Gears Elite, Custom colors and a new Controller design

The Microsoft conference announced several new things about their controllers. New controllers will be equipped with Bluetooth technology for increased range and a textured grip on the inside of the controllers for better stability. We previously saw a diamond textured grip on some of the custom controllers, but now that seems to be standard going forward.

Another reveal was the first themed Elite Controller. Gears of War 4 will get a very limited edition Elite controller with a rare dark colored Xbox home button, laser etched scratches and all the things you would expect a Gears design would feature. Even the triggers and paddles have blood stained fingerprints, which are Rod Fergusson’s real fingerprints. You can pre-order yours right now for $199.99. This is a limited run so pre-orders may sell out. You can see the reveal video below.

And the final bit of controller news is an interesting new concept. If you’ve been wanting a controller in something other than black, but don’t want to settle for a limited edition that isn’t just right then this may interest you. Microsoft is opening the Design Lab which will let you choose from a set of colors to fully customize everything from sticks to bumpers to buttons. You can make the ugliest controller ever created or your own personal masterpiece. Doing this will cost a base price of $79.99 with the option to have your gamertag engraved on the front for an extra $10. Additional charges may be added for some options, though. Click the link above to get started and watch the trailer below to see some of the options available.

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