Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare DLC Reveal

The news that 343 had to share this year was strictly about Halo Wars 2. The Awakening the Nightmare expansion will add a new campaign from the perspective of the banished and their desperate attempts to control the Ark. Set several months after the final mission of the base game you’ll be able to see the introduction of the flood with new cutscenes by Blur.

That’s not all. A new firefight mode called Terminus will be added which turns the game into a cooperative RTS and tower defense hybrid. You and up to two friends build your base and army to defend your Forerunner Terminus. New mechanics also allow you to build walls directing the path of your enemies.

There will also be two new banished leaders, and two new maps. These maps will not be part of the expansion and instead will be provided free to all players. Awakening the Nightmare will come this fall for $19.99 and is not included with the season pass.

Also being shown at E3 right now are the next two leaders available with the season pass. They are Jerome-092 and Arbiter Ripa ‘Moramee (The Arbiter from the first Halo Wars.) Both will be available later this month.

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