It’s a party and Zombies are invited… TO DIE!!

Zombies, zombies, zoooommmbeeeezzzz!!! This article features all things “Zombies!” From team members, to Milestone achievements, to recruiting. If you are alive, and like to kill the undead, take a gander at the updates with Team DeathMachine.

First off, if you weren’t aware already, I would like to formally announce that Team DeathMachine Captain, TangoDown, has resigned. He, along with other former members, were great assets to building the team to what it is today. His screaming will be dearly missed. Unfortunate for us, fortunate for him, he has chosen to pursue RL dreams… What a selfish guy… LOL! J/K! We all wish you the best, Mike!

Secondly, I would like to announce two Team DeathMachine milestone achievements. Please help me congratulate Trysten and Enigmas Shadow!! Long time TDM member, Trysten, has helped people unlock over 200 achievements!!! Our unforgettable Englishman, Enigmas Shadow, has helped people unlock over 50 achievements!!! Keep in mind people, on average, for every 10 TDM achievements, 1, if not 2, of those 10, are Easter Eggs. If you’re not familiar with a Zombies Easter Egg, let me quickly summarize. A Zombies Easter Egg is a series of multiple steps that require you to find, collect, and use hidden items or puzzles to solve the grand scheme. Easter Eggs take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours. Obviously with  Team DeathMachine, it is closer to the lower amount of time… So yes, please send a “Congrats and great job” to these two All-Stars! Also send a shout out to my other brother in Zombie slaying, Flatty, as he is nearing his first Milestone!

Thirdly, with the resignation of TangoDown, I am left as the only Captain of the team. Due to the amount of time needed for completing these runs and doing all things “Zombies”, I am appointing Trysten and Enigmas Shadow as Captains as well! Give them a round of applause!! Woot, woot, woot, woot! They have shown they are knowledgeable, skilled, and leaders in all areas of Zombies. Enigmas Shadow being from the UK is an extra bonus! So all you Euro Zombie achievement hunters out there, get in touch with this guy!

Lastly, due to RL schedules, we find that sometimes we are unable to schedule runs that are compatible with everyone. With that said, we are currently looking for qualified SIP members to join TDM. If you have an interest, even if you are not there yet but want to be there, take a look at our ”joining TDM” info in our TDM info & spam thread.

Thanks so much for reading!

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