Nintendo announces the release date for Super Mario Odyssey at E3

Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey, the publisher’s next big Mario game, will head to the Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017. In the new video, Nintendo played today, the game introduced dinosaurs, a couple of different hats with eyes, new worlds to explore and examples of different gameplay experiences players can expect to have. One of the new twists introduced in the game is the ability for Mario to throw his hat, Cappy, onto enemies and possess them for short periods of time. The game is designed around compact open worlds that the player can explore in search of Power Moon collectibles, which act as fuel for Mario’s airship and allow him to travel to new locations in the game. The game looks amazing so I suggest you watch the video yourselves.

Here’s some gameplay footage of the game:

During Treehouse Live at E3 today, Nintendo announced that three new Super Mario Odyssey amiibo figures are on the way. The set will include Mario, Bowser, and Peach, with Mario sporting a white suit and white top hat with a red bowtie, Peach in a wedding dress and tiara, and Bowser in a white suit and white top hat. The set will add costumes to the game and “assist” with gameplay, though no additional details were revealed. Additional previously-released amiibo will also work with Super Mario Odyssey, but Nintendo didn’t reveal any details just yet.super mario odyssey amiibo

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