Need for Speed Showcase Update

The reboot of Need for Speed has taken a different approach than previous games by providing free updates instead of DLC. The third update, called Showcase, will include several new modes and additions.

The first major addition is a new competitive multiplayer mode. Previously you could only challenge other players In free roam or inviting them to a story race. This new mode can be selected at the initial screen, or choose All drive for the way it currently plays. The second addition is a new snapshot pro feature. Just bring up the phone menu and select the new snapshot app to take a picture anywhere you want. There are also a variety of filters like Forza has available.

Also coming are over 100 new car parts for 11 different cars. A new sharing option for wraps. The option to change license plates and frames. The return of instant repairs when driving through gas stations. And the final addition is three new achievements for using some of the new features. All of these new features will be available tomorrow.

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