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Author Topic: SIPWU - E3 Edition: Sony and Square Enix  (Read 1432 times)

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SIPWU - E3 Edition: Sony and Square Enix
« on: June 27, 2015, 07:21:21 PM »

E3 continues with another of the big three as well as Square Enix’s first presentation.


This week at E3, Bungie revealed its major expansion for Destiny called “The Taken King.”  The Taken King is a new campaign based on a new race of enemy.  Oryx, the father of Crota, is upset that Guardians have killed his son and is exacting revenge by creating a new army called the Taken.  The Taken King expansion will feature a new raid, new strikes, and new Crucible maps and modes.  The expansion will be sold individually for $39.99.  Also, there will be a Legendary Edition geared towards new players who want to jump into Destiny that includes the base game, Expansions 1 & 2, and The Taken King expansion for $59.99.  Finally, for the collectors, there will be a Collector’s Edition, that includes everything in the Legendary Edition plus exclusive Collector’s Edition emotes, shaders, and exotic class items with XP bonuses for $79.99.

NOTE: Since this was written the Collector’s Edition exclusive items have been given their own pack that you can buy for $20. This is for the people that don’t want to buy the game and DLC they already own.

Image courtesy of Gamestop:

The Taken King will be released on September 15th, 2015.  Check out the E3 reveal trailer below:

Other Gaming News

Rounding out the first day of E3 Sony hit PlayStation fans with a lot of news for their fans. We’ll break it down in the following section, but you can watch the full conference for yourself below. Skip to about 26 minutes to bypass the pre-show.

The long awaited game The Last Guardian has been in an unknown status for years with no news. Sony decided to start their conference off with probably the biggest news they could give. Here’s a brief gameplay trailer along with the announcement of a 2016 release.

Horizon Zero Dawn was unveiled at Sony’s conference as a new exclusive title. The game takes place in what appears to be a post apocalyptic future where nature has reclaimed the planet, only now, the animals are machines and the humans have reverted to tribal ways. The gameplay features hunting these mechanized animals with your arsenal of salvaged makeshift weaponry.

A trailer for Hitman was shown, debuting the newest game in the franchise meant to redefine how the game is played.

Sony surprised Street Fighter fans by announcing that the latest game, Street Fighter V, will be a PS4 and PC exclusive. PS4 players will have exclusive access to the first public beta which starts July 21st.

Hello Games went on stage to show off gameplay of their game, No Man’s Sky. They presented the massive scale of the world and how some of the discovery works on the planets.

Media Molecule showed a rather odd game called Dreams. It allows you to create your own world then put motion into like a puppet system. It’s more of a creativity game that you have to make a brief story for.

A new game called Firewatch puts you in the wilderness as a park ranger that gets thrown into a mystery you have to solve.

Sony’s presentation for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate gave us our first look at gameplay for Evie Frye. She seems to be the stealthier character of the two and plays more like the traditional Assassins have.

A short cinematic teaser trailer was shown for a remake of a Square Enix game. That game is none other than Final Fantasy VII, one of the most popular games in the franchise. There was no word given other than that the game will be on PS4 only and more news will come this winter.

Next up, Sony showed a quick trailer for four new games from Devolver Studios which will launch first on PlayStation.

Shenmue III was announced as a Kickstarter during the conference. The game will be PS4 and PC exclusive.

By now Arkham Knight has already been released, but at E3 showed a first look at the PS4 exlcusive Scarecrow missions.

Sony took a few minutes to talk about Project Morpheus, but never showed the device in action. Also mentioned was a new TV programming system called PlayStation VUE that will be coming to the console. You will be able to choose the channels you want to subscribe to and only pay for what you want. Only a few areas currently have it available, but they will be expanding later.

Call of Duty had a surprise reveal that their partnership of early access DLC was not with PlayStation instead of Xbox. Campaign was shown with four player co-op as well as a brief multiplayer trailer.

Disney Infinity will be getting multiple Star Wars themed sets including a PlayStation exclusive starter bundle.

DICE showed the premiere of a wave defense survival mode for Battlefront. It can be played solo or cooperatively.   

Sony closed their show with gameplay from the latest game in their massively popular series, Uncharted.

Square Enix used their press briefing at E3 to show off their games, their way. The team managers of each game highlighted the evolution of beloved franchises such as Hitman, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts, while also hitting on new and somewhat obscure IP with world class talent behind each one. Here is Square Enix’s official E3 Briefing, complete with English translation.

Just Cause 3 started off the show with a gameplay trailer detailing everything new about the game; from the setting, to the physics-based mechanics upgrades to the parachute and grappling gun, and all of the customization, know everything you need in one trailer.

A relatively short teaser trailer was released for the next game in a series called NieR. Very little was shown in the teaser except for a small cinematic with the names of several people working on the title with experience in other popular games. The game is only on PlayStation 4.

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s first gameplay was shown at the Microsoft conference, and can be watched below.

At the Square Enix conference, the devs showed the level of depth put into Lara Croft, detailing her design elements to make her as realistic as currently possible.

After the successes of the mobile launches of Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper, Lara Croft is joining Agent 47 on mobile devices. In Lara Croft OG, you get to play a turn-based game where you solve puzzles to find treasure. The game will be available on mobile devices later this year.

Kingdom Hearts made a big impression. First off was the reveal of Kingdom Hearts Unchained, a mobile game to bring the beloved franchise to more people wherever they go.

Afterwards, an even bigger announcement was that of Kingdom Hearts III, with a trailer featuring cinematics and gameplay.

World of Final Fantasy is a new game in the series that takes a new spin on everything that came before. Meant to introduce newer players into the series, or add on something new for old fans, the game features an entirely new style for combat and visuals amongst other things. It will be available on PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

Previously revealed at the Sony conference, Io showed off more of the world of the new Hitman. Hitman will feature an ever-changing world full of contracts to take across the globe. It will feature the core of all Hitman games with player choice at the center of each hit, but contracts will be less forgiving with certain targets appearing only once and outcomes becoming permanent.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follows previous game protagonist, Adam Jensen, two years after the events of his first appearance as humanity begins a large scale persecution of mechanically augmented humans.

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