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Author Topic: Black Ops II Zombies Easter Egg Compilation  (Read 7837 times)


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Black Ops II Zombies Easter Egg Compilation
« on: May 06, 2013, 11:47:42 PM »

Black Ops II Easter Egg Achievement Guides
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Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Mob of the Dead: Achievement Guide
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2013, 03:39:14 AM »

Pop Goes the Weasel: Achievement Guide

Step 1
To start off, build up points for a couple rounds and open up the first door. Then you're gonna want to get Hell's Retriever out of the way as soon as possible. So make your way to the first Hellhound, which is on the second level of the cell block right underneath Electric Cherry. Stay there killing zombies until the Hellhound is full and disappears leaving a glowing red mark.

Afterwards make you're way to the docks by way of the gondola. Power up Juggernog, then go to the Hellhound spot next to the table underneath Juggernog, to feed it and build up points for Jugg. If everybody does not have enough for Juggernog by the time that dog is full, be sure to have everyone build up points and get it before proceeding to the final Hellhound.

Now that everybody has Juggernog make it to the final Hellhound located in the infirmary which is underneath the roof (follow the pathway that goes behind electric cherry). The final hellhound spot will be right next to one of the airplane parts. Stay there killing zombies till it is full.

Once you have finished filling the final Hellhound make your way to the Citadel Tunnels. Pick up the Hell's Retriever which is on the top level of the tunnels straight to the right of the remington shotgun on the wall. You now have the Achievement "Feed the Beast" if you didn't prior.

Step 2
Next you should take the airplane for the first time. Refer to the guide for "No One Escapes Alive" for the locations of the airplane parts.

After you return from the bridge you're gonna need to get all of the blue skulls. You can see all of them when in the afterlife and must grab them with the Hell's Retriever (tomahawk). It is also important to note that you can charge up the tomahawk twice by holding LB. You will notice a surge of red around you to indicate a charge. Charging up the tomahawk increases its damage.

First blue skull will be in a cell directly across from the Olympia. You will see a regular skull on a table next to a toilet. Throw your Tomahawk at the top of the toilet to claim the blue one.

Second one will be down on the dock. Go to the mystery box spawn down there. Stand on the right side of the box and throw your tomahawk at the closest pillar across the water.

Third one will be on top of the light post that is closest to juggernog. You can tell what one it is by going to juggernog and standing in the corner closest to the prison and looking up. It is possible to grab it from that angle but it is much easier to grab while going up to the prison on the gondola.

Fourth one is on the roof. Once up there follow the left pathway along the launch ramp. Once to the back of the roof you can see a couple corners of the prison through an opening. Throw your tomahawk at the closest corner.

Last one will be claimed from the Wardens office. Go the the window next to Speed Cola. Throw your tomahawk at the top of the telephone pole that is closest to that small house.
Now grab that free Blundergat off of the Wardens Desk.
(pictures to follow for skulls once i get elite to co-operate and upload my screenshots)

Step 3
Your next course of action should be to take the airplane to the bridge for your second time. In order to do so you will have had to waited until after 1 full round after returning from the bridge the first time. After the next round starts you will notice 5 grey gas tank symbols pop up on you HUD where the airplane part symbols once were. That's because instead of building the airplane for any future trips you will be filling it up with gasoline instead.
The 5 gas tanks will be located very near the same spots that the airplane parts were located, except for the one that was in the elevator. That one will be next to the code panel in the spiral staircase.

Step 4
Next step will be to acquire the two hidden spoons. To get the first spoon firstly you must get the poster to gain access to it. Leaving the warden’s office you will notice a poster saying "ESCAPE FROM THE TOMB" on the back wall of the first cell, on the left going down the corridor. This can be retrieved just like the skulls with the hell's retriever. This may take a couple tomahawks to tear down though as it seems the tomahawk needs to go *precisely* through the hole behind the poster. The poster, however, is covering a lot of the wall as well. Doing so though, will reveal the afterlife symbol and now allowing access to the hidden passage behind the row of cells.
To access the hidden passage you will have to be in the afterlife mode, where you’ll now see a blue afterlife doorway to the left of the red fuse box (opposite the Warden’s office entrance). Once in this passage continue to zap the spoon (lying on the right of the hole in the floor) until you hear an evil laugh. This is the same laugh you would of heard when the old mystery box relocated.

The second spoon is at the back of the cafeteria through a window. Looking out of the window, you'll see it on a table to the left and will have to retrieve it via the hell’s retriever. Brutus will then talk to you and say what seems to be “Prisoner 872, your number is up”.

Now fill up the plane once more and take flight for your third time. You will now have unlocked the achievement "Making the Rounds" if you haven't done so already.

Step 5
For this step you will have to set each of the four prisoner numbers into the number panel. Like the last time you used the panel you will have to be in the afterlife mode. Once you put in a number, after a second or two it will reconfigure them each time. You will probably only have enough time to put in three of the numbers into the machine. However, if you have someone semi-revive you over and over, you can stay in the afterlife much longer. The prisoner numbers are as follows:


Once all numbers are put in, you should hear a voice start to talk and your screen will go black and white. You will also not be able to input digits anymore.

Step 6
You will now proceed to collect a series of power up drops that look to be a pair of headphones. They will not disappear and will appear one at a time. The headphones will lead to the rooftop where you will receive your last. They will be located along the pathway to the roof the goes past the wardens office then up the staircase in the cafeteria. Upon picking up the last headphone you will hear the previously mentioned sound once more after Stanley is done talking (Evil laugh)

Step 7
Now you will need to ensure the plane has all five fuel cans drained into it and then you’ll be ready to depart one last time. Just down the steps from the roof in the room with the dog symbol, is a red fuse box on the right wall. Only one of you will need an afterlife token. Once that player is in afterlife and boards the plane, everyone else is forced to jump on and in afterlife as well.

NOTE: There is a known glitch that if you all hold “X” at the same time, the plane goes without you'll and you'll be stuck in afterlife. You will then have to restart.

Once the one person has held “X” you should now all be on the plane flying towards the bridge. When you land, you will see yourself sitting in an electric chair waiting to be revived. Everyone needs to revive themselves.
Now that you are back in the normal mode you will notice a “kill” sign above Weasel’s head and if you are a Weasel, a “kill” sign will appear above everyone else’s head. Whether Weasel wins or the other mobsters doesn't affect you getting your achievement.

Pop goes the cheevo, or should I say weasel.
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Black Ops II Zombies: Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg (Maxis Side)
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2013, 02:34:38 PM »

Black Ops II: Zombies
Die Rise
High Maintenance
Easter Egg Tutorial


This Easter Egg requires 4 players on Original setting.
***Before you start, the navcard table must be built. Also, it would help if you understood Mandarin Chinese and knew how to play Mahjong. Knowing the tile locations and what the symbols mean will suffice.

Maxis and Richtofen compete for your trust and cooperation in order to complete their mysterious master plan. The first 3 steps are exactly the same for either side of the Easter Egg.

Step 1: Turn power on, build tramplesteam.

Step 2a: Gold Chinese Elevator Symbols
There are symbols all over this map. Locate the 4 elevator symbols.

There are 2 in the spawn building:
1) Quick Revive Elevator.
2) Proceed down escalator from quick revive, elevator is adjacent to navcard pickup area.

There are 2 in the radio tower building.
1) Double elevator (one on the left facing elevators)
2) Elevator is located down the ramp below the dragons.

All four players stand on the symbols at the same time. If done correctly the symbols will light up completing the step. This prompts a Maxis quote, "The alignment has begun. You are on the right path. Please, continue. You must trigger the symbols in the correct order. An order that only trial and error will reveal."

Step 2b: Chinese Floor Symbols
Look for 4 Gold Chinese Symbols on the floor. They must be activated in a specific order that changes every game. Good communication is key to this and every step in completing Easter Eggs. If you make too many mistakes, you will need to start the step (2b) over and the order will change.
There are 2 in the spawn building.
1) In front of the Quick Revive elevator at the top of the escalator.
2) In the food court area (also know as the coral room).

There are 2 in the radio tower building.
1) Near the Semtex Grenades
2) Near Blue Tarp (outside of bank area)

Then Maxis will say, "Excellent! The energy fields are changing, transforming, flowing. You are on the right path."

Step 3: Sniping the Orbs
First, acquire a sniper rifle either from the wall or the box and shoot the orbs from the dragon's mouths (best place to shoot from is the spawn room). This will cause them to disappear and reappear at the spawn room under the feet of the Lions.

After sniping the first orb, Maxis will say, "It is working! The sphere has relocated. Now, one more must be found."

After sniping the second orb, Maxis says, "Now find the enlightened one. Blood sacrifice alone is not enough. Reincarnation is key."

At this point you must choose the side of the Easter Egg you wish to follow. In this tutorial we are following the MAXIS path.

Step 4: Blood Sacrifice
All 4 players now head to the "Buddha Room" with Juggernog and Double Tap. Russman will need the Who's Who perk. Once all four players are in the Buddha room and begin slaying zombies, Maxis will say, "The energy within the sphere's is in flux. Fear not you will need them in due course. Yes, yes... keep going. More blood." It varies as to how many rounds it will take for the sacrifice. Once there enough blood has been shed, Maxis will say, "Reincarnation will reveal the way forward."

Step 5: Reincarnation is key.
***The player who's charater is Samuel must have the Krauss Refibullator (PaP'd Ballistic Knife) and revive a downed Russman while he is in his Who's Who's state on the floor of the Buddha Room.***

(Note that although there have been reports of other ways to complete this step, this way has been proven to work.) YouTube

Once the step has been completed, Maxis will say, "Ahh yes! You see! The energy of their broken souls has been released. The energy fields remain in flux. Matter must be transformed before it can be contained. The spire must be energized with fire and light. Create the field with which to bind it."

Step 6: Trample Steam the Orbs.
Two players take the orbs from under the Lion's paw (there is no indication that you have the orb so if you are not sure you have it just check the spawn room to see if the lion has the orb or not.)
All four players must place tramplesteams upon the Golden Lion Symbols located on the floor in various areas of the map, facing the tower (align the tramplesteam in the direction that the lion's head is facing. If placed in the correct orientation, you can no longer pick it up.) The two players who are NOT carrying the orbs should place their tramplesteams down first on the radio tower locations. Making sure they cannot pick them up. As the last two as placed in the spawn area a prompt to Hold X to place ball on tramplesteam will appear on your screen even before the tramplesteam is set. Hold X and launch the Orbs.

The 4 Golden Lion Symbol locations:

There are 2 Golden Lion Symbols located on the radio tower building.
1) Dead man's corner
2) Double Elevators

There are 2 Golden Lion Symbols on the spawn building.
1) In the spawn room
2) At bottom of escalator below Quick Revive

After completing this step, Maxis will say, "Form a stand, charge in hand. Only then will the spire be ours."

Step 7: Punch the corners of the Spire/Tower in the correct sequence.
Using Galvaknuckles, punch the corners of the tower in the order indicated by the Mahjong Tiles.

And you are done! You should have all six perks and a whopping 75g. This High Maintenance Easter Egg Guide was essentially transcribed from NGT Zombies YouTube video.   
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Re: Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg (Maxis Side)
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2013, 03:21:04 PM »


Good guide Flatty


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Re: Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg (Maxis Side)
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2013, 03:24:41 PM »

I've searched "problems with Maxis side of High Maintenance" on the webz and it seems that nearly HALF of every attempt glitches out. The best bet is to wait for ALL of the Maxis quotes to finish before moving to the next step (including the ones when you PaP the Ballistic knife and acquire a sniper.) If you don't hear all of the quotes, it is better to restart the game.
« Last Edit: August 08, 2013, 11:40:14 AM by Flatty »

Enigmas Shadow

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Re: Buried Bleep Bloop Guide
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2013, 05:12:15 AM »

Buried - Mined Games (Richtofen) - Be their pawn.

Step 1. - Have as much money in the bank as possible, min 30k should suffice. Primarily for opening doors, buying booze/candy for Big Guy, perks and guns if necessary.

*NOTE - Richtofen will talk to Stulinger throughout the steps, this player must pay attention to what's being said*

Step 2 - Build the guillotine.

There are 4 parts that need to be collected.
1) Antenna on saloon roof.
2) Wires in the gunsmith near chalk outlines
3) Pole on the ground floor of the barn in right hand stall
4) Crystal located in the mines.

Step 3 -  Charge the orbs.

There are 4 orbs that need to be charged using the Paralyser (obtained from the Mystery box)

1) To the left of the Saloon
2) To the left of teh church by the rockslide
3) In the mines by the 750 point debris
4) Right side of conservatory/greenhouse at the beginning of maze (to the left of where you re-enter the mansion)

Step 4 - Find the lantern.

There should now be a lantern floating around the map outside the church/mansion. To bring it down cook off a nade to make it explode near it.

Step 5 - Retrieve and charge the lantern.

Pick up the lantern from where it lands, proceed into the mansion and start killing the witches until Richtofen tells Stulinger to stop. You will know if you're doing it right as you can hear a bell chime with increased pitch.

Step 6 - Take the charged lantern and place on top of the gunsmith where a new outline has appeared.

Step 7 - Decode the message.

3 lines of cryptic message will now appear. To decipher the stages you only need to work out the first couple of symbols per line.


Step 8 - Guiding the orb.

Once you have decrypted the symbols above you need to punch the signs in the mine in that order with the bowie knfie/galvaknuckles. Once you have done this you will need to move around the map to guide the orc to the guillotine.

*Note - You will be unable to see the Orb if you do not have Vulture Aid Elixir*

The orb moves on a mostly set path, once you touch it it will move to another location, you must reach the next place fairly quickly otherwise it will despawn and you will need to repeat the process. It may take a few tries, but once its at the guillotine you're onto the next step.

Step 9 - Charging the Guillotine.

Now you must kill zombies next to the guillotine, wait until the hands are glowing blue then kill them by how you see fit. You will know you're done when the hands no longer glow in proximity.

Step 10 - Infinity Mode

For this you must have a time bomb and place it on the guillotine. Every player must be touching the guillotine before activating. Once you are in infinity mode you must look for a corspe containing a lever. Be careful though, zombies are near invincible and you have 90 seconds. Common spawn locations are as follows;

Player 1 (2 Spawns Locations)
>In front of the saloon entrance laying at the bottom of the stairs.
>Next to the candy store entrance by where the barricade use to be in between the candy store and general store.

Player 2 (3 Spawn Locations)
>Just left of the gunsmith entrance.
>In the crevice behind the barn and the gunsmith house, where the Navcard Table parts are.
>The alleyway between the bank and barn, the body will be laying on the wall of the bank.

Player 3 (2 Spawn Locations)
>In front of the jail house entrance.
>In between the general store and the box location on the road.

Player 4 (3 Spawn Locations)
>In between the giant rock near the gallows and the the candy store, near the arrow sign on the floor.
>Behind the rock to the left of the church, where the red orb is.
>Just past the entrance to the church, near the workbench.

Once found add the lever to the guillotine, can be done once infinity mode ends.

Step 10 - The maze and the levers.

Have everyone travel to the maze and find the doors that block your path, on one side of the door will be a lever with four colours (red, yellow, blue & green). This is trial and error, and changes every game. You must pull these levers in a certain order, you will know when you have a colour in the right place by sparks falling to the ground. If you do not find the order first time have everyone leave the maze either by fountain or through the house. Return and try again.

Step 11 - Make a wish.

This is the last and most fun part. Everyone must now shoot 19-23 targets in a short period to get your achievement. (I've got the mansion part nailed after getting to this step last night.)
There are 4 places and each player needs to take one. It is recommended to have automatic guns with big clips and ease of aim such as the AN94 and PDW.
The four places are;

1- The left side of the mansion (stand in the church yard, its easier to see all the targets) [23 targets]
2- The candy shop area (some spawn on the rock in the street and on the general store) (stand on the small pile of rocks near the trees facing down the street) [20 targets]
3- inside the saloon (stand by the broken mezzanine up the stairs to the right of the bowie knife) [19 targets]
4 - the jail and adjacent building. (stand in the top side of the barn where you drop down from spawn facing the jail) [22 targets]

If every player is successful, BAM achievement unlocked.  Congrats, you've just killed approximately 3 hours.

Mined Games - Maxis side

Step 1 -

Build the gallows.

The gallows are to the right hand side of the courthouse next to the cart, you will require 4 parts. Spool of wires in the gunsmith (left side of the chalk on the wall), the antenna in the barn (downstairs in one of the stalls), the battery in the church (behind the altar) & finally the glass bulb (above the jail cell next to where the box spawns).

Step 2 -

Destroy the orbs. 

Build the turbine and the subsurface resonator (aka the boombox) at 2 buildable tables. The 4 orbs are - the left of the church, the left side of the saloon, in the mine & and the right side of the conservatory just before reentering the mansion.

Step 3 -

Get the lantern.

A lantern will now be floating around outside the mansion and by the church. To bring it down cook off a nade throw it. Retrieve it from the ground.

Step 4 -

Power the lantern.

To do this you will need to get Hoggle to kill upward of 10 zombies. Simply feed him candy and let him go wild. You will know when you have done enough as the bell chimes no longer work.

Step 5 -

Place the lantern & decrypt the puzzle.

Simply place the lantern on the new chalk outline on the roof of the gunsmith. to decrypt the cipher that appears use the following image.


Step 6 -

Guide the wisp.

For this step you will need the Time Bomb and Bowie knife/Galvaknuckles.

Hit the signs in the tunnels, before the last sign is to be hit get down to one zombie and place the time bomb. Kill the last zombie and knife the last sign. The spawning zombies should sustain the energy of the wisp - guide the wisp to the Gallows. This may take a few attempts to do.

Step 7 -

Guide the wisp again.

Activate the timebomb and redo the previous step.

Step 8 -

The bells.

*have Hoggle pick up a crawler to make this step a little easier*

              Candy Big table           Barn Corner       Court Bench
Lever       Candy Small table      Barn hay           Court stand
              Candy Chair              Barn Window      Court Window

This lever & light set up can be found on a sofa at the end of the bookshelf corridor.

The 4 player team will need to split up and head to the 3 locations, the 4th will need to be at the light set-up. Once the light shines by the lever you will have approximately 10 seconds to relay the location and have the other person hit the bell.

Step 9 -

Make a wish.

Everybodies favourite step. 4 players in 4 locations need to hit 100% targets. PDW and AN94 are both worth having at this point.
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Re: Buried Bleep Bloop Guide
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2013, 12:56:02 PM »

Buried - Minds Games - Be Their Pawn - 75g

Step 1. Build The Gallows
The Gallows is located just outside of the courthouse entrance to the right (church side). The first part (fuse) is located upstairs from Juggernog near empty box spawn. The second part (antenna) is located in the barn (ground floor, last stall on the right near purchase door.) Third part (spool of wire) located next to chalk room on your way to the bank tunnel. The last part (battery) is located in the church behind the podium.

Step 2. Blow up the Orbs
You will need the Subsonic Resonator and Turbine built. This combo is used to blast and destroy the orbs. The orbs are located in four areas of the map. First orb is located next to the saloon. The second is located outside of the church (courthouse side). The third orb is located in the tunnels near Quick Revive. The final orb is located behind the mansion near the back "entrance" to the nav-card area.

Step 3. Acquire/Fill The Lamp
A purple lamp will float around the town area of the map after destroying all of the orbs. Cook a grenade and throw it near the lamp to force it to fall to the ground. Pick up the lamp and kill approx. 100 zombies to "fill up' the lamp. A good trick is feed the Big Guy candy to help with this process (*even though the Big Guy doesn't kill the Zombie - they just respawn - those "kills" count toward the filling of the lamp.) Once the lamp is full, you will hear several chimes of a bell.

Step 4. Decipher The Code
Once the lamp is full, the person who is holding it goes to the roof of the gunsmith building. There should be a chalk drawing of the lamp visible. Hold "X" to build the cipher. Use this image to help read the message.
This code will determine which signs in the mines you will need to melee with either the Bowie Knife or Galvaknuckles. Place a Time Bomb down before you begin hitting the signs. After hitting all three signs, a Wisp will spawn and make its way to the Gallows. I believe this path changes every game so it may take a few attempts to get it correct. The player hitting the signs needs to follow the wisp and the other three players need to be running small trains of zombies along the path that wisp will follow. This needs to be done to allow the wisp to recharge and not disappear. The wisp will eventually make its way to the Gallows. Once it has arrived at the gallows, hit the Time Bomb and do it one more time.

Step 5. Bells
There are 3 rooms which contain 3 bells on this map (9 bells total.) The first is on first floor of the Court House (Court Room). The second is on the second floor of the barn the Barn (Loft). The third is the room next to power. One person at each of the 3 locations and one person in the mansion near the light switch board thing. This step may take some trial and error again to coordinate. The bells must be activated in a certain order. Once the order is determined, you may move onto the next step.

Step 6. Sharp Shooter
There are 4 locations for the shooting gallery- Juggernog, Mansion, Saloon and Candy Shop. Have the Big Guy hold a crawler while each player goes to one of the 4 locations. In front of the Candy Shop location a player needs to Hold "X" to make a wish at the fountain and begin the Sharp Shooter round. Each player needs to hit EVERY target. This may take a few attempts. Once you have completed this step the achievement should pop and you will be awarded every perk!

That should do it! Enjoy the 75g.

Awaken the Gazebo 30g

Step 1: Chalk
There are filled in chalk drawings of weapons on this map which can reward you with a total of 7000 points for placing the weapon on the designated "?" locations. From the spawn room jump and fall down the slide not killing any zombies. Grab the Remington 870 chalk and draw the gun on the "?" receiving 1000 points. Jump down the hole in the floor that leads to the barn. Then jump down to the first floor of the barn and follow the mine shaft (left) MIND the GAP! It is a sprint jump over this gap. You will be in the second floor of the Saloon. Make a left out onto the balcony and jump onto the Gunsmith roof. Enter the Gunsmith (Chalk Room) through the hole in the wall and make your way past Mule Kick and you will find the 5 gun chalks on wall downstairs. The first "?" is located outside of the jail cell draw chalk #2 here.

Step 2: Build TrampleSteam
Open the General store door for 750 points and grab the parts for the tramplesteam. Build the it above the jail cell area and place in your inventory.

Step 3: Free the Big Guy
Drop into the hole that leads to the jail cell. You will see a green and gold key hanging on the wall. Pick it up and use to unlock the jail cell. You will notice a jug of booze on the table behind the Big Guy. Pick it up and position yourself facing the debris blocking the doorway (Big Guy will be facing you with his back to the debris). Give him the booze and he will rush the debris and smash it.

Step 4: Turn on the Power
Make your way back to the Barn and follow the mine to the balcony above the Saloon. This time instead of taking a left and jumping onto the Gunsmith, run straight and jump onto the roof of the candy shop. enter the hole in the wall and you will see the power switch. Flip it on and make your way back to the Gunsmith to pick up another chalk piece.

Step 5: Keeping on Chalkin'
Enter the barn mine and once you jump the gap exit the room and make a sharp right on the balcony and place another weapon chalk on the "?". Now,place your tramplesteam on the roof stoop above the stairs leading to the tramplesteam workbench facing the hole in the wall of the courthouse's second story. Launch yourself up there and place the next chalk piece on the "?". Jump down, grab another bottle of booze and snag your tramplesteam. Enter the General store, go up the stairs and make your way out of the room to the balcony and drop down in front of the candy store. Wait in front of the church debris for the "Big Guy". Again, line up the "Big Guy" so his back is to the debris (the further he runs after recieving booze, the more points you recieve). Feed him the booze and he will clear the path. Now, you will need to place you tramplesteam in front of the debris between the Candy Shop and the General Store. Launch yourself over and go around through the barn mine to the Gunsmith's to pick up another chalk piece. Once you have the chalk, go through the General Store and grab your tramplesteam below. Now Place your chalk on the last "?".

Step 6: The Witch's Manision
Find the break in the fence to the right of the debris that blocks your entrance. Place the tramplesteam in front of the broken part and launch yourself over. Next, you will have to buy the door to the mansion. Run into the house and head toward the StaminUp room. You will have enough room to maneuver around the first witch in there. Now go up the stairs and make your way to the moving bookshelf. Careful, if a witch touches you she takes 2000 points! Let the witch come into the room and sprint past her down the passage way behind the bookshelf. If those two witches that you have encountered so far are still alive another one shouldn't spawn. Run out of the back of the house and make your way through the hedge maze to the Gazebo. Beneath the gazebo, lies the Pack A Punch machine. PaP your starting gun into Mustang and Sally and there you have it, 30g!
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Black Ops II Zombies: Origins: Lost Little Girl Easter Egg Guide
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Lost Little Girl
Easter Egg Guide

Step 1: Secure the Keys
Collect and assemble and the parts to the staffseses's, all of which must be upgraded. (We will provide a separate guide on finding and upgrading these weapons.)

Step 2: Ascend From Darkness
Place the upgraded staffseses's in the slots now provided - 3 in the giant robots themselves and one in the Excavation site. *Please make sure all of the generators are up and running!*

A.) Freya is the giant robot who is closest to the church. The Ice Staff should be placed in the slot provided within the head.
B.) Odin is the giant robot in that walks the center path. Odin requires the staff of Wind. Place the staff in the slot provide with it's head.
C.) Thor is the giant robot located on the spawn side of the map and the upgraded Lightning staff should be placed in the slot provided within his head.
D.) The last staff (Upgraded Fire Staff) should be placed in the slot provided at the base of the excavation site near the statues of the O4.
If done correctly the staffseses's should disappear and reappear in their original staff slots in front of the the statues of the O4 also triggering a quote from Samantha.

Step 3: Rain Fire
Obtain the G-Fire beacons. (We will provide a separate guide for obtaining these upgraded monkey bombs.) One player gets into position behind StaminUp over looking the cracked "seal" on the ground behind the fence, (there is a downed plane just beyond the seal) another player enters any giant robot and pushes the red button that has replaced the staff slot. Once the player hits the button in the robot, the other player throws an upgraded monkey bomb onto the seal. I noticed that placing your reticule just above the back edge of the seal allowed for the bomb to land directly in the middle of it. The giant robot will now "Rain Fire" upon the seal and destroy it leaving a large pit.

Step 4: Unleash the Horde
You need to have built and have equipped the Maxis drone. (We will be providing a guide for building the Maxis drone.) Every player should have an Ultimate Staff equipped. It would also be best if a player has a PaP'd Ray Gun Mark 2. The player carrying the Maxis drone should release it toward the now broken seal. Upon activating the Maxis drone, several Panzer Soldat zombies are unleashed (between 6-8) and land mainly near StaminUp. Take down these enemies with the Ultimate Fire Staff and the PaP'd Mark 2.

Step 5: Skewer the Winged Beast
In zombie blood mode look to the sky and shoot down the glowing bi-plane, aka the Red Baron. After the plane is shot down there will be an invisible zombie running clock-wise around the outside of the excavation site. He can only be visible in zombie blood mode. In order to obtain a zombie blood drop have someone waiting at the top of the excavation site and another player wielding the Ultimate Ice staff go around and freeze the 3 wagons that are on fire (1st near Jug, second near the workshop and the third near StaminUp. Also, the wagons are only on fire if it is snowing). Once the fires are put out, a zombie blood will spawn at the top of the excavation site. Have the player who obtains the zombie blood wield the Ultimate Fire staff run counter clock wise and kill the invisible zombie, aka Red Baron aka Winged Beast. When defeated he should drop the upgraded Maxis drone.

Step 6: Wield a Fist of Iron
Each player must have completed their challenge to obtain the upgraded Melee and have carried the cleansed stones from bird bath to tank station. (We will be providing a guide on how to do this.) Each player must go down to the bottom of the excavation site separately and melee the zombies that have glowing white hands. It takes 20 melee kills to obtain the Fist of Iron drop. If you have an Ultimate staff equipped while obtaining these 20 melee kills, your Iron Fists will receive that elemental effect making your melee fully upgraded and extremely powerful.

Step 7: Raise Hell
All players must return to the Crazy Place and all four Ultimate Staffseses's need to be placed back in their Altars. All players must kill Templar zombies until the center Blue Disc altar opens a teleporter to Agartha.
note: This is when the achievement unlocks

Release the Maxis Drone into Agartha and step into the light. Game Over. Enjoy your 75g.
note: This will end the game
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Re: Origins Lost Little Girl Easter Egg Guide
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Re: Origins Lost Little Girl Easter Egg Guide
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                                     Steps for upgrading the 4 Elemental staffs

Before we start, make sure you have all 4 of the elemental staffs built. We will have a separate guide for locating the various staff pieces.

Wind Crazy Place puzzle.
Standing on the stairs of the wind puzzle facing the wind exit portal, line up the symols on the left side of the photo with the row of symbols directly above the stairs.

Wind challenge. After doing the puzzle in the crazy place you need to do a challenge around no-mans-land. There are 3 stone orb like things with black smoke flowing out of them. You need to blast 2 times with the wind staff. The goal is to make the smoke flow towards the excavation site by blasting the orb in the direction of the excavation site.
The first one is next to the jugernogg generator.

The next one is on the tank pathway that the tank takes to return to the church. It is in the grave site near the excavation site near the church.

The last one is right behind the Stamin-up perk machine. You can see it by looking into the hole in the wall to the left of the perk machine.

Now you need to go underneath Pack-a-Punch and rotate the 4 dials above the staff buildable podiums by hitting the 4 switches located around that room until all 4 dials are yellow. Now go underneath the dials and look up and shoot the yellow orb 1 time. Now go back into the crazy place and place the wind staff into the rock pedestal where you grabbed the wind elemental stone from. Next is to kill zombies near it until you hear Samantha tell you that the Wind staff is now powered up.

After obtaining the Fire staff you need to go into the Crazy Place and kill zombies next to the 4 tubs next to the fire portal with the fire staff. You need to kill them over the fire pit for them to count. You will know when a tub is full when you see a flame inside it. After all 4 are full you will hear an audio confirmation. The kill zone is here in this photo. The tubs are to the right in this photo.

Fire puzzle is above and next to the tank spawn after filling the 4 sacrifice tubs in crazy place.
4 is always your starting number and doesn't have an actual number around the tank. It shows up as blood on the wall. If you're looking at the fire codes inside the church from left to right, you will see, 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4. Determine what 4 numbers you need based on this photo by looking at the symbols from right to left starting with 4 (4 is right above the box spawn) then go downstairs and shoot the fire staff at the torches starting with the one for 4, that is a bloody symbol instead of a number, then the other 3 in the order you saw the symbols in upstairs.

For example, the code you would need to enter in this screenshot would be, 4 6 9 5

Now do the same step that you did with the Wind orb underneath Pack-a-Punch. Except this time you need to turn the dials to red instead of yellow.

Lightning Crazy Place puzzle.
Coridinating with this photo, enter these 3 codes with the lighting staff. Wait a moment until the tone stops after each entry before entering the next set. If you mess up on one of the sets then just fire 3 shots into any of the top keys. You do not need to start from the first set if you mess up. After you enter a set of the numbers they are locked in.

10  1  5
5  8  12
6  10  3

Next is to rotate the knobs on 7 different electrical boxes located around the map. They look like the one in this photo.

You need to hit the X button on the box until the dial stops sparking electricity. The order that you need to do the boxes in is this.
1. Straight to the left of the Stamin-up perk machine
2. Behind the spot where the tank spawns
3. Inside the church to the left of the box spawn
4. Next to the entrance to the Wind tunnel
5. Inside the spawn room
6. In the tank station by generator 2
7. On the outside of the excavation site directly in front of the pathway leading to the church.

Now go do the step underneath Pack-a-Punch that you did for Wind and Fire and upgrade the staff in the Crazy Place.

Ice Crazy Place puzzle.
You must coordinate the key (ice slab to the right of the ice teleporter) to the 6 stone tablets above you. Use this photo to match the symbols. There are different symbols for each game. There are a total of 12 symbol combinations.

Now for the Ice challenge outside. There are 3 grave stones with water flowing on them around the map that you need to freeze with the Ice staff and then shoot with a standard bullet firing weapon.
The first one is behind jugernogg.

The second one is on the outside of the mound of the excavation site. You need to stand in the giant robot footprint straight to the right of the jugernogg perk machine.

The last one is behind the bunker next to generator 2. If the tank was at the tank station, the grave stone would be straight in front of the tank.

And for the last time, do the final step for Ice that you did for Wind, Fire, and Lightning.

Congratulations, you now have all 4 of the ultimate staffs. To obtain the "Master Wizard" achievement, you must pick up each of the 4 staffs at least once in a single game. So if you did this co-op, you should coordinate with your team mates so that all of you may wield each staff one time each.
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Re: Origins Lost Little Girl Easter Egg Guide
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