Madden NFL 18 and NBA Live 18 Story Mode Announced

At EA Play today, EA officially unveiled NBA Live 18. The game will feature a new career mode called The One that will let people play pro basketball in the NBA as well as pickup games on real-life street basketball courts. Like most Career Mode in Sports games, you’ll be able to create your own player in “The One” and customize his look by earning new gear as you progress through the mode.

The two major components of The One are very different: the organized basketball of the NBA (“The League”) and the freestyle game outdoors on the blacktop (“The Streets”).

The more you play the more Rank and Respect you get. Also, Real-life street courts are available to play in The One include Venice Beach, California, and Rucker Park in New York. It’s is important to know that the way you customize your character meaning what position and signature ability you choose for your character is how well your character performs on the court. EA mentioned that the mode will include “uniquely crafted Live Events” that will be playable in solo, co-op and multiplayer settings. For those of you who are curious to give this game a shot you will be able to try out The One in NBA Live 18’s demo, which will be available free in August on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Any progress in the demo will carry over to the full game for customers who end up buying it.

Madden NFL 18

Last year a story mode titled “The Journey” was introduced to FIFA 17 and was successful. Now, Madden NFL 18 is telling its own tale titled “The Longshot”.

Here’s the synopsis for “The Longshot”:

As the name implies, The Longshot chronicles older NFL prospect, Devin Wade, as he tries to get drafted into the NFL as a QB. It’s hard enough to make the NFL period, but even more impossible considering Wade’s been away from the game for years. We don’t know why Wade wasn’t immediately drafted into the NFL from college and why he’s making a comeback now, but we’re sure there’s drama involved.

The Longshot features a variety of activities with different styles of gameplay such as High school games, flashbacks to Wade’s time at the University of Texas (there are a couple other licensed schools as well), and 7v7 football (with some of its special rules) play out like normal Madden, but gamers also experience different parts of the draft process, such as chalkboard sessions similar to Jon Gruden’s pre-draft QB camp and team evaluations. Wade’s throwing mechanics will not only be broken down by prospective teams but serve as an opportunity to introduce gameplay mechanics unique to The Longshot. There is also a conversation system that influences the outcome of Wade’s journey.

The Longshot won’t feature a hub menu that gamers have to constantly check back to. Instead, you go from a cutscene, right into gameplay. You also don’t apply upgrades to Wade. After the mode is complete, players receive content and rewards in Madden’s Ultimate Team mode, including solo challenges related to The Longshot, players, uniforms, and coaches. You can watch the video below to get an idea of what to expect in The Long Shot.

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