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Author Topic: SIPWU 11.4.16  (Read 402 times)


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SIPWU 11.4.16
« on: November 04, 2016, 08:04:22 PM »

Iron Banner is out next week on Tuesday, We have a few new characters coming to some of the games listed here. A new mode for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Lastly Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass. Read below to see what’s going on in the gaming Industry.


Destiny will be moving out of the Festival of the Lost and right into the Iron Banner. This Tuesday Lady Efrideet will return to Felwinter’s Peak to lead the Guardians. The mode will be Control with The Clever Dragon Pulse Rifle and heavy Machine gun up for grabs. Armor rewards will be the boots and chest pieces.

Other Gaming News

Super Dungeon Bros was recently confirmed to be November’s Games with Gold game for Xbox One. The developers were concerned that female bro’s – broettes – weren’t adequately represented. And so, without further ado, introducing the broettes! (Female Characters). The Developers decided to offer them to gamers on all platforms as a free download at launch. For more information on the broettes, check it out in our blog.

The EA Access Twitter account has just confirmed that Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will join the EA Access Vault on November 9th. For players who might take an interest in EA Access is available as a US$4.99 monthly subscription and last year there were some pretty crazy Black Friday deals for it to the tune of US$24.99 for the entire year, so make sure to keep an eye out if you’re interested.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is almost here and a new mode is introduced in the game. The new mode is titled “Permadeath Mode”. The title is self-explanatory, do you guys remember back in the day when you had certain lives and if you ran out of lives it would be Game Over and start again from the beginning? Well, it’s pretty much the same but with this mode, you only have one life and if you die it’s back to the beginning of the game. The mode is unlocked only after you defeat Specialist mode (itself unlocked after you beat the game on any difficulty). Specialist mode has its own perimeters including: healing only through nano shots, degenerative helmet damage, limb damage, and more.

For some time there were some rumors about a character called Sombra and today, Blizzard officially confirmed Sombra will be joining the Overwatch roster. As you can see in the video we see that she uses a stealth infiltrator wield a cloaking device, use warp panels, and hijack enemy ultimates like a turret. Along with Sombra Blizzard revealed a new map Oasis and it’ll be set in Arabia. There will also be an additional map, Eco Point, which will be playable in Overwatch’s new arcade mode, which will allow for 1v1 and 3v3 matches. Oasis will be hitting the Public Test Realm in December, and the Eco Point map and new modes will be available for testing (along with Sombra) next week.

Can you hack it? Well in a few weeks you’ll get the chance. If the base game isn’t enough then the new details on the Season Pass may catch your interest. Find out all about it here. Watch Dogs 2 will be out on November 15th.

Deals of the Week

Xbox One

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Gold Price: $24 – 60% off
EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition – 30% -35% off
EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Standard Edition – 30% – 35% off
EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $74.99 – 25% off
EA SPORTS NHL 17 – Gold Price: $38.99 – 35% off
EA SPORTS NHL 17 Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $51.99 – 35% off
EA SPORTS NHL 17 Super Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $74.99 – 25% off
Evolve – Gold Price: $12 – 60% off
Evolve Digital Deluxe – Gold Price: $16 – 60% off
Evolve Ultimate Edition – Gold Price: $20 – 60% off
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride – Gold Price: $6.99 – 30% off
Madden NFL 17 – Gold Price: $38.95 – 35% off
Madden NFL 17 Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $69.99 – 35% off
Madden NFL 17 Super Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $74.99 – 25% off
Maldita Castilla EX – Cursed Castile – Gold Price: $8.03 – 33% off
Pumped BMX + – Gold Price: $2.50 – 75% off

Xbox 360

Bellator: MMA Onslaught – Gold Price: $2.49 – 75% off
Conan – Gold Price: $3.99 – 80% off
de Blob 2 – Gold Price: $2.99 – 85% off
Deadliest Warrior – Gold Price: $2.49 – 75% off
Deadliest Warrior: Legends – Gold Price: $2.49 – 75% off
EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Standard Edition – Gold Price: $38.99 – 35% off
Madden NFL 17 – Gold Price: $38.99 – 35% off
Red Faction: Guerrilla – Gold Price: $2.99 – 85% off
Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon – Gold Price: $2.49 – 50% off


Neo will be running a Halo game night. Anyone can jump in, just be sure to register in the joining thread. The game night kicks off tonight at 10 PM EST.

A new month means another round of contests. For November all you have to do is record a clip and submit it to the contest thread. Plenty of time left, but get it in before the end of the month!


LiFeWaRiOr – 29th
lethalxpanda – 30th
csparker88 – 31st
abosschill – 1st
Crucio – 2nd
tehsug – 3rd

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