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  • Halo:CE Anniversary Achievement guide compiled by II5tickmanII

    This guide does not deal with the MM achievements for the Anniversary maps. For that, take a look at this thread. This guide is compiled from personal opinion and experience and also the opinions and suggestions given by SIP members. Video guides are provided for further clarification in some areas. The guide is broken down into sections to make it easier for you to find advice on the specific achievement you may be after. The sections and achievements detailed in them are listed below.

    Campaign Challenges
    Pillar of Autumn (25G)
    Halo (25G)
    Truth and Reconciliation (25G)
    The Silent Cartographer (25G)
    Assault on the Control Room (25G)
    343 Guilty Spark (25G)
    The Library (25G)
    Two Betrayals (25G)
    Keyes (25G)
    The Maw (25G)
    Birth of a Spartan (10G)
    Believe in a Hero (20G)
    Living Legend (50G)
    Standard Operating Brocedure (10G)
    Brovershield (20G)
    Bro Hammer (50G)
    Tsantsa (50G)
    He's Unstoppable! (20G)

    Collectibles (Skulls)
    Looks like the Oddball (10G)
    Skulls Taken! (25G)
    Headhunter (50G)

    Collectibles (Terminals)
    What have we here? (10G)
    Heavy Reading (25G)
    Dear Diary... (50G)

    Level Specific Challenges
    Walk it Off (25G)
    Overshields are for Sissies (10G)
    No-Fly Zone (10G)
    How Pedestrian (25G)
    Close Quarters Combat (25G)
    All According to Plan... (10G)
    Beachhead (10G)
    Grenadier (25G)
    I'll Be Taking That! (25G)
    Wraith Hunter (10G)
    This One's for Jenkins! (10G)
    Breaking Quarantine (25G)
    That Just Happened (10G)
    Speed Reader (25G)
    Look Out for the Little Guys (10G)
    Leave It Where It Lay (25G)
    Popcorn.gif (25G)
    Tying Up Loose Ends (10G)
    This Side Up (10G)
    Never Tell Me the Odds (25G)

    There are 44 achievements in total giving you 1000gs if you get them all. Obviously it goes without saying that it will be easier to get certain achievements on an Easy or Normal difficulty setting. If you notice anything wrong, please PM me or a moderator. When posting in any of the linked threads, please treat your fellow SIP members and the wider community with respect and appreciate that nobody (in SIP at least) gets paid for this, they are doing it as a favour to help you so act accordingly. Last of all, good luck... you'll need it for some of them!!
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  • Campaign Challenges
    Each of the below challenges requires the level to be completed in a single play through. You can save and quit but must complete the level before changing any of the other campaign settings such as skulls, difficulty, or the actual level itself.

    Pillar of Autumn (25G) - Complete the level "Pillar of Autumn" on any difficulty
    Halo (25G) - Complete the level "Halo" on any difficulty
    Truth and Reconciliation (25G) - Complete the level "Truth and Reconciliation" on any difficulty
    The Silent Cartographer (25G) - Complete the level "The Silent Cartographer" on any difficulty
    Assault on the Control Room (25G) - Complete the level "Assault on the Control Room" on any difficulty
    343 Guilty Spark (25G) - Complete the level "343 Guilty Spark" on any difficulty
    The Library (25G) - Complete the level "The Library" on any difficulty
    Two Betrayals (25G) - Complete the level "Two Betrayals" on any difficulty
    Keyes (25G) - Complete the level "Keyes" on any difficulty
    The Maw (25G) - Complete the level "The Maw" on any difficulty

    Birth of a Spartan (10G) - Complete every level of the game on Normal difficulty
    Believe in a Hero (20G) - Complete every level of the game on Heroic difficulty
    Living Legend (50G) - Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty

    Your not a "Green Horn", you've "thawed out", got some miles under your belt on this Giant Hula Hoop and even t-bagged the odd Elite. Maybe you've even Pistol Whipped a Hunter for amusement? Legendary leaves little room for messing around and winging it. Here are some legendary tips, because you'll need them to get through solo.

    Noob Combo
    You cant have played a Halo game without knowing this. If it is new to you then you'll learn to love it believe me. A Plasma Pistol overcharge followed by quick Pistol headshot, takes down Elites shields and Jackals hand-held shields quickly and efficiently with a quick headshot for the kill

    Crowd Control
    Those Grunts and Jackals you ran rings around on Normal and Heroic... yeah. They'll shred your shields REALLY quick on Legendary leaving you helpless and crying in the corner as the Elites pick you off. Take them out from a distance or with Grenades. They are a PRIORITY to take out first if in large groups.

    Move Like a Ninja
    Grunts are so lazy. There are quite a few areas that have sleeping enemies or patrols that can be avoided/taken out. Walk slowly or hide around a corner and take these out quietly. You dont have to hide bodies but it makes it a lot easier to conserve ammo and avoid large firefights. Just remember sleeping Grunts may say funny things but if your too close they will wake up and shout waking ALL enemies in the surrounding area. Making your Ninja skills about as credible as a Karate Kid extra. Fail Daniel-San... All Fail!!

    Duck and Cover
    Use the corners, the rocks, the Warthog, even use your fellow Marines or other enemies. Just use anything and everything to get between you and the hot plasma

    Theres no shame in running away
    Some battles require a lot of ammo and time to take out each enemy. If possible these things are simply just best avoided. If you can hug a wall and dodge the plasma aimed at you while running and jumping like crazy then do it. They may have won the battle but as we know, we WILL win the war.

    Ammo Pickups and "Accidental" Friendly Fire
    Theres a lot of ammo lying around in this game but on Legendary you'll need it all and then some. Know where the ammo drops are, even the more hidden ones, especially for the power weapons. Dont be afraid to "accidently" shoot those marines too, some hold pistols which is a good source of ammo. Just be sure not to kill too many too quick as they will think you've gone mad and turn on you which will just add to your problems.

    Weapon Juggling
    Need your Noob Combo weapons AND a power weapon? Pick up and cycle between them, when you swap a weapon the discarded wepaon will fall in front of you so you can walk forward and pick this up. Rinse and repeat. Works a charm for bigger battles or simply retaining that sniper/rocket. This trick is VERY useful on Legendary where taking out enemies with specific weapons is a must!

    Retro Graphics
    Press back and relive the dream!! Also, despite the graphical overhaul the AI code does not "see" that fancy fern leaf you think your hiding behind and you can be hit. On legendary knowing exactly what the enemy can see is a must so go retro and know your hidden for sure!! This is most obvious when firing rockets through tree leaves and somehow hitting them wasting your ammo and element of suprise, go to retro graphics and see the leaves are now a tectured block which you hit.

    Skulls Activated
    Where opinion lies on this may vary but ultimatley their use is up to you. Activating Skulls such as Boom and Bandana makes things much much easier for obvious reasons, though some would consider this "not doing it without cheating". Really its your call, its a legitimate option in the game to choose and remember, its all about the fun right?!

    Standard Operating Brocedure (10G) - Complete any level on Normal difficulty co-operatively
    Brovershield (20G) - Complete any level on Heroic difficulty co-operatively
    Bro Hammer (50G) - Complete any level on Legendary difficulty co-operatively

    Play a level on co-op legendary, job done

    Tsantsa (50G) - Complete any level with at least three skulls active on Heroic difficulty or higher

    Not much need for advice here, pick your skulls and play through a level. The pre-order bonus Grunt Funeral Skull does count as a skull so you can use that if you wish

    He's Unstoppable! (20G) - Complete any level on Heroic difficulty or higher without taking health damage

    If your shields are down, run and hide fool!! There is also a trick to this if you do happen to take health damage. You need to "save and quit" from time to time before you take health damage. When restarting the level (from the home screen) if you do take health damage, then go to the Dashboard instead of using "revert to last save". Your save game will start from the last time you saved and the game won't know that you took health damage!! A short level with lots of cover would of course be best such as Pillar of Autumn
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  • Collectibles (Skulls)
    The skulls are a new addition to Halo:CE in keeping with those first seen in Halo2 and then refined in Halo3 Halo3:ODST and Halo:Reach. Each skull when activated creates a modifier for the campaign, some will be to your benefit (like infinite ammo)... and some will be to your detriment (like less ammo pickups and stronger enemies).

    A list of all skulls with locations and video guides can be found below. If you are in retro-graphics mode YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE OR COLLECT THESE SKULLS so freshen it up for your skull hunting

    Looks like the Oddball (10G) - Find your first campaign skull
    Skulls Taken! (25G) - Locate half of the skulls hidden throughout the campaign
    Headhunter (50G) - Locate all the skulls hidden throughout the campaign

    Iron skull
    Level: The Pillar of Autumn
    Location:  When you exit the cryo tube look at the back of the deck behind some crates that are behind the targeting lights
    Effect: This skull restarts the level if the player is killed, or will reload the last checkpoint if both players are killed when playing co-operatively
    Mythic skull
    Level: Halo
    Location: Exit the escape pod and walk directly towards the waterfall. It is behind the large boulder in the water on the right
    Effect: When activated, the health of Covenant infantry will be doubled
    Foreign skull
    Level: Truth and Reconciliation
    Location: At the bottom floor of the Hangar, in the hallway where the Hunters ambush the Marines. Make sure you get in there quick as the doors will not open once the Hunters have exited
    Effect: What the... players will no longer be able to pick up and use Covenant weaponry. Hope your ok without that Noob Combo!!
    Famine skull
    Level: The Silent Cartographer
    Location: When you land on the beach, turn around and go backwards round the island. The skull is situated on top of an outcrop with a path up the back of it. The skull is right on the corner between three bushes.
    Effect: Weapons dropped by the marines or covenant  have half the ammunition they normally would
    Bandanna skull
    Level: The Silent Cartographer
    Location: In the underground area where the Cartographer Security Lock is, on the roof of the access tunnel you entered from. A grenade or rocket jump is necessary. Or if playing co-op the first player can crouch on the window strip in the tunnel below the skull, then the second player must kill themselves. The subsequent respawn will place you on top of the first player. The skull should then just require a little jump on to the top of the tunnel or be instantly acquired due to proximity and a little glitching.
    Effect: Unleash your inner Rambo... players will have unlimited ammo, including grenades
    Fog skull
    Level: Assault on the Control Room
    Location: After crossing the first bridge and taking the lift down to the ground floor, the skull will be in the center of this room in the central vent where a mist can be seen rising. It will require a careful grenade jump to reach it so make sure you have lots of Health.
    Effect: Player's motion sensor will be disabled
    Malfunction skull
    Level: Assault on the Control Room
    Location: When you enter the first tunnel (you may have the tank still) and you come to the large room with a bridge, if you look in to the cavern you will notice ledges that stick out of the sides of the Cavern Walls. The skull is on one of the ledges on the side you entered the cavern from
    Effect: A random part of your HUD will disappear each time you respawn
    Recession skull
    Level: 343 Guilty Spark
    Location: There are 2 ways to find this. When you first leave the Pelican turn durectly behind you and cross the swamp, its behind a tree right on the other side in some Ferns. Or you can do it this way. When you cross the fallen tree you'll see a shade turret and assault rifle fire coming from the Forerunner structure. Instead of going inside, immediately go to the left and keep along the left side of the area. You'll come to a turret with a small drop behind it. Slide down the drop carefully and the skull will be at the bottom
    Effect: Every shot you fire will deplete two rounds instead of one. For plasma-based weapons, the depletion rate is doubled
    Black Eye skull
    Level: The Library
    Location: On the first floor at the beginning of the level, you will notice large vents coming from the ceiling that the flood use to enter the level. Before entering the Index room, find the vent closest to that door and do a grenade jump onto a nearby block. From the block jump into the vent. The skull will be right at the back of the vent
    Effect: Players are only able to recharge their energy shields after taking damage by slapping performing a melee on an enemy
    Eye Patch skull
    Level: The Library
    Location: Behind the Index on the final platform. Instead of running onto the platform to grab the Index, go around the sides jumping the pillar bases of the ledges while remaining as far from the Index as possible. The skull will be waiting on the ground right behind it in the middle of 2 blocks.

    Effect: Shoot from the hip... auto-aim will be disabled

    Grunt Funeral Skull
    Level: Exclusive preorder promotion
    Location: N/A
    Effect: Every Grunts methane tank will explode similar to a plasma grenade when killed, check out those chain reactions...!!

    Boom skull
    Level: Halo
    Location: Before driving your Warthog into the underground Forerunner facility, look straight up to see a series of pipes. Walk along the cliff edge and jump to the pipe mesh. To find this skull
    Effect: Much like Cowbell from Halo3. All explosions' damage radius will increase two-fold

    Piñata skull
    Level: Two Betrayals
    Location: After the last fight, you earned some time off. After you capture the last Banshee, fly it past the third generator room back to where you emerged from the chasm tunnel. Search the top of the underground entrance
    Effect: Hostile infantry will drop a plasma grenade with each melee
    Grunt Birthday skull
    Level: The Maw
    Location: Use your Warthog to get on to the right railing of the bridge where Foehammer gets shot out of the sky during the Warthog run close to the end of the mission. Park the Warthog by the railing then jump on the hood and on to the railing. Its next to the wall and can be easily seen
    Effect: You really have to ask? Grunts will explode in a shower of confetti and a cheer from children with every headshot

    Check the below video courtesy of Cyberline Films informative and efficient
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  • Collectibles (Terminals)
    The terminals are a new addition to Halo:CE in keeping with the side stories seen in Halo3 and Halo3:ODST and also Halo:Reach. Each terminal when activated gives you a brief side story from the perspective of 343 Guilty Spark who muses on life on Halo, his origins, protocol and growing frustration. The terminal story also gives clues as to what you will eventually see happen in the other Halo games and what may be the story in Halo4.

    A list of all terminals with locations and video guides can be found below. If you are in retro-graphics mode YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE OR COLLECT THESE TERMINALS so freshen it up for your terminal story telling needs

    What have we here? (10G) - Read a terminal
    Heavy Reading (25G) - Read half the terminals hidden throughout the campaign
    Dear Diary... (50G) - Read all of the terminals hidden throughout the campaign

    Terminal 1
    Level: Pillar of Autumn
    Location: Once out the cryo tube make your way to the bridge. Talk to Keyes then after the cutscene when you regain control of the chief go to the right and you will find a glowing red console to find your first terminal

    Terminal 2
    Level: Halo

    Location: After entering the underground tunnel after the first big battle instead of jumping the gap you will find a small side tunnel opposite the ramp in the immediate area and you'll find the flashing terminal in this small side tunnel

    Terminal 3
    Level: Truth and Reconciliation
    Location: About half way through the level after defeating the invisible sword wielding Zealot on the Bridge. Go up the ramp and stand on the raised platform in the centre. You will see the glowing red console to find the terminal

    Terminal 4
    Level: Silent Cartographer

    Location: When heading for the Cartographer Security Building, you'll encounter two hunters in an open area with a large central column. The flashing terminal will be located on the wall of the structure in the centre of this area

    Terminal 5
    Level: Assault on the Control Room
    Location: At the end of the level you will come to a large pyramid structure with the Control Room at the top. You'll notice a long, flat piece of the structure coming out from the centre and running straight down the middle then going into a crevice in the ground below. Go down inside this crevice and you'll find a flashing terminal next to some helpful ammo and health supplies

    Terminal 6
    Level: 343 Guilty Spark
Location: After discovering the flood and making your way to the lift that gets you out of the underground facility, you'll find the flashing terminal above the doorway you came out of. It can only be reached by activating the Elevator, then quickly turning round and jumping off the lift onto the platform below. This may take a few attempts, but the lift can be activated as many times as needed

    Terminal 7
    Level: The Library

    Location: On the third floor, you'll come to the index room (again). Staying well away from the index go along the ledges to the right and jump over the bases of the pillars until you come to an area that has 2 blocks in the middle of the room. The flashing terminal will easily be seen in this area

    Terminal 8
    Level: Two Betrayals
    Location: In the large control room at the beginning of the level avoid the sentinel attack and walk around the circular platform until you find the flashing terminal directly across from the control console

    Terminal 9
    Level: Keyes

    Location: Back in the Bridge room after you find the large green blob that used to be Keyes (its actually a proto-Gravemind) and after the cut scene kill the Covenant and Flood that enter the room and attack each other then you. Search the sunken crevices either side of the ramp. The flashing terminal will be inside one of them

    Terminal 10
    Level: The Maw

    Location: Progress through the level until you reach the cryo storage bay where Sentinels are fighting the Flood. A glowing console on the wall is your final terminal

    Terminal 11
    There is a secret 11th Terminal in Halo Waypoint which can be accessed by entering the symbols at the end of each of the 10 Halo:CE Anniversary terminals (has to be done through Halo Waypoint on the Xbox). If you enter all of them correctly you will also get 100,000 Cr for your Spartan in Halo:Reach!!

    Check the below video courtesy of Cyberline Films informative and efficient
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  • Level Specific Challenges
    For Halo:CE Anniversary the achievements have been really inventive, focusing on some of the most enjoyable (and also some of the most frustrating) parts of the campaign. Personally i remember doing some of these for fun in the original so its nice to get some reward for them the second time around. It also shows just how great and well rounded the original game was that the things many people did for fun and to add replay have now been turned into achievements!! Using this guide will hopefully make getting through these much easier but be prepared for slow creeping gameplay, running like crazy dodging plasma left right and centre, and of course... lots and lots of WTF moments!!

    Walk it Off (25G) - Complete the level "Pillar of Autumn" on Legendary without picking up a health kit
    Overshields are for Sissies (10G) - Complete the level "Pillar of Autumn" on Legendary without picking up an Overshield

    Bring the Paaaaaiiiinnn!!! No seriously, this is a lot easier than it sounds. The health kits are littered all over so just avoid accidently picking one up. If your shields are down just hide for a while and wait for them to re-charge. You can pick up the over shields for this achievement to help you out a little

    The overshields are in the back of the Covenant boarding crafts about half way through the level so just leave them be. Follow the Legendary tips guide above and you should be fine. Activating the Bandana and Boom skulls for both of these will make things easier, just watch out for those explosions

    No-Fly Zone (10G) - Destroy three of the four Banshees on "Halo" on any difficulty during a single play-through
    How Pedestrian (25G) - Complete the level "Halo" on any difficulty without entering a vehicle

    There are 2 Banshees that will start to attack you when you get a certain distance out of the escape pod (over the bridge or close to the waterfall) give equal damage to each of them until they are smoking then finish them off. If you blow one up the other will abandon the attack and bug out so equal damage is a must to make it easy. The second 2 Banshees attack when you exit your first area where you save marines. You will have the Watrhog by now so use the same tactics as before with the Chaingun. Just be careful not to get flipped if they send a bomb your way! If your doing this co-op only 1 player can take out the three Banshees, it is not cumulative

    These boots were made for walking... lucky you've got augmentations. Dont get in the Watrhog the entire level and just walk it. Your going to need to in the underground tunnel. Pretty boring this one

    Close Quarters Combat (25G) - Complete the level "Truth and Reconciliation" with at least four rounds left in your Sniper Rifle
    All According to Plan... (10G) - Kill all the enemies in the first encounter of "Truth and Reconciliation" without being detected

    With good aim and an eye on your ammo gauge you should easily be able to do this on normal with no skulls. There are many many ammo drops with sniper rounds and you have a huge sized clip (TWSS!!). If not just activate the Bandana skull and go crazy

    OK, so first hit the back button for retro-graphics mode. As the Legendary tips mention above this is what the AI sees so this is what you need here. It also makes it much clearer for you. Just go slow and . They will run around and hide but unless they spot you your ok. I love the smell of Napalm in the Morning... well not quite Napalm but alternatively activate the Bandana, Boom and GFP skulls and turn yourself into a Spartan Mortar to shell those poor suckers from behind the cliff when you exit the Pelican... its a method that is very crude but with enough fire power you should clean up. Do this on Easy for easier kills. You only have to kill all the enemies in the first area up to the shade turret

    Beachhead (10G) - Storm the beach of "The Silent Cartographer" with no marine casualties on Heroic or Legendary
    Grenadier (25G) - Escape the map room in "The Silent Cartographer" without firing a shot on Heroic or Legendary

    Go go go!! The trick here is to , take the group of Grunts on your left out with a grenade then throw a second straight ahead where the first Elite is. Mop up the enemies in the first dip as quickly as possible then just bombard the next area under the Forerunner structure with grenades and pistol fire. Move quick. Of course activating Bandana and Boom skulls is helpful here. Just watch those Marines as despite their enthusiasm to get ahead they die REALLY easily

    Not much to say except dont shoot!! You can of course so activate the Bandana and Boom skulls to hurl those 'nades that pack a little extra punch. Kill as much as you can on the way down and leave the overshields. Once the Cartographer has been activated turn around and go out the way you came in avoiding the Elites. Just run as quick as you can, you could even detour and get the Active Camo for the final part. Tactics of Running, Jumping and Strafing are your friends here with well placed Grenades. Easier than it seems

    I'll Be Taking That! (25G) - Pilot a Banshee on the level "Assault on the Control Room"
    Wraith Hunter (10G) - Destroy four Wraith tanks in "Assault on the Control Room" with the Scorpion tank, in a single play

    Wow, this will take some of the grizzled Halo Veterans back. About 3/4 of the way through the level you will come to a natural stone bridge with the Forerunner pyramid structure on your left. There are 2 ways to do this just dodge all the enemies and run straight for the Banshee. Or aim one at the first Elites face and then the second to the left of the Banshee where the second Elite will emerge. Just be careful not to knock it off the bridge. Easy, enjoy raining green plasma death down from your new toy (the only game where the Banshee has a hover function too!!)

    Tank beats everything... wait wrong game. This can be done on any difficulty but be sure to ignore the first Wraith that sits on the frozen pond in the first open area you come to (tempting as it is to nail it with a Rocket). Instead go past in the Warthog on the right side then follow the cavern walls and drop down the little ledge to . Turn it around and go back to shell the first Wraith that follows you. As you progress through the level the second is located on the frozen pond in the second open area. The third above the entrance to the tunnels (may need to back up quite some way to hit it). The final wraith is on the other side a large open area with a central column.

    This One's for Jenkins! (10G) - Kill 50 Flood Combat Forms on the level "343 Guilty Spark" on Heroic difficulty or higher
    Breaking Quarantine (25G) - Escape the Forerunner facility on the level "343 Guilty Spark" in 21 minutes or less

    Ahh Jenkins, poor guy. The combat forms are the large former Elites and Marines (like Jenkins). You'll take down quite a few on your way out but at the end of the level when your in the swamp they will attack you for ages (it is not an infinite spawn though). You will notch up 50 kills easily with your trusty shotgun. Just keep moving and strafing so you dont get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers they attack in

    This will come with practice and really the undergorund structure. Most fights can be avoided and in some cases the flood will be distracted by some poor covenant anyway. Keep moving, keep your shotgun fully loaded at all times. Pick up the overshields where possible (or take them on your way down into the underground structure and try not to lose too much of the overshield charge. As many times before this is made much easier by activating the Bandana and Boom skulls. The invisible timer will finish when you exit the structure not when you are running around the swamp.

    That Just Happened (10G) - Complete the level "The Library" on Heroic difficulty or higher without dying
    Speed Reader (25G) - Complete the level "The Library" on Legendary difficulty in 30 minutes or less

    Give your shotgun a name and make this battle with the flood a little more personal. You'll be using this as a weapon of choice for all flood battles (though the rockets and grenades are of course pretty handy). Just make sure you kill everything and take it slow. Moving only a couple feet can spawn 20 more enemies in some areas. A good trick is to throw a grenade into the vents that Flood are going to emerge from. There is a clue as to when they will emerge, a green "dust" falls from the vent before they spawn there. Throw your grenade a few seconds after this clue can be seen. Activating the Bandana skull makes this much easier but it is advised NOT to activate the Boom skull as the Flood carrier forms detonation is devastating and they are everywere!! There is also a trick to this if you do happen to die. You need to "save and quit" from time to time before you die. When restarting the level (from the home screen) if you do die, then go to the Dashboard instead of using "revert to last save". Your save game will start from the last time you saved and the game won't know that you died!! Check out the video guide below for a more comprehensive step by step walk through

    This will hurt just a little bit. OK so i lied its going to be a complete pain in the a**e. Being very competant at grenade jumps make this much much easier and of course activating the Bandana skull is a must but NOT the Boom skull. Keep trying, . As stated in the Legendary tactics above just keep moving, pick your battles. Oh yeah, stay away from the Flood Carrier forms. They can be a real pain on Legendary and although the infection forms are easy to kill their sheer numbers will eat away your shields REALLY quickly... death by a 1000 pricks style. It is useful to know that the timer is not just from "start to finish". If you die, the time you spent since your last checkpoint is reset so you can go at it again from that last chekpoint. Check out the video guide below for a more comprehensive step by step walk through
    Check out the below video by RC Master he's a speed running beast!!

    Look Out for the Little Guys (10G) - Complete the level "Two Betrayals" on Heroic difficulty or higher without killing any Grunts
    Leave It Where It Lay (25G) - Complete the level "Two Betrayals" on Legendary difficulty without picking up a new weapon

    This. Is. Annoying. Grunts you may well be aware are descendents from Lemmings and as such by their very nature like to get in the way of your bullets, grenades, Warthog Grill and ocassionally (to mix it up a bit when your not looking) jump off cliffs. Try as you might you will hit them, they will fall, you will laugh. Anti-grunt KIA tactics are mainly avoidance and running past them. Focus on the Elites as when they are killed Grunts will temporarily run away, use the time to get past them or around them. Vehicles are of course another viable option, just go slightly slower giving them enough time to jump out the way. If doing this co-op you can have a second player (who needs the achievement just hang back or idle) and they will still get it. Be sure to check out the below video for a more comprehensive step by step walk through

    Like Sly Stallones career sometimes the only option you have left in life is to go Rambo again. As such uour only real option here to make this achievment possible is to activate the Bandana skull. Stick with your starting weapons tempting as it may be to pick up some shiny new ones. Use the Legendary tactics above (those that are applicable) and just take your time. There is no urgency. When in a vehicle you can use the weapons on those so once you've "borrowed" a ghost be sure to keep it going as long as possible.
    Check out the below video by RC Master he's got a soft spot for all things Grunty...

    Popcorn.gif (25G) - Kill 100 Flood Infection Forms on the level "Keyes" on Heroic difficulty or above
    Tying Up Loose Ends (10G) - Kill every Elite on the level "Keyes" on Heroic difficulty or above

    This is easy. The infection forms are the tiny little Flod forms that chase you down and try tu get inside your armour to turn you into Flood. The ones that send your radar crazy and become very annoying. There are plenty throughout the level so shoot on sight and this will pop in time

    Wort Wort Wort!! Elites, officially the universal this light year. They like nothing more than to hide in the most unlikely of places for no apparent reason so check those corners, dead ends and every inch of the level. Activate the Bandana and Boom skulls to make it easier. Also, make sure that you kill those Elites on the other side of the hangar bay before you drop down into the swampy outside area. When back in the ship also be sure to check every side passage, corridor and room VERY thoroughly. There are many many spawns and if your not careful you may overlook a corridor and miss an Elite. The achievement will not pop when you kill the last elite but when you steal the banshee and fly out the hanger door

    This Side Up (10G) - Complete the Warthog ride on the level "The Maw" without being forcibly ejected from your vehicle
    Never Tell Me the Odds (25G) - Escape "The Maw" on Legendary with at least a minute left on the count down

    Ahh the trusty Warthog, the all purpose attack vehicle turned escape vehicle. The best way to keep the Warthog level is to stay central on paths, avoid all the little raised edges and tiny ramps in the tunnel sections, and of course steer WELL clear of the Flood Carrier forms. If you do feel the 'hog is going to flip you can exit the vehicle yourself before getting forcibly ejected. If you do this each time you should be ok

    Just punch it man just punch it!! This is not as difficult as it seems so long as you leave Miss Daisy at home and know the route well. There is a definate way to approach this for the best time and that is by taking a specific route as follows. Get Warthog, Central, Left Ramp, Tunnel (with shortcut to the left), Left Ramp, Tunnel, Central, Tunnel, Bridge (Foehammer gets shot down), Tunnel (shortcut to the right), BIG JUMP and little jump (so keep your speed up), Run to the Longsword shooting your way out in a blaze of glory worthy of a Spartan!!
    Check out the below video by Aura313Productions another source of excelent video guides
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