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Title: The Who's Who in SIP
Post by: SlashingArbiter on January 21, 2013, 01:46:10 PM
Have a question that the general membership can't answer? These are the guys in charge and can answer almost anything related to the community.

The admins are the head of the community, direct the community's path into the future, and set the policies of the moderation staff. These users have the rank of General, and have six red blocks under their name.

ContactTango (;u=19)

Global Moderators
The moderators wield the Banhammer and enforce the forum rules according to the policies set by the admins. They also take on specialized responsibilities to promote and advance SIP in the greater gaming community. These users have the rank of Colonel or Commander, and have five green blocks under their name.

Seth (;u=7)
BREQ (;u=29)
NeoRman69 (;u=984)
Stig Assassin (;u=31)

The Webmaster
This member was responsible for setting up this website. He also fixes the mistakes of the administrators, particularly when those mistakes compromise the functionality of the website. He can display any rank he wants, but chooses to display five green blocks under his name.

Clever Error (;u=10)

Team Captains
Achievement Teams are the core of SIP, and each team has its own captain. The captains ensure that people seeking achievements get a chance to play, and that they have fun doing so. On their respective boards, they have five blue blocks under their name.

Team NameSpecialtyTeam Captain(s)
The Grim RaidersDestiny - Flawless RaiderHellRazor1281
The HelljumpersHalo 3: ODST - Endure, Deja Vu, and FirefightaDrunkBaconGod
Quest for 52Halo 4/Reach ChallengesStig Assassin, SlashingArbiter, Dark Infinity
Team DeathMachineBlack Ops ZombiesFLiP DADDY 69, Trysten, Enigmas Shadow
The AnnualistsHalo 3 AnnualContactTango

The Founder
The man who started it all back on May 8, 2008:

Mahdi (;u=2)