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-198 to -199, great game!

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Author Topic: Return of the craziness  (Read 597 times)


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Return of the craziness
« on: June 25, 2013, 05:22:27 PM »

Some of you may remember a wacky little gametype I put together in Reach called "Bouncey House." If not, well don't feel too bad, I didn't do all that great a job of drawing attention to it. At any rate, I've recreated the calamity Halo 4 style, and thanks to the trio of Forge maps, we get to enjoy the chaos with three different pallets. Not only that, Halo 4' allowed me to add another way to spice up the action: the Thruster Pack.

The concept is simple: four players (or with a bit of editing, four teams) enter a square arena, the floor and walls covered in one-way shielding, and each player is equipped with a Gravity Hammer or Energy Sword. The result is bouncing frenetic chaos, which to me means fun times.

I haven't recreated the other variations that I had in Reach just yet, but those are still available in my fileshare, and include oddball, CTF, and my personal favorite: "Crazy House." Sadly Halo 4 does not have any weapons that function similar to the Plasma Launcher, so Crazy House won't  be seen in Halo 4. It's a pity, too. Few things are quite as chaotic (or entertaining) as dodging dozens of plasma charges ricocheting in all directions while trying to stick your opponents.

For those who missed the fun the first time around the Bouncy House, Bouncy Cross, and Bouncy Ring maps, as well as the Bouncy House, Crazy House, Bouncy Ball and BH Capture the Flag gametypes are all still available on my Reach Fileshare. Bouncy Cross is set up to handle Oddball, with a larger map to move around, and Bouncey Ring is set up for CTF with four bases (If I recall correctly the teams are Red, Blue, Green, and Purple).

For those who want to continue the madness, or just want to try the new batch, Bouncy House, Impact House, and Bouncerosion and of course the gametype, are all available on my Halo 4 Fileshare.
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