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Author Topic: Endure - Tips, Tricks, & Strategies  (Read 1697 times)


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Endure - Tips, Tricks, & Strategies
« on: June 17, 2011, 12:50:50 AM »

Wanna know how we got so good at Endure? Well, here you go!

The Official Team Punishment Guide to Endure (on Alpha Site)

1. Two people should cover each staircase. Stay out of the middle. Ammo up between waves.
2. The auto-mag or carbine is your best friend. Go for headshots - practice makes perfect.
3. The best weapon combo is auto-mag and a plasma weapon (plasma pistol or rifle). The human arsenal (SMG and shotgun) should be ignored, with the exception of drones.
4. All useful weapons (especially the power weapons - rockets, fuel rod, hammers) should be juggled (the process of exchanging weapons back and forth while moving the one you want to a location and keeping the other) into the center elevator between waves, as they do not despawn there. Stockpiling plasma weapons early on is good too. Once Famine & Tilt are on, it's nice to grab a plasma pistol with 88 ammo instead of 32.
5. Use the sniper rifle to take down hunters. Put shots on the Hunter with an SMG or plasma rifle to keep it's attention and it's back to whoever has the sniper. Aim for the weak spot on it's back. One shot should knock off it's back plate, and a 2nd shot will kill it. Who ever is on the same side as the sniper should focus their attention on other enemies, primarily carbine jackals way in the back. Shooting the Hunter will cause it to turn it's attention to you.
6. Use the rocket launcher to take down hammer and fuel-rod chieftains in the 5th wave of each round. Three people should have a plasma-based weapon, and the fourth should carry the rockets. Pop the chieftain's shields with plasma, and then follow up with a single rocket. Use nothing explosive on the hammer chieftains because their invincibility will instantly activate - this means no grenades, fuel rod, brute shot, or SMG.
7. If this isn't an option for whatever reason, use the bait-and-backsmack technique. Have one person backing up (move around objects to keep them between you) while shooting the pursuing chieftain. Have another moving in for an assassination, as assassinations are one-melee kills, even if invincibility is activated. If you are the person going for the assassination, do not shoot at the chieftain.
8. If you are using the hammer, exercise caution and let everyone know you are wielding one to avoid casualties. For the most part, the Punishers only use the hammers to clear out the first wave of each round by camping the landing pads where the grunts & jackals drop and occasionally during bug waves if we feel like "fly swatting".
9. During the bonus round, unload heavy weapons (fuel rod, rockets, brute shot) into the windows above the side elevators once "Iron On" is said by the game announcer.
10. When the Famine skull is turned on (starting in the third set) and especially in the fifth wave of each round, juggle multiple plasma weapons (minimum of two) to the staircases to ensure you have a readily-available supply of plasma weapons.

How the Mythic Skull Changes Gameplay on Heroic

In the fourth set, the mythic skull is activated. This means that enemies have twice the health (and twice the shield protection). The following points indicate how gameplay is changed:
-Shooting shielded jackals in the hole in their handheld shield will not cause them to flinch and expose their frail bodies. Wait until the jackal is running towards you - then you can headshot it. The noob combo (plasma pistol overcharge + headshot) will also work, but you may want to save the ammo for the brutes.
-A single sticky (plasma, spike, and firebomb) grenade will not kill a brute, and neither will a single needler super-detonation. They will, however, berserk as if they are going kamikaze. To avoid this, fully deplete their shields using a plasma pistol overcharge (it still works) and headshot them, or double-stick or double-needle a brute with a teammate.
-Drone leaders (the red ones) should be treated like brutes, as their shields are significantly strengthened. One person should take down its shields with the plasma rifle, and another should finish the kill with the SMG.
-Hunters usually require a full clip of sniper ammo to kill them.
-Chieftains will always go invincible no matter what. The Punishers have perfected the bait-plasma-sidestep-back smack technique shown at the beginning of the film clip above. For fuel rod Chieftains, someone can put shots on him to keep his attention while another person sneaks up behind and assassinates him. If you're the bait, keep moving & jumping around to avoid his shots .

If you notice you're dying too much, remember to keep moving to avoid being stuck, and hang back a little.

Good luck gentlemen.

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