Halo Wars 2 – Sgt. Johnson Leader Details

The next Leader available for Halo Wars 2 should be familiar to long time fans of the series. Sergeant Johnson returns with an army of mech suits to crush his opposition. Here’s a glimpse of a few things in the pack.

Sgt. Johnson

Johnson leads from the front lines via his “Green Machine” mech suit, a Legendary unit that comes equipped with powerful weaponry, an energy shield, and equally useful allied support capabilities. The “Repar Beacon” ability drops a beacon on the ground that heals nearby friendly units. The suit can be upgraded in the field, further enhancing the Green Machine’s killing power. The Concussive Rounds upgrade adds specialized high-power ammunition while the Beacon Shield pairs the repair beacon with a bubble shield, reducing incoming damage for those inside the repair radius. And last—but certainly not least—the suit can be upgraded with a Smart Missile pod for dealing with pesky nuisances at long range.


The Mantis is essentially a mechanized biped replacement for the Warthog in terms of combat role. It’s highly effective on the battlefiled, armed to the teeth with a chaingun and missiles. The Mantis is best suited vs. enemy infantry and ground vehicle targets. The Mantis can be upgraded to increase its missile payload, add energy shields, replace the minigun with a guass repeater and activate a target designator to “paint” targets for increased damage.

There is also a Veteran form of the Mantis that has energy shields which can regenerate out of combat.


The Colossus is a poweful mech that serves as a replacement to the Scorpion in Sergeant Johnson’s forces. Armed with an extremely powerful rail cannon, the Colossus is a towering and formidable walking battle platform. The “Stomp” ability sends out a shockwave that stuns and damages enemy ground units caught in its wake.

Johnson also has a few new abilities to add to the game.

Bunker Drop

When Sergeant Johnson’s troops need a home away from home they call in the Bunker Drop ability. This is an air-droppable garrison that’s a permanent addition to the battlefield but does count against the population cap. While it doesn’t quite offer all the comforts of home, the dropped-in Bunker does provide solid protection for the infantry that take refuge within. The Reinforced Bunker upgrade increases its infantry capacity and adds a shield.

Mech Overcharge

This powerful buff increases the speed of all nearby friendly mechs and also makes them temporarily invulnerable! This powerful ability can turn the tide of battle and overcome the slower speed drawback of mechs, particularly when facing down an enemy Leader or Legendary unit.

There are even more abilities available, but these are just a sample. Also included with the pack are three new achievements with the expected Johnson flair to the names.

Am I right, Marines?” – Win 3 matches as Sgt. Johnson (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)
I dont do bits and pieces” – Use Healing Beacon special ability 15 times (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)
For a brick, he flew pretty good!” – Kill 50 infantry units with the Colossus’ Stomp ability (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

And finally the patch notes for the related update added HDR support for the game as well as two new environments for the Blitz mode to play on. All features from the patch are completely free to all players.

If you want to play with Sergeant Johnson he is available now in the store for $5.99 or free as part of the season pass.

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