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  • Couldn't find a thread for just Battlefield 1 talks sooo here we go!
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  • Great video for those who want to perform well with any class or situation.

    I myself was stunned how accurate the Modelo is with hipfire, makes life a lot easier when you can run around with your gas mask on at all times and not worry about having poor aim.

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  • Just started this a few days ago. It's fun, and feels more chaotic than past games. My only issue is I can't seem to see enemies very well or be able to quickly tell when they're friendly (Multiplayer). I've unloaded half a clip into teammates plenty of times. I never had that problem with BF3/4 or Hardline. I've even changed the colorblind settings to see if that helps.
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  • Battlefield 1 Launches Play to Give Mission Alongside Double Experience

    Running through this weekend, you can earn the M1911 Package from Home weapon skin, the Play to Give dog tag, and a free Battlepack through EA's Play to Give Weekend for Battlefield 1. The Event started yesterday (June 2) and lasting through June 4, you can earn the rewards by logging into Battlefield 1 and playing a match, or by assisting your teammates through various means. Even better, while you're fighting alongside your allies during Play to Give, every point of experience is doubled.

    Here are the mission specifics:

    Play to Give Mission
    Battlefield 1's Play to Give mission incentivizes teamwork this weekend, challenging you to assist your teammates in several ways. To complete the mission you can revive 10 players, resupply 10 players, get 10 Kill Assists or get 10 Savior Kills. As your reward, you'll earn the M1911 Package from Home weapon skin.

    The skin is not rewarded immediately after completion and should be in your inventory on June 12.

    Play to Give Dog Tag
    To earn the Play to Give dog tag, all you have to do is log into Battlefield 1 during the event weekend and play a match. Just as with the M1911 skin, you won't earn the dog tag immediately. It should be in your inventory on June 12.

    Play to Give Double Experience
    As your assisting your teammates and playing matches, any experience you gain should be doubled. The double experience works with medals, challenges, and ribbons, so be sure you make the most of of the bonuses.

    The double experience lasts throughout the Play to Give Weekend.

    Battlepack Giveaway

    Active Dates: June 2 – June 6

    DICE also offers another small incentive, which lasts a little longer than the Play to Give event. If you simply log into the game during the dates stated above, you should immediately receive a free Battlepack.

    Battlefield 1 Premium Friends
    This was mentioned in the May Update but thought I should mention it again. As a Premium Pass owner, you can squad up with standard players and bring them into DLC maps with you.

    Source: EA
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  • E3 Update - In The Name of the Tsar
    Today at E3 2017, EA announced that night maps will be coming to Battlefield 1 with Nivelle Nights coming this summer. And six new maps are coming with the In the Name of the Tsar expansion pack that focuses on the Russian front this September. A total of eight new maps will release over the next few months.
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  • In the Name of the Tsar DLC Officially Dated for Battlefield 1

    This expansion is being advertised as “the most extensive Battlefield expansion yet” with good reason seeing that it won “Best Add-On/DLC” at Gamescom. With six new maps, a new supply drop mode, new weapons, and vehicles, the expansion is jam packed with fresh content. In addition, the “In the Name of the Tsar” update will also bring HDR10 support to the entire game.

    Premium pass owners will gain early access on September 5th. For everyone else, September 19th it will be available for purchase for all players.
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