• #1 by Stig Assassin on 12 Jun 2017

  • A surprise reveal during the EA conference was a brand new IP coming from BioWare called Anthem. That’s literally all the information we got before a brief teaser was shown off with the promise of gameplay during the Xbox conference. Here’s the teaser below and we’ll pick up with Microsoft’s details after.

    Set in a world where only select people get to venture out beyond the walls, a city is surrounded by monsters and danger. You play a Freelancer who can traverse the world in their Javelin exosuits. Different types of suits are available that can be anything from a speed character to a tank and more. It seems to push cooperative play with RPG elements and loot drops like Destiny does. This is really a game that should be seen for yourself to enjoy rather than explained. BioWare says they have a spring 2018 release in mind so it’s a ways away.

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  • #2 by zaffy2005 on 13 Jun 2017
  • This game looks pretty epic. The problem with that being it would come down to this or Destiny 2 to sink most/all my gaming time into.
  • #3 by ATLNinjalo on 13 Jun 2017
  • If this turns out as good as it looks I could see myself putting down Destiny for it. Yes its Bioware and they struck out on Mass Effect Andromeda but that was the B team. This is the main team/A team so I'm being cautiously optimistic but holy -blam!- this looks awesome.
  • #4 by R MK XXV on 13 Jun 2017
  • This looks like it could be an amazing game.  Can't wait to see more on it.