Gears of War 4 June Versus Event: Golden Weekend

There’s lots on offer for Versus fans this weekend with the Golden Weekend Special Event!


The Coalition has announced a brand new special event: Golden Gun.

This custom-built mode arms you with one bullet in the chamber and a hip-fire only Golden Boltok that instantly gibs anyone unlucky enough to take a bullet.

Landing your bullet will instantly return the bullet to the barrel, opening up the opportunity for rapid-fire multi-kills if you can land those hits. If you miss, you’re in for the longest reload of your life – pick your shots carefully or you’ll be hunted as you desperately wait for your reload to finish.

Since there’s no left trigger aiming with this special Boltok, keep moving and stay out of cover. Play this weekend to earn Double XP exclusively in this playlist.

palace guard pack


You’ve asked since 2008 and now it’s happening. The Queen’s most elite Therons, the Palace Guard, have arrived to take their revenge on the Groundwalkers! Originally appearing in Gears of War 2’s campaign, The Coalition knows fans have been dying to take to the battlefield as the Palace Guard for themselves and now’s your chance!

Adorned in ornate gold armor, these imposing Therons stand out from the crowd. Collect the Palace Guard and Theron Sentinel in the Palace Guard Gear Pack, available for 2000 Credits until Monday! This release also comes with the added option of the Palace Guard Mega Pack – a 10 Card Gear Pack that offers a guaranteed Theron Sentinel or Palace Guard character and less duplicates compared to opening two separate Gear Packs. Mega Pack bundles begin at $9.99 USD.

Additionally, every Palace Guard Pack has a chance to find the Spectre Swarm Imago early before their Craft Only release later this month.

Pack Contents

• Palace Guard
• Theron Sentinel

Weapon Skins
• Palace Guard x14
• Theron Guard x14

• Theron Emblem

*Bonus Chance To Find*
• Spectre Swarm Imago

the swarm

Gnasher Changes
Following the June Update, The Coalition has released further tuning updates to the Gnasher to address fan feedback. You can check it out right here. Courtesy of The Coalition.

Free Community Weapon Skin: I AM AD0PTED’s Gnasher
I AM AD0PTED’s gold ‘Veteran Gnasher’ looks incredible – add it to your collection this weekend as a login reward between June 23rd – 26th! The Gnasher will be added to your inventory instantly on login.


Source: The Coalition

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