Monster Hunter World Announced at E3

Monster Hunter World was announced at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference today. The game is expected to launch in early 2018. The game is also launching for the Xbox One and later for PC.

Capcom’s announcement says that Monster Hunter world will introduce a “seamless gameplay experience allowing players to move freely across map areas that comprise the living ecosystem” and “a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system” for up to three players across regions.

In this game, you can craft things, gear up to venture on quests to seek and slay monsters, progressively improving your skills to become the ultimate hunter. Players can loot things from fallen foes to create new equipment and armor upgrades styled after the monsters they’ve slain, allowing hunters to survive the elements and defeat the tougher opponents that await them. Maybe the official video can provide better details, below is the video:

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