No Need for Speed in 2016

In 2014 Ghost Games announced that Need for Speed would be skipping its first yearly release in over a decade to refresh the franchise. The result in 2015 was hardly worth the time. Now, Ghost has announced again that there will be no Need for Speed in 2016 so they can focus on the next title in 2017.

Included in the announcement was news that there will be no more free content drops coming to Need for Speed 2015. To their credit, each of the four content drops had enough in them that equaled a normal NFS DLC pack you had to pay for. And until the last drop, the Speedlist Update, everyone was quite happy with their support of the game. Below is an official graphic showing what players have done since the November release last year on console, and March release on PC. It’s worth noting that over half of the stats used in this picture came from the free updates.

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