Introducing A Way Out

A surprise reveal during the EA Conference was a new title from Hazelight studios called A Way Out. This game is centered around two people, with one already being in prison while the other is just arriving. You must work together to make your way out of the prison and continue with the story from there. It is built from the ground up with splitscreen co-op in mind, although online co-op will be supported. It’s not clear if this can be played solo or not, but the design seems to suggest that you can’t.

Hazelight is a fairly new studio that is most well known for making Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. In that game you used each stick of the controller to move both brothers independently. They are no strangers to making innovations in games and this continues with the new title. Since each player will be going through scenarios differently one player can be in a cutscene while the other is not. This is why splitscreen is the preferred way to play so every part of the game can be experienced at once. A Way Out currently has a tentative release of Early 2018. See the reveal trailer above and the gameplay trailer below.

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