap guns, gersch device, and qed's out of the box. You will end up using at least 2 of the qed and gersch.

Step 1) When the power has been turned on, you'll need to play a game of "Samantha says" on the four computers outside in front of the tunnel 6 door.
Step 2) Hack one of the four buttons in the middle floor of the labs on the far wall. This will start about a 90 second timer in which you need to hack 4 control panels located on the various floors of the labs before the timer runs out. These appear randomly every time, the correct ones you need to hack have a green light on the top of them and make a buzzing noise. After you hacked all 4 you need to go back to the middle floor and press all 4 buttons within 2-3 seconds. If done correctly they stay lit.
Step 3) Head to no-mans-land and immediately go to the right side of the teleporter and throw grenades at the plates sitting on a metal shelf behind two big boxes. After they are on the ground throw a gersch device at them and they will appear on the teleporter, take the teleporter.
Step  4) Go back to the moon. The plates should now be right in front of quick revive. Have someone use a qed on them. If done properly, they should now be right next to the computer in the top right corner of the the room.
Step  5) Look in the labs for a metal cord. It's often hidden in one of the counters where the hacker spawns. Grab it and connect it to the computer and the plates back in the recieving area. Have Richtofen put the vrill generator in between the plates.
Step  6) Have Richtofen repeatedly mash the X button on the computer keyboard for a few minutes. Wait untill the conversation ends, and the computer screen should STAY green. The vrill generator should now be powered up and shiny. Grab it.
Step  7) When tunnel 6 has been breached, someone has to hack the proper terminal from the recieving area so that the digger leaves. Go back to tunnel 6 and a black orb has appeared, near the M16 on the wall, knife it and you'll see it moving around. You'll have to follow it and open any doors if it gets stuck between them, remember to keep knifing it untill it flies up onto the satellite dish on top of the quick revive building. Someone has to use the Wave gun (combined zap gun) on the tip of the dish, making the orb move again. Follow the orb through tunnel 11 untill it hides into some metal railings on the roof on the wall opposite stamin-up. You can either shoot it from the wall next to stamin-up, or throw a grenade at it. Keep moving it until it reaches the pyramid in the power room. It will fit into the hole in the center of the circle.
Step 8 ) A tubular container will rise from the right side of the pyramid; it needs be filled with about 25 zombie souls, to do this, simply kill zombies very close to the container.

Step 9) Once it's filled, you should hear a sound. Now before you activate the switch next to the container, which opens the pyramid to reveal a pleasent suprise. Make sure you all have enough ammo to kill at least 100 zombies. Then start the next round a little bit before you hit the switch so you can get the most out of the 90 second death machines on the next step.

Step 10) After you hit the switch have Richtofen stand next to the black orb until the 4 tubular containers rise up from every corner of the pyramid. Fill the containers up by killing about 25 zombies per container, (you will know when one is full when no more red souls appear near that container) and the same sound should play as last time once all of the containers are full.
Step 11) Have Richtofen place the vrill generator underneath the black orb, now he should have Perma-Perks and he switches bodies with samantha. So yea your now the little girl that has been controlling the zombies the whole time, except now she has to kill them because Richtofen is in control.
Step 12) Go back to the Samantha says machine and play 3 increasingly harder rounds each of which makes one of the 3 rockets prime.
Step 12) Head back to the power room and have someone use a qed on the engraving to move the black orb to the samantha says machine.
Step 14) The orb will teleport to the samantha says machine, lay down and get as close to the orb as you can and point down then use a Gersh device on it.
You'll see the orb teleport and the three rockets outside the quick revive building will launch and head towards Earth and destroy it. Everyone will now have Perma-Perks and achievements unlocked. Simple right?  :P Don't worry though, these kind of achievements is what TDM is here for ;)

Yup its a beauty aint it? 8)

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Black Ops I Zombies: Shangri-La Easter Egg Guide: Acquire the Focusing Stone
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2013, 12:20:03 PM »

Black Ops I
Shangri-La EE
Time Travel Will Tell 75g

Step 1. Turn on the Power
As with any Zombie map the power must be turned on to access perk machines and certain areas of the map. Power is located at the bottom of the mine.

Step 2. Activate Eclipse Mode
Once power is on return to spawn area and hit all four wall switches to activate "Eclipse Mode". Every step henceforth needs to be completed in Eclipse Mode.

Step 3. Match Up the Stone Panels
Scattered across the map there are 12 sets stone tiles. Stepping on a tile will reveal its hidden symbol. You will need to activate all 12 sets of tiles by stepping on the correct ones simultaneously. Once a set of tiles is properly activated it will disappear and you can now move onto the next tile. The best way to complete this step is to step on a tile then back off and call out to your teammates what the symbol on the tile is. Once they are standing on the correct tile, you will return to your position on your corresponding tile. If you hit the tiles out of sequence, you will have to start the step over.

Step 4. Pressure Plate/Water Slide
Three people need to stand on the pressure plate/grate at the bottom of the water slide. The fourth player enters the water slide on the right hand side while continuing to hold the "X" button which activates a switch/lever on the wall.

Step 5. Shrink the Rock
Find the Meteor near the waterfall and cook/throw a grenade to knock it down to the ground. Use the Baby Gun (31-79 JGb215) to shrink the meteor and then melee/knife it onto the water slide.

Step 6. Gas Valves/Fire Dude
Turn on four gas valves while leading a napalm zombie past each to ignite them. Once all four are lit, hit a lever/switch near one of the valve handles.

Step 7. Plug the Holes
In the tunnel near the MP5K there are four small holes that you need to fill with spikes from the Spiked Clay mores. Place a spike-more directly across from each hole. Two players need to have spike-mores as you can carry only two. Next, have a zombie (preferably a napalm zombie) walk down the spike-more riddled path to activate them and fill the holes with spikes.

Step 8. Knife The Stone Panels
This step is similar to step 3 but this time the tiles are on the walls as opposed to the ground. Follow the same strategy to melee and match up these 12 tiles. Once you have done that head over to the snare trap viewed outside of the map. Cook a grenade and throw it toward the trap disabling it.

Step 9. Mudpit Temple Codes
There is a radio found near the mine cart gate on a barrel stating a code, "16, 1, 3, 4". After going into Eclipse Mode, players will have to enter the mudpit temple and set the dial to their corresponding numbers as the top number:
■The first one, coming from the spawn area (the far right) switch it to ' [ | - '
■The second one is on the opposite side (near right side from the spawn area). Switch it to one dot.
■The third one is diagonal from the second one (far left side from the spawn area). Switch it to three dots.
■The fourth one is opposite the third (near left side from the spawn area). Switch it to four dots.

Step 10. Acquire the Dynamite/Activate the Gongs

***Note that you will need the Baby Gun Pap'd!!!***

There are eight gongs located on the map. You must hit four correct gongs to complete this step. An incorrect gong strike will force the orb to glow red. Once the gongs are struck in the correct order a TreyArc symbol will appear and glow around the orbs. Shoot an orb with the PaP'd Baby Gun and the dynamite will fall. Catch it or pick it up. The player with the Pap'd Baby Gun needs to go to the spawn area and shoot the orb behind the palm tree. This will shrink the meteor and it will fall into the PaP area.

Step 11. Place Dynamite & Acquire the Focusing Stone
Activate the stairs to the PaP machine. Place the dynamite in the slot in the brick wall. Return to spawn area. Again, activate the stairs to the PaP machine. Climb stairs to acquire the Focusing Stone. At this point you you will unlock the achievement, a gamer picture and receive all perks. You retain all perks for the remainder of the game even if you are downed by a zombie. Enjoy the 75g.
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Black Ops I Zombies: Call of the Dead EE Guide: Return to Paradise
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2013, 04:34:08 PM »

Black Ops I
Call of the Dead EE Guide

Step 1. Turn on Power/Find the Fuse
After power is on, go to the bottom of the lighthouse, melee the door and hold the "X" button. You will hear the familiar voices of the O4 (Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai) asking you to find the fuse. It can be found on either desk or in the corner of the room above. Insert the fuse into the fuse box next to the O4 door.

Step 2. Destroy the Security Generators
There are four security generators located across the map. Destroy all the generators with explosives. The first is located adjacent to the O4 door. Second is located behind the StaminUp perk machine. The third is located between the lighthouse and the shipwrecked ship. The fourth generator is can be found off of the edge of the "power" ship. Any explosive weapon will work IE cooked grenade, china lake, crossbow etc.

Step 3. Find the Vodka
Vodka bottles will spawn in random places but usually near the O4 and the lighthouse frozen to a railing. Have one player melee the bottle while another waits below to catch it. Once acquired, send it through the transfer tube to Nikolai. Melee the O4 door once again to get further instructions.

Step 4. Retrieve the Golden Rod
You will need to find Richtofen's Golden Rod. Begin by adjusting the dials in the lighthouse starting on the fourth (top floor) to the number 2. Then go to the second floor and switch the dial until the third floor dial is at number 7. Next go to the bottom floor and change that dial to the number 6. Now go to the third floor and change the dial until the second floor dial is set to the number 4. Finally, go to the top floor (fourth) and set the dial to the number 2. That should do it. 2, 7, 4, 6 top to bottom.

Step 5. Activate the Radios
There are 4 radios on the map and they must be activated in a certain order. First, activate the radio below the power room. The second is located near StaminUp. The third is located near the MP40. The final radio is located near the O4 door. If done correctly, a submarine will emerge from the water and a Morse Code message can be heard.

Step 6. Control Room
Head to the room where the power switch is located and you will see the wheel of the ship. Hold "X" at the wheel until brown stained handle of the wheel is in a 4 o'clock position. Then hold "X" on the first lever pulling it 1 time and then the third lever 3 times.

Step 7. Foghorns
There are 4 foghorns located on the map and they must be activated in a specific order. The first one is located below the lighthouse near the water. The second is located below the slide just outside of the Speed Cola area. The third is located near the stairs at the bottom of the lighthouse. The fourth and final foghorn is located on the far side of Speed Cola. Hold "X" on all 4 foghorns in this specific order. A green light should be emanating from the submarine to signify that you are on the correct path.

Step 8. Sacrifice
***This next step requires you to have the VR-11!!!***
Make a few crawlers and lead one of them toward the bottom of the lighthouse and shoot it with the VR-11 changing it back into a human. He will run toward the green light at the bottom of the lighthouse and you must kill him just as he enters the light. A babushka doll or ray gun are the preferred weapons to kill the human. The dead human will float up into the light and in trade the Golden Rod will float toward the bottom of the lighthouse. Pick it up and return it to Richtofen via the transfer tube. There is one more step but it is simple. The fuse that you originally placed outside of the O4 door needs a little love. Just melee it and there you go. This should unlock Stand In and Ensemble Cast for a total of 80g.

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