New Detroit: Become Human Trailer Revealed at E3

Sony finally announced more details for Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS4-Exclusive game, Detroit: Become Human. However, a release date was not announced. You play a robot character who questions their reality and leads a rebellion. We also learn that one of the main characters who is Marcus is played by Jesse Williams from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Marcus is intent on freeing similarly enhanced people and having them follow his cause. After breaking the other androids free from their cells, Marcus galvanizes them to take part in a revolution that could change the world as they know it. Players will have to make tough decisions in order to determine just how the world will be affected, much like previous Quantic Dream games. This game is supposed to be somewhat similar to Heavy Rain, what I mean by that is depending on the decisions you decide is how you’ll get a god, bad or neutral ending. If you’re the type that likes to get good endings make sure you make the right decision. Here’s a video:

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