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Author Topic: SIPWU 10.16.15  (Read 900 times)


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SIPWU 10.16.15
« on: October 16, 2015, 09:05:49 PM »

There isn’t much news this week, but if you’re a fan of Halo, you’ve got a pretty good amount of news. Other than that, we’ve got news of the up and coming, including the Destiny, GTA, and Nintendo.


With Halo 5 only a couple weeks away 343I has revealed the achievement list for the game. The usual generic ones return like an achievement for each mission completed, doing the entire campaign on each difficulty, and Spartan customization. The new thing added this time is quite a few co-op required achievements. With splitscreen no longer available this will have to be done online. If you want to see the full list it is available here.

The Master Chief Collection received an update this week with plenty of matchmaking and general fixes and improvements. The highlights of this update mainly cover improvements to matchmaking, among which includes the addition of temporary bans to quitters, traitors, and idlers, which is sure to be a hassle for some, but would greatly improve the matchmaking atmosphere by making sure your team sticks it out to the end. The full list of patch notes includes:◾Implemented new systems and temporary bans for matchmaking penalties. These include penalties for:

Note: Leaving the game before finishing (any time from the start of voting until the game concludes) will result in a loss for your ranking and a penalty to your Xbox One reputation. After this update, if you quit, betray, or idle too many times during a set period of time, you will be temporarily banned from playing matchmaking. If you continue to engage in negative behavior after the temporary ban has lifted, you will continue to receive temporary bans that are subsequently longer in length.
◾Players will now receive a quit penalty and rank penalty for quitting any time after matchmaking voting begins in all matchmaking playlists, both ranked and unranked
◾Added matchmaking betrayal booting for Halo: Combat Evolved
◾Matchmaking voting now randomizes winner in the case of a tie, rather than selecting the left-most option
◾Made a variety of improvements to ranking calculation
◾Fixed an issue which could result in ranking down after winning a match
◾Emblems and clan tags, in addition to gamertags, are now hidden while searching for a match
◾Updated Team colors to always appear correctly in Forge mode
◾The level of menu music will now drop when other players join a lobby / are connected to other players
◾The controller schematic for H1 “Boxer” now correctly matches the in-game control layout
◾Improved Classic/Remastered UI launch settings for Halo: CE and Halo 2 Campaign
◾Improved matchmaking messaging to players
◾Fixed an issue where lobby player positions could shuffle after a promotion to party leader
◾Fixed an issue where players could select and use nameplates that they had not unlocked
◾Fixed an issue where profiles could match into a game after the match started
◾Made a variety of fixes for players who could become stuck at the “Downloading Latest Data” screen
◾Fixed the glitched Who Needs Them? achievement
◾Improved a variety of compatibility issues
◾Made a variety of stability improvements


Oryx will be getting his revenge very soon. Bungie announced in the update yesterday that the Hard mode raid will be coming at 10 AM Pacific on Friday, October 23rd. The recommended Light Level for this version will be 300-320. You heard right, 320. The rewards will be dropping between 310 and 320, the highest level we’ve seen yet. As usual, Bungie did not give any hints on what changes have been made other than the increase in Light Level. Good luck, Guardians.

Other Gaming News

Reports are coming out that the Nintendo NX, the new console that will be the competition for XB1 and PS4, has started shipping to some developers. It also suggests that it is taking a different approach and investing in more powerful hardware this time around. Nintendo has refused to comment on anything related to the console until 2016 where it will likely be fully revealed, and possibly released.

GTA Online’s next update comes out next Tuesday on October 20th. The next update adds Lowriders and adds a whole new subplot involving Lamar, as he plans to take over the city’s Lowrider scene.0 You can see the trailer below.

Deals of the Week
Dragon Age: Inquisition – Gold Price: $20 – 50% off
Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $22.50 – 50% off
Grand Theft Auto V – Gold Price: $40.19 – 33% off
Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card – Gold Price: $47.99 – 40% off
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 – Gold Price: $21.24 – 15% off
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – Alf’s Escape DLC – Gold Price: $1.75 – 50% off
SteamWorld Dig Gold Price: $7.49 – 25% off
Thomas Was Alone – Gold Price: $2.75 – 75% off

Xbox 360

Saints Row: The Third – $14.99 – 25% off
Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Dragon Age: Origins – Warden’s Keep – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening – Gold Price: $9.99 – 50% off
Dragon Age: Origins – Gold Price: $3.74 – 75% off
GTA IV – $4.99 – 75% off
The Exiled Prince – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Dragon Age 2 – Mark of the Assassin – Gold Price: $4.99 – 50% off
Dragon Age 2 – Legacy – Gold Price: $4.99 – 50% off
Dragon Age 2 – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off
Grand Theft Auto V – Gold Price: $25.19 – 58% off
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Gold Price: $3.74 – 75% off

The October Screenshot Contest is only halfway through, so you half plenty of time to create a screenshot for submission. You can submit your submissions here and show off your photographic prowess.

Stig Assassin – 10th
jat666 – 11th
YubYub247 – 12th
Zandril – 12th
TH3 K1NG – 13th

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Stig Assassin

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*Title images created by wrcfan

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Re: SIPWU 10.16.15
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2015, 09:58:00 PM »

Woo they fixed the Who Needs Them? achievement! That's the last one I need for Halo 3 in MCC.
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