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  • Fifteen years ago today was the introduction to one of the most iconic franchises on Xbox that revolutionized shooters. That game, we all know and love, was Halo. To commemorate the event 343 Industries has some surprises to offer. But first, here’s a quick video looking back at the series so far.

    The main event for 343I is a livestream that you can view on their Twitch Channel starting at 3:43 PM PT, or 6:43 PM EST. In the stream they will discuss the Halo 5 15th anniversary REQ Pack, more on that soon, a tour of the Halo museum, an interview on Halo Wars 2’s Blitz Mode, showing off the Halo 5 Anniversary Playlist, and opening the new Halo Loot Crate.

    The biggest part of the stream will be 343 Vs. the Community. All you have to do is join the official Halo Club on Xbox and see if they’re inviting anyone to compete, or randomly find them online with the 343 emblem. This will likely be taking place in the Anniversary Playlist which features six fan re-created maps. Those maps specifically are: Battle Creek, Prisoner, Hang ‘Em High, Chill Out, Damnation and Rat Race.

    So none of us go away empty handed, there are a few things you can grab today. Anyone that logs into Halo 5 before 11/22 will receive a 15th Anniversary REQ Pack. This contains the Mark IV Armor and Helmet (Halo CE armor set), 4 SPNKR Rockets, 4 CE Magnums, and 4 Halo 2 Beam Rifles. Gamer Pictures have also been updated today with nine new pictures you can use for your account. There’s also some new stickers for iOS users that have the Halo Sticker Pack. If you already have it, then it was updated, if you don’t then you can download it now. And finally if you want to spend some money for the event, you can get 15% off Halo merchandise at the Halo Waypoint store.

    That’s everything going on today, but 343 did take the time to put together their own memories of the series. If you’re interested in reading about what the people behind the franchise have thought of the last 15 years then you can read what they shared in this post

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  • Wow, it's been 15 years already? Time certainly flies when you're having fun...
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  • I do not want to believe that I have seen this article.
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  • How did I not see this two weeks ago when it was posted? I check the "unread posts since your last visit" every time I log on yet somehow this one didn't show up until today.
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  • This article was posted last year, and was bumped by our new friend.
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