New Dropshot mode and more coming to Rocket League March 22

Coming next Wednesday Psyonix will be adding a new mode to Rocket league called Dropshot. In this mode there are no nets for the ball to be scored. Instead, each time the ball hits the floor it will cause damage to a tile on the floor. After a floor section has taken enough damage, two hits, it will collapse and the opening is where the ball can be scored. The longer the ball is in the air without hitting the ground the more damage it can deal with a wider range on impact. You can try it out in its own playlist exclusively on the new Core 707 arena.

Six new achievements will be added, though the requirements have not been revealed. Expect most of them to revolve around Dropshot mode.

The rest of the update will include two eSports changes, adding a new RLCS LIVE Now button to go straight to the stream as well as more information in spectator mode. This update will also be the end of season three where all players that have a placement in a ranked mode will receive an exclusive wheel.

The final addition is a new Turbo Crate to find after matches. Most of the contents are still secret, but there will be a new black market decal, furry paint, and more. The main item is the only new car being added this time, the Endo, which is exclusive to the crate. Both the Endo import car and the Tachyon Rocket Trail have the potential to drop as painted items from the Turbo Crate. Here’s a look at Endo to see if you’re interested in going after it.

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