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Did anyone feed SteamyPeach?

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Author Topic: SIPWU 12.6.13  (Read 942 times)


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  • What's a challenge if everything isn't maxed out?
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    • rok198
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SIPWU 12.6.13
« on: December 06, 2013, 09:27:05 PM »

The gaming industry has been pretty quiet this week with not much going on. SIP, however, has had a lot going on this week. We’ve had new milestone, a new team member, a contest winner and more.

You may now be up-to-date.

Bungie / 343 / Halo

The official release date for Destiny has been announced. Bungie’s Destiny will be launching on September 9th, 2014. The beta for Destiny, first on PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, will be launching in the summer of 2014. This clearly shows that both the game and beta have been delayed from Spring, but a polished and delayed game is better than an extremely buggy game at the original deadline.

Other Gaming News

Battlefield 4′s first DLC for most platforms, and second on Xbox One for Premium members, is now available to download for Battlefield 4 Premium members. The new DLC contains 4 new maps, new vehicles, weapons, assignments, a game mode, and achievements.Here is trailer showcasing gameplay from China Rising.

For more info on the DLC, click here.

Microsoft’s program to attract Indie developers to the Xbox One, ID@Xbox, has revealed some of the studios that have signed up to self-publish their games. Some of them you may recognize like Slightly Mad Studios with their work on the Need for Speed: Shift series, Double Fine which made several Xbox arcade games and Brütal Legend. Surprisingly, Crytek is included in the list. With their experience making games like Crysis, Far Cry, and the more recent Ryse: Son of Rome, we can expect big things from them. While ID@Xbox is still getting into shape the Indie side of Xbox One looks like it will be just fine for the future.

Deals of the Week
The Super Saints Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Executive Privilege Pack – $1.33 – 33% off
Enter the Dominatrix – $4.68 – 33% off
Wild West Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Volition Comics Pack – $1.33 – 33% off
Presidential Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Pirate’s Booty Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Grass Roots Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
GAT V Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Commander-in-Chief Pack – $2.00 – 33% off
Saints Row IV – $29.99 – 50% off

The Community Game Night Team has added a new member to its roster. ROK198 is now part of the CGN Team. ROK has already been hosting monthly GTA Online joinings and will be hosting more joinings in different games in the near future.

Our very own bacon-loving, Mongoose enthusiast, Killagruntjaro, has hit his 200th Vidmaster Deja Vu run and shows no sign of letting up. Join me in congratulating him on his many achievement assists.

Flip Daddy 69 also reached a milestone this week with his 100th Call of Duty Zombies achievement assist. Congratulate him on his efforts to help out and decrease the undead population.

The SIP Fifth Annual Beard Off has a new winner. After going through the month of November without shaving, members of SIP were competing for best beard. Now, JR203 has won for best beard and only a few days after his birthday. Check out his awesome beard and congratulate him.

JR1203 – 3rd
ReccaHanabishiX – 3rd
phlpkrny – 5th
SGP SGP – 6th
PuffitLikePuffs – 6th

This update features content written, found, or created by:

To give feedback to the staff (complaints or suggestions), please e-mail

*Title images created by wrcfan

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  • What's a challenge if everything isn't maxed out?
    • rok198
    • rok198
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SIPWU 12.6.13 Shenanigans
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2013, 09:28:10 PM »

Hey all.  It's time for you all to post your Shenanigans.  I have no topic for this week, so feel free to post whatever you like (as long as its appropriate.  No rick rolls, please :P).

No one has any shenanigans?  This is a first.  :o

Since I'm posting on Thursday.  Here's a roll-back for you: (forward to 0:42)

You just posted! ;)  That video was funny especially with the guy singing.

so far been just relaxing and doing nothin in particular
I'm happy its Friday.  I'm ready for the weekend!

No rick rolls, please :P)
No Rick-Rolls?! That's it, I give up. What a letdown.

Or you could watch a remix of the classic. (No Rick-Rolls is an open invitation for Rick-Rolls ;D)

Lesson learned.... don't post "no rick rolls" ever again.

I wish I could beat DC & Poke's post about Rick Roll, but I just can't, they were just too funny lol. That's brightened up my day, cheers :).
I'm glad I could help?!?!?  :P


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  • He hates the cans!!! Stay away from the cans!!!!!
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Re: SIPWU 12.6.13
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2013, 10:51:44 PM »

Destiny launches on my mom's 73rd birthday, it's like it is... Destiny... :)
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