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Author Topic: REQ Point Christmas Challenge! (PRIZES ARE INVOLVED!)  (Read 334 times)


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REQ Point Christmas Challenge! (PRIZES ARE INVOLVED!)
« on: December 03, 2015, 11:02:23 AM »

so first off, I do need to mention that this is a challenge that I made for the GameFAQs forums exclusively, so if you want to participate in this, just head over to GameFAQs and sign up in the thread there. I just thought it would be nice to extend the invite to the S1P crew as well. Though it does have to remain a GameFAQs exclusive contest. Here is the link to the thread:

Thread info:

So I have a challenge for all of GameFAQs! I thought it would be fun to see who could save up the most REQ points by Christmas Day. Once Christmas comes, you can open up all of the REQ packs that you have been saving up towards!

*You CAN NOT spend a single REQ point from now until the 25th of December... well you CAN but it's not a good idea since you'll be spending REQ points
*You can open up commendation packs you receive along the way.
*Warzone REQ packs DO NOT COUNT! Since they're a better version of the gold packs, it would be unfair to others when it came to the Best REQ pack Opened category
*Final Screen Shots must be submitted by Christmas Morning! Which means post that screen shot by 11:59 AM PST!!! (1 minute before PST's Noon!) Screen Shots posted after that will be invalid (though there will likely be some leeway with this rule)
*Entries for the best REQ pack will only count if the Screenshot was taken on December 25th before 12:00PM noon PST

How do you win?:
I will have 2 types of winners.
1) Most REQ points saved
2) Best REQ pack opened

The players who wins either category will receive a 3D printed Spartan! (it will be the small size 4-4.5"). Should someone manage to win both categories, I will buy them a medium sized 3D printed spartan

How to enter:
To enter into this challenge, take a screen shot of your current REQ points, and post the screen shot into this thread. Once the 25th comes, take another screen shot of your current REQ points, and we'll figure out how many REQ points you gained after signing up. As for entering the best REQ pack opened, take a screen shot of the pack. Just be careful to not exit out of that screen before taking that screen shot! though if you do, you have a short window to take a video of the pack you just opened, and you can submit that.

For those that do not know, you can take a screenshot or a short video of the past 30 seconds on Xbox One, by pressing the guide button twice in quick succession, and then pressing "Y" for a screenshot, or "X" for a 30 second recording. You'll find these screenshots and recordings by logging into and going to your profile page.

Everyone has a chance to win this regardless of how good or bad they are at the game, so there is no reason to not sign up. Gather REQ points at your leisure, and then enjoy a mass opening of packs on Christmas Day with the rest of GameFAQs! This contest is exclusive to this board, as I will not be posting this anywhere else. So who would like to participate in this fun challenge :D???

SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: REQ Point Christmas Challenge! (PRIZES ARE INVOLVED!)
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2015, 10:18:16 PM »

This is pretty awesome of you, and I wish I could actually spend time gaming because this would be a lot of fun.
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