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  • May 24, 2019, 05:28:14 AM
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Author Topic: Team Announcement - Those needing future runs *please read*  (Read 816 times)

Two Names06

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Team Announcement - Those needing future runs *please read*
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:15:03 AM »

Hey all,

First off don’t panic! Business will carry on as normal and all those undead will be dealt with... just in a slightly different way.

For any of you that have posted already or are thinking of posting you may know we have a “to do” list of sorts, but of late it’s been more of a demotivation list for us and I’m sure any of you that keep seeing it and looking at what’s to be done before you get a run going may feel the same.

Speaking for myself and I’m sure the rest of the team feel the same way, I play and help with zombie runs because I enjoy it, we have a great time doing these runs: the easy ones and the hard ones. The last thing we want you guys and gals to do is finally get in a run and to come out of it thinking well they didn’t seem interested in helping me.

Well enough with my waffling on... we as a team have decided to move the list from the public forum and into the team barracks in the background. This is so it’s not a constant reminder of how long you need to wait on a run and putting you off posting thinking they have way too much to do already, allowing us to try and concentrate on helping you while enjoying it at the same time. Speaking of you waiting on runs, we currently concentrate on getting a person finished off the list but that means it can take some time to move from person to person. To try and keep things fair we are going to try things a little different for the foreseeable future.

All runs will be posted on True Achievements with links to them on here, we only use TA for the time zone calculation system as it is more fool proof for us. We can also drum up more victim’s site members over there. They will be put up in line with what we think people on the list need doing, but can be modified to suit anyone that joins, even change of game as well as achievements. We are only using the session system as a placeholder for us to try and make this a more efficient system. Any member of S1P that has asked for help in the TDM help thread will get first shout, then members of S1P. If there are no takers we will open it up to general TA members on the condition they sign up on S1P of course. It will be first come first served but we want to try and rotate you guys as best as possible, so if you get in a run and apply for the next one first we will sub you for the next person to apply but only if they are a current S1P member. Hopefully this gets you all into a run in a more timely fashion. I will insert links to our TA profiles below so make sure to add us with a little note so we know you’re from S1P, and you will see any runs we put up.

Please bear with us while we work the kinks out and more importantly have some fun along the way.

See you in the trenches facing the zombie horde soon.




ThorsBaldEagle aka Enigmas Shadow

Two Names06

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