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Author Topic: SIPWU 4.21.17  (Read 350 times)

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SIPWU 4.21.17
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:31:01 PM »

New game reveals, upcoming game reveals, upcoming content and free games. That’s what we’ve got in store for you this week. And the upcoming game reveal is from a series called Call of Duty, which I’m assuming no one has heard of. Check it all out below.


Last week we mentioned the release of new leader Colony would be coming on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the release has been delayed until some time next week due to a bug. No time frame of when to expect it just yet, but keep an eye out for the update.

In other Halo news 343 released Halo Wars: Definitive Edition for individual purchase yesterday. Previously only available through the Ultimate Edition of Halo Wars 2, you can now buy the game for $20 on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Steam.

Other Gaming News

Respawn Entertainment will release “A Glitch in the Frontier,” the next batch of free downloadable content for Titanfall 2, next week on April 25. For more details on the free DLC, check it out in our blog post.

After several leaks Star Wars Battlefront II has been officially announced! It will feature a singleplayer campaign from the perspective of the Empire after the destruction of the Death Star, death of the Emperor as well as Darth Vader. It will also be an official part of the overall Star Wars universe canon. For more details, as well as the trailer, you can check it out here.

A new update for Rainbow Six Siege has launched and you can expect some tweaks on how some operators play. Pretty much the update focuses on Operators so don’t expect something big. For more information on the update check it out in our blog post.

A new update for Warframe titled Octavia’s Anthem launched a couple of days ago. This Update Introduces a new character whose name is Octavia and also a new questline is available. Don’t want to spoil too much, so it’s best if you check it out for yourselves to see what’s new in this update in our blog post.

The next set of free games have been revealed! Xbox One gets Giana Sisters and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, while the 360 gets Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and LEGO Star Wars the Complete Saga. To get more details on the games you can read our blog post.

For those of you who play For Honor, welcome to a new week of For Honor updates! This week you guys can get twelve new outfits, A new event to play and of course the update, but that will be launching sometime next week. For more information on the Title Update feel free to check it out in our blog post.

Activision has announced Call of Duty: WWII as the next game in the series. For a while now, many rumors have mentioned that the game would go back to its historical roots. Unfortunately, no details were given on the game but the title pretty much says what the game is going to be about. The game will be developed by Sledgehammer games. We’ll find out more about the game on Wednesday, April 26 during the Call of Duty: WWII Worldwide Reveal Livestream.

Deals of the Week

Xbox One

Adam’s Venture: Origins – Gold Price: $25 – 50% off
Anima: Gate of Memories – Gold Price: $14.99 – 25% off
Cast of the Seven Godsends – Redux – Gold Price: $2.10 – 70% off
Dead Rising 4 – Gold Price: $35.99 – 40% off
Dead Rising 4 Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $47.99 – 40% off
Dead Rising 4 Season Pass – Gold Price: $10 – 50% off
Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $40.19 – 33% off
Forza Horizon 2 Complete Add-Ons Collection – Gold Price: $29.25 – 75% off
Porsche Expansion – Gold Price: $5 – 75% off
HoPiKo – Gold Price: $3.50 – 50% off
Kingdom: New Lands – Gold Price: $4.95 – 67% off
Late Shift – Gold Price: $9.99 – 20% off
Overcooked: Gourmet Edition – Gold Price: $10.75 – 50% off
Penarium – Gold Price: $2.50 – 75% off
Reus – Gold Price: $14.99 – 40% off
Steredenn – Gold Price: $6.50 – 50% off
Stick it To The Man – Gold Price: $5 – 50% off
Sublevel Zero Redux – Gold Price: $13.99 – 30% off
The Sun and Moon – Gold Price: $4.68 – 33% off
Torment: Tides of Numenera – Gold Price: $39.99 – 20% off
Vertical Drop Heroes HD – Gold Price: $5.35 – 33% off

Xbox 360

Darksiders II – Gold Price: $1.99 – 90% off
Darksiders II Season Pass – Gold Price: $0.84 – 95% off
Divinity II – The Dragon Knight Saga – Gold Price: $7.49 – 75% off
Legend of Kay Anniversary – Gold Price: $2.99 – 90% off
MX VS ATV Supercross – Gold Price: $2.99 – 90% off
Stuntman Director’s Cut Pack – Gold Price: $1.99 – 80% off
Stuntman: Ignition – Gold Price: $2.99 – 80% off
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 – Gold Price: $1.99 – 90% off
The Outfit – Gold Price: $2.99 – 80% off
Thunder Wolves – Gold Price: $2.49 – 75% off


Neo will be running a Halo Game Night next week. Anyone can jump in, just be sure to register in the joining thread.


Just a little over a week left to enter the screenshot contest. Snap a picture and submit it in the linked thread before the end of the month!


Spartans Achieve – 15th
JshepardR17 – 17th
Kirbstomp55 – 18th
huckwoof – 21st
Ade1623 – 21st
Infamous Ewok – 21st

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