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Author Topic: Gears of War 4 - Versus Season 2  (Read 786 times)


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Gears of War 4 - Versus Season 2
« on: September 14, 2017, 07:19:38 PM »


Season 2 has landed in Gears of War 4! As of this morning, Season 1 has shifted to Season 2 for Ranked Play along with some new Skill-Based Matchmaking improvements.

As a reminder, Seasons are a roughly three-month period of Ranked Play where you will be challenged to go out, secure your first Rank through placement matches, and then rise through the Tiers by consistently winning matches. As of right now, resets have occurred on all tiers. You will need to replay your Placement Matches for your new Tier.

Running Seasons allows us to offer better Skill Based Matchmaking by refreshing Ranked Matchmaking every three months, and provide a great way to showcase your skills against an increasingly experienced player base.

Note: The Season switchover rolls out over time today, which could take up to 8 hours. You may not see the Season change reflected instantaneously.


With great placements come great rewards.

Each type of Weapon Skin is linked to a specific playlist every Season and the reward you receive will be themed to your placement on a per playlist basis. When the Season finishes, the available Weapon Skin types will rotate throughout the playlists. Players who master multiple playlists will be the first to finish building their weapon skin sets!

Rewards are based on your highest Rank during the Season, rather than your final placement. If you get to Diamond and then have a run of losses that brings you down to Onyx, don’t worry – you’ve secured your Diamond Reward for that playlist. We are also planning to award players the Weapon Skins from Ranks below your placement too!

Today, we are excited to announce that Bronze and Silver placements will also earn you weapon skins themed to those Rank Tiers! That means every Rank you earn, no matter where you place, will earn you a Weapon Skin. And yes, that applies to the Season 1 placement rewards too!

Here’s a rundown of the Weapon Skin Rewards rotation for Season 2:


Team Deathmatch: Hammerburst, Enforcer
King Of The Hill: Gnasher, Snub
Dodgeball: Longshot, Boltok
Guardian: Dropshot, Retro Lancer
Arms Race: Boltok, Overkill
Warzone: Markza Mk. 1, EMBAR


Escalation: Gnasher, Snub -> Boomshot, Torque Bow
Execution: Longshot, Boltok -> Lancer, Snub


For Season 1, placement rewards will be rolling out in the near future. Stay tuned to @GearsofWar for news on the rewards rollout. Here’s a recap of the weapon skin rotation for placements during Season 1:


Team Deathmatch: Lancer, Snub
King Of The Hill: Overkill, Hammerburst
Dodgeball: Dropshot, Retro Lancer
Guardian: Boltok, Enforcer
Arms Race: Markza Mk. 1, EMBAR
Warzone: Boomshot, Torque Bow


Escalation: Gnasher, Snub
Execution: Longshot, Boltok


Season 0 rewards rolled out earlier this week (better late than never, we hope!) as we prep for our transition to Ranked Season 2. We have a couple of updates on this based on some stuff that went down with the rollout:

• Our intention was for Season 0 to always be your final placement, not ‘high-watermark’ like Season 1. However, we understand our post announcing the rewards is open to interpretation (read: we messed up) so we’re looking into potential solutions. Thanks for your patience.

• There was an issue with the Onyx Emblem for Season 0 which we’re working on getting fixed. We’ve sent out Onyx Snub pistols as an apology for the delay to any Onyx or Diamond Season 1 players. We’ll need to wait for the next Update to drop to get you your Onyx Emblem, but it will still be headed your way.


With the transition to Season 2, we’ve introduced QoS Matchmaking and new improvements to our Skill Based Matchmaking for Core and Competitive:

·         Increase in time allotted to find closer skill matches before slowly expanding the skill range

·         More accurate Tier Placements for each playlist


In case you missed this when we last posted it, we thought we’d provide a rundown of how the matchmaking in Gears of war 4 works.

Gears of War 4 uses a TrueSkill algorithm to build out player ranks in-game.  We have worked with Microsoft Research to help enhance this functionality in-game to build out player ranks in-game.  We have worked with Microsoft Research to help enhance this functionality in-game.

How does this work?  It’s fairly straight forward!  The higher the skill rating of a player (tier), the more likely they are to win a match.  The greater the difference between opponents, the more likely the higher one will win.  It also keeps track of how confident the system is of the player’s skill.  Over time, it gets a better picture of your skill level.

The ranking system is entirely skill based.  You must both win and perform well individually to achieve the highest rank.  Your rank indicates your likelihood of contributing to a win.  If you beat opponents that are lower skill than you are, you won’t really move up that much, if at all.  If you beat opponents that are higher skill, you move up faster.  If you don’t win and don’t perform, you won’t rank up, in fact, you may start to move down!  Each mode uses a different set of weights to measure individual contributions to create the most accurate skill prediction.  Even if your team had a rough game, your individual performance does matter and can help reduce or negate a reduction in your tier placements.

TrueSkill uses a number to communicate skill.  We have bucketed these in 13 tiers to allow for much easier comparison.  This is due to TrueSkill actually being two numbers, a rating and a confidence.  As the system becomes more confident in your ability, it will place you in the correct bucket.  What does this mean?  To get into the higher buckets, you will need to consistently win and maintain winning against people of similar or lower skill.

Calculations occur at the end of a match, but every round is considered.  It is important for people to perform well in each round to rank up.  To rank up the fastest, you want to beat your opponents in as few rounds as possible.  For example, winning 7-0 in Escalation is much better than winning 7-6.

The calculations also occur in the ‘cloud’ so there will be a delay from the end of the match to when the update will happen in the UI.  This will be the same for the tiers site.  We recommend checking a couple times a day to see where you are landing in your tiers placement.

Each tier contains a target percentage of the user base.  The target for Diamond is a very small percentage of the player base and grows as the tiers move to lower skill levels.  There is no rank decay over time, however, as new players enter the tiers, the bucket expands.  If you don’t keep playing, you may start to fall as the tier buckets get bigger and bigger!

Matchmaking in ranked playlists will always attempt to find an even match for users.  If it is unable to find a match within a specific amount of time, it will begin to expand its search until it does find a match.  This is the same for pre-made groups.  We will always attempt to find a group of similar skillset as your pre-made group but if none exist in your region or on your playlist in a set amount of time, we will expand it out to other individuals who are searching as well in other tiers. People in placement matches may also not be lower skill than you are.  These players are still being evaluated on where they will be placed for their starting tier.

Your goal is to perform the best you can!  Get kills, score objective points, win as fast as possible, stay consistent and improve to move up the ranks in Gears of War 4!

Source and Credit: The Coalition

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