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Author Topic: The Escapists 2 Announced  (Read 390 times)


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The Escapists 2 Announced
« on: October 04, 2016, 12:04:38 PM »

For those that played The Escapists before well, you’ll be surprised to know that a sequel The Escapist 2 has been announced. The next installment in the prison-escape series will contain the same features as the first games and a few new features such as online and splitscreen multiplayer, a much-requested features:

Multiplayer: In a first for the series, The Escapists 2 offers drop-in/drop-out play offering both split screen and online play for up to four players in both co-op and versus modes.
New ways to escape: Tie together knotted sheets and use them to climb down high windows in our new multi-level prisons and other new ways to make a break for freedom!
New items to craft: Build yourself a homemade taser to knock out guards plus much more!
New combat system: A completely revamped combat system featuring new lock-on targeting and blocking systems plus light and heavy attacks
New graphical style: A brand new look immerses players in a deeper, richer world while maintaining that unique The Escapists style
More character customisation: New customisation options let players tweak their avatar to a whole new level. Play as a girl! Go bald! Sport a mullet! The choice is yours
More things to do: Join a band! Learn to paint! The Escapists 2 will offer more ways than ever to pass the time whilst incarcerated

The Escapists 2 is scheduled for launch in 2017 on Xbox One. Unlike its predecessor, it will not be receiving a last-gen release on Xbox 360. If you never played The Escapist don’t forget that it will be free as part of Octobers Games With Gold, players will be able to download the game for free on October 16 thru November 15 but you need to have Xbox Live.

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Re: The Escapists 2 Announced
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2017, 04:35:30 AM »

It’s this combination of relatively simple systems that makes The Escapists work so well, with a slow build up to the actual escape attempt. Where it falls down is that in addition to its routines and focus quickly becoming repetitive, it doesn’t have much in the way of character. No, that’s too strong – it has plenty on the surface, with its adorable 16-bit style graphics, cheery prison brawls, random pop-culture quoting, and the ability to name all the characters after friends, family, co-workers, teachers, or whatever. A few minutes in though, you’re left in a world where everything is a pure puzzle game piece rather than a person, with no real sense of danger, and no characters to feel anything for beyond ‘guy who will give me $28 for punching that guy’. There’s none of the tension of even, say, Prison Break (the pretty good first series, not the terrible, terrible others) even in the most brutal, locked down jail you encounter, and after a while that’s missed. The Escapists does a great job of turning prison escape into a puzzle, but rarely does its emergent story become more than “Well, that went to crap.” It doesn’t matter while the momentum carries it, but as said, there’s a lot of downtime.
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