Injustice 2 June Update 1.04

Available to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Injustice 2 Update 1.04 includes stability improvements, stage fixes, and character fixes and much more.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

• General stability improvements

• Many move list corrections

• Added more descriptive connection error messages and improved detection

• Fixed audio issues related to moves being interrupted

• Improved AI logic for multiverse opponents & for player AI load outs

• Corrected an issue which could cause specific Jump Attacks to not have recovery when a miss occurred

• Corrected an issue that could cause a character to jump in the opposite direction if the jump was inputted on the same frame as an opponent teleporting to the opposite side

• Gear Loadouts are now displayed in the loading screen for online matches

• The level requirement on Gear will now be displayed as red if the user has not met the level requirement to equip it

• Added an indicator to opponent info in online matchmaking screens which will display if the opponent is using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a Wired connection

• The cursor now starts on Return tab instead of Leave Guild in the edit/view Guild information popup

• Added ability to view Set Bonuses in the customize character summary page

• Fixed an issue related to the projected win percentage not being accurate for online ranked and player matches

• Fixed an issue which could cause players to not receive the proper rewards upon reaching levels 5/10/15/20

• The Guild tab will now flash in the main menu to indicate if awards are available to be claimed

• Corrected an issue that could cause the camera to behave unexpectedly if there was an error when an arena transition happened

• Multiverse opponents and player AI loadout characters will now use sidekick and assist attacks

• Fixed an issue in some Multiverse events that allowed for Sidekick and Assist Attack meter to be depleted without the attack occurring

• Fixed a bug which was causing the stat scaling on a few Rare quality items which were rolling a lot higher than intended

• Mr. Freeze premier skin now has a helmet

• Bronze Mother Boxes now cost 5000 Credits & Silver Mother Boxes now cost 10000 Credits

Batcave – Hanging hook Environmental Interaction now has a cooldown after being used

Batcave – Fixed a bug that allowed hanging hook Environmental Interaction to knock enemies slightly outside of the arena boundary

Brainiac Ship – Fixed a bug causing a character to face the wrong way when using the data canister bomb Environmental Interaction under certain circumstances

Metropolis – Fixed bug causing punching bag visuals to linger after being interrupted while using this Environmental Interaction

Slaughter Swamp – reduced the range in which the truck Environmental Interaction can be used

Black Adam – the Gear Ability Soul of Shazam now increases damage on initial hit of SHAZAM!!! (Flip Stance + Meter Burn)

Black Adam – the Gear Ability Seth Strike can now be done as a wakeup, reversal, and be 2in1 cancelled into

Bane – Mercenary’s Elbow when meter-burned will no longer do unscaled damage (this change only applies when not in Competitive/Tournament Mode)

Bane – fixed a bug which prevented his forward and backward throw to not reward a first hit bonus

Bane – while in level3 Venom, Shattering Cross (Towards + Medium) will no longer lose its armor breaking property when cancelled into Fist Slam (Down)

Brainiac – slightly adjusted hit regions on Panic In The Sky (Towards + Medium, Down + Light, Hard)

Cyborg – Fixed a bug which could cause the HUD UI for his character power to display the wrong icon

Darkseid – the character power Parademons will no longer sometimes immediately attack if the character power button is still held down

Darkseid – Fixed a bug where Low Burn (Down + Hard) could remain active with no visual effect if he was hit during a specific frame

Darkseid – Fixed bug causing Charging Parademon to attack in the wrong direction under certain circumstances

Deadshot – Fixed bug causing opponent to gain meter when killed by Wrist Cannon while Poison Ammo is active

Flash – the visual effects for Gear Ability Sonic Bolt will no longer disappear if Flash was hit during the recovery frames

Green Arrow – Fixed a bug preventing Canary’s Kiss (Towards + Hard) from receiving a damage boost when meter-burned or performed as a bounce cancel

Joker – reduced the block stun on Chattering Teeth by 5 to prevent an inescapable block trap against most characters

Poison Ivy – Fixed a bug where Bed of Thorns visual effects could linger when the move was not active

Scarecrow – Fixed a bug which caused his wakeup attacks to have no invincibility frames (affects Fear Toxin & Traumatize)

Wonder Woman – “The Gear ability Amalthea’s Protection no longer loses armor when meter-burned.

Wonder Woman – Fixed a bug causing Upward Amalthea Bash when done as a wakeup to lose invulnerability before the activate frame

Source: WB Games

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